The goal of this category is to be the most comprehensive list of Forth implementations and links on the Internet. Forth is a programming language with a lot of implementations; you might say it is implementation rich; it may have more implementations than any other language. This is a strength and a weakness; it has positive and negative aspects, depending on your application. Many other languages are standardized, or complex and large, and when users want a new feature or change, they write an extension. Forth is less standardized and very compact, and when users want a new feature or change, they write an implementation. Forth philosophy is: If you can't find what you want in an extant Forth, write your own. Flexibility is the key virtue and goal.

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4tH compiler-interpreter
The friendly Forth compiler/interpreter: detects virtually every error and reports what and where they occur, but is still fast and compact. Uses only signed 32 bit numbers. DOS, Windows, Unix.
Forth-based, data-entry, data-base, screen-handling language. Automatically handles routine housekeeping that usually accounts for 90% of interactive application code. All Abundance programs can jaunt (run backward in time).
Abundance package; BBL Forth
Downloads: 3 programs, 1 library.
An expression used to convey an epiphany felt on the sudden manifestation of the essence of meaning of something. Heuristic architecture; holistic approach using hardware and software methods developed by Moore: descriptions of compiler, system, optimizing editor for F21.
Native code, 32-bit Forth for Linux or Windows 95/98/NT/2000, with MINOS graphic user interface, and Theseus rapid GUI development editor. GPL, on SourceForge.
Originally started as a Forth implementation for Intel microprocessors, It now comprises ISO-Forths in fig-Forth tradition (one assembler source file) for quite some targets. Targets are 16,32 and 64 bit Intel on MS-DOS, MS-windows and Linux, and as stand-alone. Non-Intel targets include the Motorola 6809, and the Renesas M16C (embedded) and the DEC Alpha (Linux).
Delta Forth .NET compiler
Forth compiler for the .NET platform. [Open source].
eForth: Linux, FreeBSD
Unofficial eForth for Linux 2.0.x and FreeBSD 2.0.5, using Wil Baden's pinhole optimizer.
Embedded Forth Compilers
Forth systems for AVR, PIC and MSP430.
By HARDCODE Development; portable Forth development system for Motorola 680x0, supports ANSI; includes source, documentation, tools; free download.
Forth Inspired Command Language, ANS Forth interpreter in C. Use: scripting language to embed in other systems as object-oriented command/macro/development prototype language. Descriptions, many documents, downloads. [SourceForge]
FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter
Written in Java, full GPL source. Runs in command line or AWT window. Accepts syntax like Forth language and uses reference stack to push and pop all parameters to its functions. Can create Java objects and call methods on them from FIJI stack.
Forth Script
Server-side web scripting engine based on Forth.
By Bureau d'Etudes (engineering and design department) Melice SPRL. ForthCAD-3D (French), 2D/3D Computer Aided Design software. ForthCAD-Pager (English), simple, accurate, reliable, low cost 2D editor, comes with new modular 3D CAD product line, evaluation/upgrade download.
Tom Almy's Forth compiler for x86 targets. Not interpreted: compiles to machine code (built-in assembler), written in Forth; very compact, fast, mature, stable.
Begun as Andy Valencia eForth x86 port, 32-bit mode, was runnable under DOS DJGPP 32-bit extender; stalled for years then resumed to adapt to GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB), environment was improved to give ForthOS. Description, download, links.
Customized version of pForth that provides bindings to the FLTK library.
HMSL: Hierarchical Music Specification Language
Object oriented set of extensions to Forth, for experimental music composition and performance. For any Macintosh, and 1 Meg RAM.
By Wolf Wejgaard Forth Engineering. New, Forth-based instant programming tool and interactive programming method that lets you build reliable programs in very little time; merges all parts of a powerful development tool: browser, editor, assembler, compiler, linker, debugger, interpreter.
iForth FAQ
Very fast, multi-platform, full 32-bit Forth: 4 GByte flat address space, subroutine threading, runs on any Intel compatible CPU '386+'387 or more, and on DOS, Linux, Windows NT.
JaxForth; VWin4th
Three Jack J. Woehr implementations. JaxForth/Jax4th: ANSI Standard Forth for Amiga, Windows. VWin4th: 1994 tiny demo Forth written in Digitalk Smalltalk for Windows, source only. Also, author's book and many good links.
