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.htaccess check
Tool to validate .htaccess files and check for syntax errors.
.htaccess Validator
Online tool to validate the syntax of .htaccess files. Allows to specify and limit the number of Directives to check.
CSS Lint
CSS testing tool with multiple options to choose which errors and warnings to test for.
Tool helps to find common usability and accessibility issues in HTML forms.
Google AMP Validator
Tool to validate the markup of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
hCard Microformat Validator
An unofficial validator and conformance checker for the hCard microformat.
JSON Validator
Tool allows to validate and reformat JSON code.
JSON Validator
Tool to validate JSON files against RFC 4627.
PowerMapper Sortsite
Scan tool to test and validate web sites for a variety of governmental requirements, web standards and best practices.
Structured Data Linter
Analyze websites, local files or pasted markup for structured data.
Structured Data Testing Tool
Simple Google tool to validate and test structured data in websites.
W3C CSS Validation Service
The tool allows to check all levels of CSS code for validity. Sources can be specified by URI, file upload and direct input.
W3C HTML Validation Service
A free service from W3C that checks HTML and XHTML code against the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines.
W3C Unicorn Validator
Tool to validate (X)HTML, CSS, Mobile OK, RSS and Atom feeds, HTTP headers and internationalization (i18n) at once.
Web Authoring - Validation
Mark Freeman on free web site validation, featuring HTML, META Tag, Cascading Style Sheet, Accessibility and Link Validation.
WebVTT Validator
Tool to validate different kinds of WebVTT files like subtitles, captions, descriptions, metadata, and chapters.
XML Sitemap Validator
Tool to validate xml sitemap files and inform search engines about the sitemap location.
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