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Angkor Web Framework
A component model for producing interactive and reusable J2EE web systems using object oriented methodologies. It is built on a flexible pipeline architecture and is easy to integrate with other technologies. [Open source, LGPL]
AppStats Application Monitoring Framework
Capture, analyze, and publicize health, performance, and monitoring statistics for Java applications. [Open source, LGPL]
An application server component framework, includes logging, thread pooling, and scheduling. [Apache]
A framework for developing reliable database applications in a technology independent and predominantly editorial way. User interfaces may be easily exchanged from Swing to HTML and vice versa. Also test JavaServerPage sample application for it. [Open source, Apache Software License]
Offers a set of web controls (custom JSP tags, servlets, filters) for J2EE applications.
Common Controls
Form a Java Presentation Framework based on Java Servlets, JSP and Struts. The Presentation Framework contains the most common control elements like lists, trees, tabfolders, menus and forms, which are required for the development of J2EE applications with HTML frontends. [Commercial]
Corendal Framework
A Java framework for web applications accessing one or several databases to generate dynamic content. It can be used as part of intranet applications automating complex business processes or work-flows. [Open source, GPL]
IBM Branch Transformation Toolkit for WebSphere Studio
Formerly known as WebSphere Business Components Composer were derived from the IBM SanFrancisco Application Business Components for Java product.
IT Mill Toolkit
A web user interface framework for developing Ajax web applications. Feature overview, pricing, developers and company information. [Commercial, trial version]
JavaBean for adding interactive maps or GIS to your Internet applications.
JMX - Java ManagementExtensions
A universal, open technology for management, and monitoring that can be deployed wherever management and monitoring are needed. By design, this standard is suitable for adapting legacy systems, implementing new management and monitoring solutions and plugging into those of the future.
Framework for web applications that takes care of the common processing that happens for every request, thereby relieving the author of an application servlet from having to worry about them. Uses WebMacro, servlets, and MySQL. [Open Source]
A modular Java framework. It uses connectors to access data in a standard way. Those data could then be used transparently in others modules to be, by example, rendered or updated in HTML or Swing layouts.
Karapan Sapi
A generator that automatically create files for Struts framework based web application. It generates Struts Actions, Struts Forms, JSPs, DAOs. [Open source, LGPL]
Knopflerfish OSGi
A complete, open source (BSD), OSGi R3 framework.
A taglib that helps rapidly develop data driven web applications. It offers both JSP tag library and a Java API for data manipulation. Works with various DB engines. [Open source, LGPL]
An initiative to build an Open Source implementation for the JMXTM technology, specification version 1.1, and to build related tools. [Open source, Apache Software License ]
neteye actioncache
An extension to the Jakarta struts framework that provides a powerful caching facility for actions and views [Open Source, BSD-like]
ObjectWeb JTOM (Java Open Transaction Manager)
A fully functional standalone transaction manager that implements the XA protocol and is compliant with the JTA APIs. [Open Source, BSD-like]
Ohioedge J2eeBuilder
A library of generic implementations of core J2EE patterns and practices and packaging tools essential for building/composing Web-based, XML-driven, EJB-JavaBean-JSP tier J2EE applications. [Open source, LGPL]
A Java/XML-based software platform which allows for rapid business system integration with little or no custom programming.
OpenEmcee Microflow Engine
A Java framework designed to encourage development of modular, reusable, and independent units of business logic. [Open source, MPL]
A Java/J2EE framework and complete "business object centric" solution combining: architecture, infrastructure, and methodology. Developers focus on the business solution rather than technical components and patterns. Swing and web applications can be developed using the same code. [Commercial]
A Java framework for the development of web services. It consists of service engine and an API comparable to Servlets, with better support for concurrency and component chaining, and a simpler interface. [Open source, GPL]
SOFIA (Salmon Open Framework for Internet Applications)
A rapid application development (RAD) framework for the J2EE for creating database driven Web applications and web sites. [Open source (GPL) or registered Salmon license]
Spring Application Framework
System for assembling components via configuration files. Documentation and downloads.
Provides real-time statistic and monitoring view of any spring-framework web application for monitoring flows within the application, as well as gather statistic information on application usage.
Struts for transforming XML with XSL (stxx)
An extension of the struts framework to support XML and XSL without changing the functionality of struts. [Open source]
Struts Framework
An open source framework for building Servlet/JSP based web applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm [Open Source, BSD-like]
Organizes web applications development into component-based framework. Requires Servlet API 2.2 and JDK 1.2. [LGPL]
TICL - the Tag Interface Component Library
A complete toolkit of server-side GUI components accessible through custom tags. Menus, tabbed panes, table views, tree views, styling framework with customizable rendering, HTML forms encapsulation and extensions, declarative form validation mechanism. [Free for non-commercial and commercial license variants]
Turbine [from the Apache project]
Web application development framework to facilitate building secure web applications, based on and extending the Dash framework (see above). [Open Source, BSD-like]
A database access layer for the Jakarta Velocity template engine. [OPen source, Apache Software License]
A Java web application framework that takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level. [Open source, Apache License]
Windward Reports
A J2EE report engine in Adobe PDF, Word RTF, html with css, html 3.2 (no css), ascii text formats. Servlet, JSP examples with sources. [Commercial]
WUI (Web User Interface)
A component-based framework for developing web-based user interfaces using a single language: Java. [Open source]
XFP eXtensible Filtering Pipelines
A framework for building data management procedures using XML-based configuration files. XFP is also a server that provides scheduled execution of procedures, email notifications and a configurable logging system. [Open source, Apache Software License]
XML/XSLT framework for Java servlets, which supports building of HTML-based web applications. Features include generating of the HTML pages, dispatching of HTTP requests and validation of user input. [Open Source, BSD-like]
Java Web Development with Stripes []
Mark Eagle shows how to put together a basic Stripes framework and discusses the framework's integration with Ajax and Spring. (January 24, 2007) What Is Struts
Chuck Cavaness takes a whirlwind tour of the Struts framework, with overviews of many of it most important features. (November 02, 2005)
Dresdner Releases Middleware Source Code
Article at the Financial Technology Network about the release of the source code of OpenAdaptor as Open Source. (April 06, 2000)
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