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.NET Data Access Architecture Guide
The information in this article covers the data access objects including the DataSet and DataAdapter classes in ADO.NET. (Outdated Content)
ADO.NET Overview
A brief overview of ADO.NET with a description of the technical terms associated with the data access technology.
ADO.NET's Primary Objects
Overview of the seven main objects in the ADO.NET data-access architecture. By Michael Otey, SQL Server Magazine.
ADO.NET: Building a Custom Data Provider for Use with the .NET Data Access Framework
An article by Bob Beauchemin that explains how to write your own data provider using .NET's data access interfaces and base classes
ADO.NET: Tackle Data Concurrency Exceptions Using the DataSet Object
This article examines the common causes behind data concurrency exceptions and presents techniques for overcoming them using ADO.NET
Best Practices for Using ADO.NET
Best practices for writing Microsoft ADO.NET code and suggestions for developers on using the objects available in ADO.NET.
Data Access: Implement a Data Access Layer for Your App with ADO.NET
This article outlines five ideas to consider when building a data access layer with Visual Studio .NET and the .NET Framework.
Data Points: Expressions in ADO.NET
Shows how to use expressions in columns. In other words, how to make a column with a result that is dependent on other columns.
Designing Data Tier Components and Passing Data Through Tiers
Learn how to best expose your data to Microsoft .NET applications and how to implement an effective strategy for passing data between the tiers in a distributed application.
Introduction to ADO.NET
A descriptive introduction to ADO.NET
Managing an @@IDENTITY Crisis
Discusses a strategy for returning newly created Identity values after the INSERT is executed. This applies to SQL Server and ADO.NET
O'Reilly Network: Multiple ResultSets in ADO.NET [Dec. 16, 2002]
An article that shows how to get multiple results from a database to DataSets and DataReaders
O'Reilly Network: Transparent Database Access with ADO.NET [Dec. 16, 2002]
An article that shows how to use ADO.NET's different providers and transparently use it in your application without having to know the specifics of each provider.
A Practical Comparison of ADO and ADO.NET
An informational comparison between ASP.NET and ASP which highlights the advantages and differences between the two. Article by Joe O'Donnell.
Reading Data Reader Secrets
MSDN Online Voices Diving Into Data Access column on reading data readers secrets.
Transaction Control
This article describes how to run local and distributed transactions in your Microsoft .NET applications.
Discusses using ADO.NET Connection object, other ADO.NET objects, and provides examples. A 41-page article by Paul D. Sheriff of PDSA, Inc.
Weaning Developers from the CommandBuilder
Examines the drawbacks of the ADO.NET CommandBuilder, and shows how to use the Visual Studio .NET DataAdapter Configuration Wizard (DACW) to write your own Command queries.
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