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Jini and Network Devices
By Hinkmond Wong. Networking consumer devices.
The Jini Pattern Language
Workshop at OOPSLA 2000. This workshop attempt to identify the patterns and pattern language embodied by Jini Technology.
Jini Security : A Decentralized Trust Management Approach
Academic research paper on jini security.
Call on extensible RMI
The latest RMI framework, Jini Extensible Remote Invocation (JERI), introduced as part of the Jini 2.0 release, features a powerful, highly configurable RMI security mechanism. This article presents an extensible RMI overview and demonstrates JERI's configuration features. By Frank Sommers. (December 19, 2003)
Accessing MBeans Through the Jini Service
Article by Frank Jennings. (September 01, 2003)
Is There Life in JavaSpace?
Interesting visionary article on Jini, JavaSpaces for collaborative workplaces.[O'Reilly] (May 04, 2001)
Survival of the fittest Jini services
By Frank Sommers. Ensure the quality of Web services in the age of calm computing. (April 01, 2001)
News.Com Commentary: Summoning a less-potent Jini
By Mark Driver, Gartner Analyst. Transformational leaps in network computing never occur at blink-of-an-eye speeds. The much-ballyhooed Java Jini software is a case in point. (October 02, 2000)
O'Reilly: Top 10 Jini Tips
By Scott Oaks, Henry Wong. (October 02, 2000)
Sun dreams of slimmer Jini
By Stephen Shankland. Sun Microsystems is scaling back its Jini software intended to network everything from kitchen appliances to cell phones, adding a stripped-down version more likely to work on today's gadgets. (October 02, 2000)
The Jini architecture for network-centric computing
Article by Jim Waldo, from Communications of the ACM Volume 42, Issue 7. (July 01, 1999)
One huge computer
Article on Bill Joy's (chief architect at Sun) vision of Jini [Wired magazine]. (August 06, 1998)
JavaWorld: The Skinny on Jini
By Rawn Shah. Jini and JavaSpaces bring true distributed computing to Java. (August 01, 1998)
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