STL or Standard Template Library is a set of template classes that are contained as integral part of the current C++ Standard. The Standard describes in detail a set of containers, iterators and other functionality that implementations of the STL need to provide. There are already a few implementations available, some free, some commercial. More and more developers are using the STL because a lot of basic work is already done, tested and proved with nearly optimal performance and can be reused over and over again.

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SGI's STL Programmer's Guide
A freely available implementation of the C++ Standard Template Library, including hypertext documentation.
A port of the original STL to many platforms. Derived from the SGI implementation, changes are incorporated regularly.
This FAQ deals with the containers, iterators, and algorithms sections of the C++ Standard, Clauses 23, 24 and 25.
Dinkumware, Ltd.
The makers of the STL library included in Microsoft's VC.
Effective Standard C++ Library
Provides pointers to articles about how to use STL features, published in C++ Report and C/C++ Users Journal. Also a list of book reviews is provided.
Free words concerning STL
A documentation of the C++ standard template library under the Free Documentation License.
Genealogy Display Program
A Larger Example of Use of STL
Provides the HP Implementation of the STL and some articles and documentation [FTP].
Interview with A. Stepanov
The creator of the STL gave an interview.
Invalidation of STL Iterators
Offers a course that looks into one of the surprises related to use of iterators: invalidation. [PDF]
The Matrix Template Library: A Unifying Framework for Numerical Linear Algebra
Presents a unified approach for expressing high performance numerical linear algebra routines for a class of dense and sparse matrix formats and shapes.
ptr_vector - A Container For Pointers
ptr_vector is a convenient STL-compliant vector for pointers. In essence, ptr_vector lets you treat a vector of pointers as if it were a vector of values. Description and source-code download.
Safe STL
An enhancement for the STL that tries to catch many typical STL programming errors.
STL Error Decryptor for Visual C++
A set of tools to shorten the length of VC++ 6/7 STL-related error messages, allowing essential information to fit in status bar at the bottom of the Visual Studio IDE. [Freeware]
STL foreMbedded Visual C++
STL adaptation for eMbedded Visual C++. It is designed to work with Windows CE devices, such as H/PCs, Palm-sized PCs and Pocket PCs, and it is based on SGI's STL (3.3).
STL+ is a collection of reusable C++ components for developers already familiar with the STL. It includes abstract data types to extend the STL, reusable components, data persistence and portability components. The collection is general-purpose and portable between Windows and Unix platforms. [Open source, BSD License]
A micro-STL that implements parts of the STL specification intended to reduce code size of the derivative programs.
VTL Views Template Library
Container adaptors for use with STL standard containers. Filters, and transforms of data without copying.
Wikipedia - Standard Template Library
The entry in the online encyclopedia briefly describes the STL.
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