The Java Data Objects (JDO) standard provides a unified, simple, and transparent persistence interface between Java application objects and data stores, and can significantly affect how deal with persistent data.

This category contains JDO related resources, including articles about JDO, JDO implementations and tools.

Integrates Java objects, XML documents, SQL relational databases and LDAP directories in a unified model that allows information to be exchanged, persisted and manipulated in a variety of ways. Supports JDO. [Open Source, BSD-like]
Java Data Objects (JDO)
A home page for JSR-000012, Java Data Objects.
Java(TM) Data Objects (JDO) Specification
The Proposed Final Draft of the JDO 1.1 specification for object-relational mapping on the Java platform.
TriActive JDO (TJDO)
Implementation of Sun's JDO specification (JSR 12), designed to support transparent persistence using any JDBC-compliant database. [Open source, Apache Software License]
XORM (Extensible Object-Relational Mapping for Java)
Provides interface-based persistence to RDBMSs while allowing developers to focus on the object model, not the physical layer. It implements many of the interfaces specified by JDO. [Open source, GPL] Simplifying Domain Model Persistence in a J2EE application by using JDO
By Chris Richardson. Learn how to use Java Data Objects (JDO) to accelerate development and test domain model outside of the application server and without a database. (February 01, 2003) "Castor JDO": Simply False Advertising
This expert perspective lays it on the line: Exolab's Castor JDO product does not support the JDO standard. (December 04, 2002) Using Castor JDO for SQL Mapping
An in-depth look at using Castor's marshalling engine to do data binding of Java objects to tables, rows, and columns in an SQL database. (October 02, 2002) Flawed Understanding of JDO Leads to FUD
In this scathing response to Don Bales' recent critique of Java Data Objects, David Jordan offers proof that JDO does not regard SQL as a bad thing, yields shorter and simpler code, and is vendor-neutral. (May 29, 2002) Flawed JDO Points the Way to the "Objectbase" [Apr. 24, 2002]
Java Data Objects (JDO) is neither a silver bullet nor without merit. But its most important contribution may be to wake developers up to the coming paradigm shift: from database to objectbase, a place where not only data but data and behaviors are stored... (April 24, 2002)
Persist data with Java Data Objects, Part 2
This article presents two major JDO specifications: the Sun Microsystems JDO and the open source Castor JDO. Jacek Kruszelnicki discusses their relative pros and cons, and their similarities and differences. (April 01, 2002)
Persist data with Java Data Objects, Part 1
Jacek Kruszelnicki discusses the issues encountered with persistence, presents traits for an ideal persistence layer, and reviews available JDO solutions. (March 01, 2002)
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