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Advanced COBOL for Structured and Object-Oriented Programming
Book by Gary DeWard Brown offers A pre-millennial update to the classic COBOL resource, focusing on client/server applications and featuring a hands-on tutorial on implementing object-oriented COBOL.
The COBOL Center Bookstore
Learning resources for COBOL and COBOL programming.
Cobol for OS/390 Power Programming
by David Shelby Kirk at MVS Training site.
COBOL Gold Mine
COBOL is dead, Long Live COBOL! An international site where technical staff and management can discover and learn about the possibilities of the new COBOL/OO COBOL. Free International discussion forum.
COBOL Language
This document provides the X/Open definition of the COBOL Language which is that set of COBOL Language facilities that programmers should follow when using COBOL compilers on conformant systems. The X/Open definition is based on the ISO 1989:1985 Programming Languages - COBOL standard but contains none of the optional modules of standard COBOL.
COBOL Portal: COBOL Books
The one-stop shop for COBOL related news, programming tips, resources and everything COBOL.
COBOL Programming Books
Descriptions of various COBOL programming books for purchase.
IBM COBOL Publications
COBOL and related publications are available here in various formats including PDF, BookManager, and various zipped file formats. You can view or download publications directly or you can order publications by phone.
IBM Redbooks
The source for finding complete IBM redbooks and redbooks-in-progress (redpieces) on the World Wide Web. You can view and download the complete contents of books online.
MIke Murach and Associates
An online catalog of Mainframe book titles. Subjects include MVS/JCL, COBOL, DB2, CICS, VSAM, and MVS/TSO.
Standard Object-Oriented Cobol
Book by Ned Chapin. Covers the new syntax in COBOL-97 and stresses the design that must be done before a COBOL program is written. The text builds on software engineering principles and practices combined with object-oriented technology to enable effective use of this latest form of COBOL.
Successful COBOL Upgrades: Highlights and Programming Techniques
Book by Young Chae and Steven Rogers. Offers a concise primer on how newer versions of COBOL differ from older ones still in circulation, outlines programming techniques for new features, and highlights advantages, obstacles, and surprises programmers may find along the way.
Year 2000 in a Nutshell
Book by Norman Shakespeare. Addresses the Year 2000 computer dilemma, providing a compact compendium of solutions and reference information useful for addressing the problem. Includes a COBOL quick reference, plus reference for date-related functions.
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