Groovy is an object-oriented programming language for the Java platform. It is an alternative to the standard Java language. It uses a Java-like syntax which is dynamically compiled to standard JVM bytecodes, which work seamlessly with other Java code and libraries. The Groovy compiler can be used to emit Java bytecode to use in any Java project, or can be used dynamically as a scripting language. Groovy has features from Python, Ruby, and Smalltalk. Many such features are not in standard Java: static typing and dynamic typing; native syntax for lists, maps, arrays, and regular expressions; closures; operator overloading. It is undergoing standardization through the Java Community Process under JSR 241.

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Object-oriented language alternative for Java platform; Java-like syntax, dynamically compiles to JVM bytecodes; compiler can emit bytecodes, or can be used dynamically for scripting; has features not in standard Java, from Python, Ruby, Smalltalk. Open source.
Web application framework, Groovy version of Ruby on Rails, to use in Java development. Can be standalone system that hides all configuration details, or integrates Java business logic. Simplifies much work, appeals to range of developers not only Java. Open source.
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