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Ada - Webopedia Definition and Links
This page describes the term 'Ada'.
Ada 2005 Language Reference Manual
Consolidate a possible amendment to Ada 95 with Technical Corrigendum 1 and the Ada Standard (International Standard ISO/IEC 8652:1995). The Amendment will be produced by the ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/WG 9 Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG).
Ada Directory
The site hosts a large collection of Ada tutorials, references and on-line books. All searchable and free.
Ada Frequently Asked Questions
A list of Ada-related FAQs.
Ada Programming
A Wiki-online tutorial on programming in Ada. It covers the new Ada 2005 features.
The Ada Programming Language
History, significant features, areas of application, sample programs, related links, printed references.
Ada Reference Manual (ARM)
In multiple formats, the master version control system for the original source files (including the source for the tools) for the ARM, and other helpful documents.
Ada95 Lessons Learned
Describes how to produce good Ada95 code using object-oriented methodology.
AdaHome - Tutorials
Ada tutorials.
Bnf of the Ada Programming Language
Each element of this page is an anchor to a description of a syntax rule.
comp.lang.ada FAQ
from Usenet FAQ Archive. Maintained by Magnus Kempe.
GNAT Reference Manual
This manual contains useful information in writing programs using the GNAT compiler. It includes information on implementation dependent characteristics of GNAT, including all the information required by Annex M of the standard.
Quick Ada
A quick introduction to Ada.
Some information on the Ada 95 programming language
The Ada Home Web Server has a summary introduction to Ada, lists of textbooks, and information on free compilers.
Top 10 Myths
Top 10 myths and misconceptions about Ada.

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