This Category lists information about books and articles that describe the STL or Standard Template Library. Also links to erratas for popular books about the STL are provided.

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C++ Standard Library, The: A Tutorial and Reference
A reference about STL by Addison Wesley.
Effective STL - Book review
A review of the book at
Effective STL - Modification History and Errata List
Provides the errata list for the book by Scott Meyers.
Effective STL Example Source Code
Provides downloadable Code for the book Effective STL, by Leor Zolman.
Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library
Reveals the critical rules of thumb employed by the experts--the things they almost always do or almost always avoid doing--to get the most out of the library. Contains 4 sample items. (Scott Meyers)
Generic Programming and the STL: Using and Extending the C++ Standard Template Library
This page contains the Errata for "Generic Programming and the STL: Using and Extending the C++ Standard Template Library" by Matthew Austern.
Nicolai M. Josuttis: The C++ Standard Library
The authors page about hist book. Contains a changelog, some errata and examples.
STL for C++ Programmers
A page about the book from Wiley & Sons about STL.
STL Tutorial and Reference Guide [FTP]
Source files for all examples in the book by D.R. Musser and Atul Saini.
STL Tutorial Resources at Rensselaer
Information about the book "The STL Tutorial and Reference Guide" (Second Edition) including errata, downloadable source code and other information.
Review of "STL for C++ Programmers"
A review by Bob Adkins published in Linux Journal of the book by Leen Ammeraal. (February 17, 2000)
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