Programs and utilities that produce, edit or in other ways interact with SWF files and Macromedia Flash.
3D rotate
Flash VR tool enables object rotation using an image sequence.
A4Desk Flash Builder
WYSIWYG template based software suite for developing Flash menus and Flash Web sites.
Action Script Viewer
Allows the viewing of action scripts in SWF files and information about frames, instance names, symbols, and movie clips.
Develops both free and commercial flash menus, buttons and components.
Amara Flash Tools
Including Flash news ticker, Flash menu builder and Flash slideshow builder. Windows shareware.
Flash banner and intro builder based on a wide range of animated templates.
Astro Flash Creator
Visual Flash effects software. Site also offers standalone Flash text effects libraries.
Ave Imperator
Generates FLA-files readable with Flash MX or higher from the selected input SWFs (compiled with Macromedia Flash).
Blue Pacific Software
Vendor specializing in tools for dynamic Flash content generation and Flash streaming video encoding. Products include Turbine Video Encoder, Rich Chart Builder / Server and ASP.NET Turbine.
Bytescout Software
Offers SWF Scout, an ActiveX library for SWF generation from Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, ASP and ASP.NET. Several freeware Flash related products are also available.
Dreamingsoft, Inc.
Offers Flash menu builder, Flash slideshow builder, PowerPoint to Flash converter and a Flash saving, organizing utility.
F4L Flash Development Environment
Open source development environment for Macromedia Flash.
Flash iMap
Provides editable source code files of interactive Flash Maps. Including maps for U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa and World Maps.
Flash Movie Player
Stand-alone Flash (SWF) animations player with enhanced features, such as animation rewinding, advanced full screen mode, exe projectors support and playlists.
Flash Optimizer
Reduces SWF files size up to 60-70% without quality loss using algorythms of vectors, shapes, morphing, Z-buffer, fonts, curves, Z-lib, zero-objects and other optimizations.
Flash Screensaver Maker
Make screen savers from favorite Macromedia Flash movies. No programming skills needed, just add flash files to the screen saver with a point-and-click.
Flash Studio Pro
Flash Studio extends Flash Actionscript with over 90 new fscommands, including advanced commands which allow database connection, real time socket communication, DirectX and true video and HTML support.
Flash SWF Decompiler
lets you decompile SWF files, convert SWF to FLA, preview and edit decompiled SWF elements, export into multiple formats.
Flash intro and presentation design software creates multimedia for websites and promotion projects.
Flash button and menu builder.
Powerful open source code editor. Features syntax highlighting, bookmarks, tasks handling, snippet completion, open plug-in based architecture and debugging tools.
FlashDigger Plus
Explores SWF files, extracts and edits text, graphics, sound and actions.
Actionscript Documentation Tool for Macromedia Flash MX 2004
Enhancement for Macromedia's Shockwave Flash projector files. Creator, Jugglor, JTools, JStart, JAvi, JPrintor, JSave and Woof.
free utility to administer different Flash player/plugin versions on a local PC.
Command line assembler and disassembler optimizes Flash actionscript by changing the bytecode.
Business software for making modern digital publications with page flip effect in html5 and flash.
FreeMovie PHP
A library for generating and parsing Macromedia Flash(tm) SWF files, an alternative to the official Macromedia Flash(tm) SWF file format SDK.
GlobFX Technologies
Swiff Chart for offline and online Flash charts generation; Swiff Saver and SWF extractor tools.
An open source flash movie player from the GNU project. Includes news, documentation, download, and bug tracking.
The JGenerator (Open source project)
This is the Sourceforge homepage of the JGenerator project. With source code available, but without any special support from the development team. (This is essentially the same product as the commercial JGenerator)
Kindi secureSWF
ActionScript obfuscator to protect and encrypt SWF Flash files. Product information, downloads and support.
Java application decompiles SWF movies to an XML project file, extracting all ActionScript and resources, and round-trips back to SWF. Includes full ActionScript 2.0 compiler.
Full-featured Flash animation creation program. It can import vector clipart, bitmaps, and sounds. Basic Flash4 actions also now supported.
Flash localization products to allow export of text from Flash files, and import back for localized publishing.
Metasphere Image2SWF
Free multiplatform tool converts a file or folder of files from any image format into a SWF file.
Mix FX
Flash animations and button builder allows you to create effects for your website or multimedia project.
Windowless flash projector. Changes Flash player's shape dynamically with each frame, in real time. Flash MX compatible.
Blog tracking the development status and issues regarding the Linux version of Adobe's Flash Player. [Atom]
Blog tracking the development status and issues regarding the Linux version of Adobe's Flash Player.
Powerbullet Presenter
Easy drag and drop interface helps you create Flash multimedia presentations. Totally free.
Question Writer
Question Writer is a rapid e-learning development tool designed to create professional tests and assessments in Macromedia Flash SWF format.
Quick Flash Player
Tool for viewing Flash files.
Segon Boomer
Create Flash movie web buttons, logos, banner ads or slideshows for Websites. Convert GIF, jpg, avi, and png formats to Flash.
Selteco Flash Designer
Enables you to create interactive flash animations for your web site.
A free, advanced actionscript editor improves work with external AS files.
Offers authoring software including Flash movie maker, SWF editor and SWF decompiler.
SWF Studio
Tool for building enhanced stand-alone Flash projectors and screensavers. The software is Flash MX compatible.
SWF Tools
A collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities released under the GPL. Cross-platform.
Free Flash to video converter. swf2avi converts Flash movies (SWF) to video files (AVI) or image sequences (BMP or JPG) - including all movie clips and ActionScripts.
Tools for Flash animation creation, Flash templates, photo albums, video conversion. Site also includes community resources, tutorials, and blog.
Swocket is a modular open source cross-platform XML Socket server designed to communicate primarily with Macromedia Flash 5 content.
Triple W Communications
Developer of Flash shareware tools that help to create animations, effects, animated text, buttons, and banners for websites.
Interactive USA Flash mapping solutions for Real Estate, Spacial Statistics, Business Locator Applications.
Vertical Moon Flash Animation Software
Tools to create slide shows, photo galleries, photo albums, animated text effects, preloaders, screen captures, and multimedia presentations for Windows and Macintosh.
Products include Wild FX Pro Video, Wild FX Flash Text Animator and Linx Flash editor.
Zoomifyer for Flash
Makes it possible to deliver high-resolution images over the Web, and viewable with only Flash Player 6.
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