This category holds FAQs, help, and tutorials on the Groovy programming language.

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Exploring the Mysteries of Groovy Properties
Review and tutorial. Pyrasun, The Spille Weblog.
Mastering Grails
A series of IBM developer works tutorials on groovy and grails
Practically Groovy: Groovy's Growth Spurt
With release of a JSR-241 compliant parser, changes to Groovy syntax were formalized. Treats most important changes to syntax, shows handy feature not in older Groovy. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks.
Embedding Groovy
Brief, on embedding Groovy in programs to allow compiling and running Groovy scripts on running systems. TechKnow Zenze. (December 13, 2006)
Practically Groovy: Smooth Operators
Java bans operator overloading. Groovy does not. Learn everyday uses of 3 types of overloadable operators. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (October 25, 2005)
Practically Groovy: Of MOPs and Mini-languages
Primer on Meta Object Protocol, an old-is-new way to build programs, languages, and programs as languages. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (September 20, 2005)
Practically Groovy: Functional Programming with Curried Closures
Enhance standard closures with Curry method, invented by Haskell Curry; was in Groovy before JSR compliant releases. By Andrew Glover, Ken Barclay, John Savage. IBM developerWorks. (August 23, 2005)
Practically Groovy: Stir Some Groovy into Your Java Apps
Shows many ways to embed simple, easy-to-write Groovy scripts in more complex Java code; where and when it's useful. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (May 24, 2005)
Practically Groovy: Go Server-side up, with Groovy
Groovlet, GroovyServer Pages (GSP) frameworks are built on Java Servlet API. Unlike Struts and JSF, Groovy server isn't for all uses: it is simple alternate for coding server programs fast and easy. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (March 15, 2005)
Practically Groovy: MVC Programming with Groovy Templates
Views are integral to MVC programming, which is ubiquitous to enterprise programming; shows how Groovy template engine framework simplifies view programming, makes code more maintainable. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (February 15, 2005)
Practically Groovy: JDBC Programming with Groovy
Shows how to use GroovySql to build simple data-reporting program. GroovySql merges closures and iterators to ease Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) coding by shifting resource management from coder to Groovy framework. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (January 11, 2005)
Practically Groovy: Ant Scripting with Groovy
Ant and Maven are common in build processing, but XML is sometimes a less expressive configuration format; Groovy builder utility makes it easy to mix Groovy, Ant and Maven for more expressive, controlled builds. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (December 14, 2004)
Practically Groovy: Unit Test Your Java Code Faster with Groovy
First installment; shows simple way to unit test Java code with Groovy, JUnit. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (November 09, 2004)
Feeling Groovy
Informal introduction to proposed addition to standard programming languages for Java platform. By Andrew Glover. IBM developerWorks. (August 03, 2004)
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