This category holds links for books, paper or online, on the Ada programming language and very closely related issues. Two of the most important works in this field: Ada 95 Rationale: The Language, the Standard Libraries and Ada 95 Reference Manual: Language and Standard Libraries are both available in many forms, in paper, and on the Web, as websites and downloads.

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Ada 95 for C and C ++ Programmers
By Simone Johnston; Addison Wesley, 1997, ISBN 0201403633. Book description and table of contents.
Ada 95 Rationale: The Language, the Standard Libraries
By Laurent Guerby, Ada 9X Design Team; Intermetrics, Inc., 1994-1996. Documents new Ada international standard ISO/IEC 8652:1995. Text, HTML. [Ada Home, Online, Open Content]
Ada 95 Reference Manual: Language and Standard Libraries
By Kempe Software Capital Enterprises; 1994-1997. Hypertext version of Ada 95 RM, revised Ada International Standard ISO/IEC 8652:1995. [Online, Ada Home]
Ada 95: The Lovelace Tutorial
By David A. Wheeler; Introduces this widely used language. Reader should know an algorithmic programming language, but need not know Ada. Full text online, plus supplemental information, links. [Ada Home, online]
Ada for Software Engineers
Table of contents, and full text as a downloadable PDF.
Ada Oriented Textbooks
An Annotated Sampling of Textbooks.
A Detailed Description of the GNU Ada Run-Time
Home of book in Javier Miranda's Ada Corner. Onlen, PDF, PS versions. Changes history.
High Integrity Ada: The Spark Approach
By John Barnes; Addison-Wesley, 1997, ISBN 0201175177. Author active in all stages of Ada development, on original Ada 83 design team, participant in revision process. President, Ada-Europe; Chairman, Ada UK. [Addison-Wesley]
Programming in Ada 95, 2nd Edition
By John G.P. Barnes; Addison-Wesley, 1998, ISBN 0201342936, has CD-ROM. Updated and revised edition, written by a key member of original Ada design team. [Addison-Wesley]
Rendezvous with Ada 95
Description, table of contents, and online ordering.
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