By Delta Research, subroutine threaded Forth for Amiga, originally a commercial product now released as freeware: register and download, technical support, applications, review by Jack Woehr, links.
Programming language and environment; implements large subset of ANS Forth, and extensions; can be standalone computing environment or object code can be linked to other programs to be a customizable language for that program.
Forth for i586-PC-Linux: kernel shared library, realtime, multitasking, executable code compiling Forth system. Written in Intel style assembly language (NASM); designed not for portability, but for efficiency. Open source.
A 32-bit ISO-Forth for Linux in fig tradition is presented. It is based on an assembler in only one file, so no c-code is present nor are any c-libraries called. Binary file works on all Linux versions since 1.2. GPL.
Runs on Linux OS, similar to eForth. Goals: simple, easy to understand first, speed and elegance later; able to call functions (procedures) in dynamic linked library (.so files). Download, development forum.
Misty Beach Forth
Written in Java, so its interpreter can be embedded in a WWW HTML page and launched as an applet, to show that almost any programming language can be implemented in Java and not suffer unacceptable performance losses; documentation, downloads as a Forth Java applet.
By Miller Microcomputer Services. Forth virtual machine; standalone total software environment; traditional Forth features: compactness, flexibility, speed; many extensions with source code; unusual smoothness, support. And Forth software, books, links.
A public-domain programming system for Mac OS X. It is a native code dialect of ANS Forth with significant enhancements to the OOP model employed in Neon/Yerk.
Very efficient Forth compiler, source code loosely based on Bill Muench's bForth. For Linux, Windows NT. Generated with the META program, a free metacompiler written in Forth. Free with iForth.
Portable, public domain, ANS Forth based on kernel written in ANSI C for portability: for x86 PC, Mac, Amiga; Linux, BeOS; Sun, SGI Indys; Nokia Communicator; 3DO ARM and PowerPC, WebTV, Hitachi SH4, OpenTV prototypes, internal Lucent projects.
Forth compiler for the Microchip PIC 16f87x microcontrollers family.
Pocket Forth
By ├Ârg Langowski, MacTutor Editorial Board. Article and example sources.
Portable Forth Environment: PFE
Based on ANSI Forth Standard, fully multithreaded, has module system, can load C objects at runtime to extend dictionary, best for embedded uses. Descriptions, history, links. [Open Source, LGPL]
Pygmy Forth; 3-instruction Forth
Two Frank Sergeant implementations. Pygmy Forth: small, for IBM PCs, full source code. 3-instruction Forth for 68HC11, FORML 1991 with updates.
QED Forth
By Mosaic Industries, Inc.: interactive interpreter, compiler, assembler, debugger speeds programming, testing. Resources callable from Forth/C: automatic system initialization, multitasking executive, heap memory manager, libraries of device drivers and interrupt support routines.
Quartus Forth
Was PilotFORTH; for 3Com PalmPilot and IBM WorkPad handheld PDAs: 16-bit on-board native-code ISO/ANSI compliant Standard Forth subset compiler, compiles directly to machine language, giving far faster code than traditional threaded implementations. Full support for Palm GUI resources, seamless access to all 828 Palm OS ROM routines. Registered version allows creating fast, compact stand-alone executables, PRC's, no run-time module needed.
ANS compliant Win32 multithreaded Forth system. Released under GPL on SourceForge.
By FORTH, Inc. Very fast ANS compliant Forth development environment fully integrated with Windows 95/98/NT. Capable of as much real-time performance as Windows can support. 32-bit subroutine-threaded with direct code expansion for speed.
By FORTH, Inc. Integrated cross-development environment for embedded systems. Runs on Windows, supports many target CPUs, custom versions available often in days.
tForth FAQ
Forth with parallel facilities for the INMOS range of Transputers. An overview, or FAQ of sorts.
Script driven translator engine: uses rules and rule sets to set how to transform input into output; used for language translating, target and meta-compiling, code verification, binary viewing, code documentation, RTF parsers and reformatters.
Yerk FTP site
Free downloads of Neon/Yerk Object Oriented Forth.
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