Third-party utilities that are either created for use with Google, or are based on Google data.

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Google performance grader and optimizer. It automates optimization tasks to increase clicks, conversions and revenues.
Tool which attempts to output whether a URL meets Google's criteria to be able to use their URL removal tool to remove content from the search index.
Chrome Web Store: Personal Blocklist
Browser extension to remove domains or URLs from search results.
Portal for sharing Google Analytics dashboards and guides on how to translate data into action.
DentedReality: XooMLe
Allows access to the API via a REST-like interface, with results returned in XML.
Search tool which shows Google results arranged 100 per page. Also has an image search which displays images full size, and a choice of news headlines from a variety of sources.
Free rank tracker
Serptoday is a powerful google search rank tracker supports all countries and languages
Floating toolbar for Windows allowing you to conduct searches with Google. Includes FAQs, screen shots and system requirements.
Google Alert
Monitors professional interests online. Tracks the web for topics and sends new Google results by daily email. Not affiliated with Google.
Google Dance Machine
Facilitates searching of all Google servers simultaneously. Includes additional options for German speakers. Requires frames.
Google Hacks
Collection of tools including Google News headlines projected onto a world map, and various tools using image search.
Google Monitor Query
Web based tool for checking the search position in and five other Google domains for URLs and keywords.
Google Rankings
Online tool for checking any domain position for a given keywords in the Google's search results for free.
Google Relatedness
Calculates how related two given words are by using the API. Requires the Mozilla browser.
Google Tool
Search www/www2/www3 or the five Google data centers simultaneously. Can be used to check if the dance has begun.
Created to be used with Netscape 6/Mozilla, this unofficial software emulates many features of the Google Toolbar. Screenshots, downloads, and wishlist.
A Python library to retrieve Google results without Google API.
A service which gathers product data from Yahoo Store and sends the feed to Google Product Search.
Generates Google search links for posting in forums and communities.
Mangle Random Link Generator
Displays a random web site from Google's archive. Powered by the Web API.
My Google Search Tools
Compilation of Google search tools to improve queries by allowing to mix operators in a simple way. Also provides access to other search-related services.
PageRank Calculator
Online graphic PR calculator.
PageRank Monitor
A free tool to check Google PageRank of any website and to display its value on a web page.
This Google tool allows you to test new headlines and descriptions for organic and paid results.
Random Google Page
Uses a given amount of terms to select a 'random' page from the index.
Random Google Search Thing
Generates random search queries for a user-defined number of search terms. The PHP source code is available.
A Firefox, Chrome, and Safari browser extension that inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites, Amazon products and stock charts into the Google search results page.
Stadtaus: Google Dance Tool PHP Script
A PHP script to compare the results of the three Google servers www, www2 and www3 at a glance. The tool can be downloaded and used without charge or registration.
Stagger Nation
Offering various tools based on the Google API. Includes source code.
Generates Google search links for posting in forums and communities.
Yahoo Store Feed to Google Product Search
Offers a web-based datafeed submission to Google Product Search for a Yahoo store.
Compares the number of hits from two or more Google searches.

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