Computers Internet Searching FAQs, Help, and Tutorials
Sites which offer guidance on how best to search the Internet.

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Scott Nicholson helps people choose the most appropriate search engine and how to use it.
Google Search Hints
Advanced uses of Google.
How Stuff Works: Internet Search Engines
Curt Franklin's article explains in detail how search engines work. It includes a diagram of the indexing process.
iNet Investigation
Learn how to conduct your own people search and background checks.
Information Research FAQ
How to find information on the Internet and beyond. Covers theory in great detail.
Internet Search FAQ
Charles Harris explains how to find information, people, and pictures on the Net and gives hints on evaluating the reliability of Web-based sources.
Interactive tutorials from The Ohio State University Libraries to help you search the Web effectively, evaluate information and incorporate it into research projects.
A suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their online research, from selecting a search engine and finding some relevant sources, to citing those sources.
Search Commands*
A summary of search commands for Google, Yahoo! and Live Search.
Search Easy
Summary of indexing techniques and drawbacks of various search engines and how to perform effective searches tips.
Search Engine Dictionary
A comprehensive glossary of search engine terms.
Search Engine Honesty
Describes how search engines work and methods to solve problems in getting a site properly indexed.
Search Engine Terms
A multi-lingual glossary of search engine terms as suggested by members of the I-Search Digest.
Describes how to use search engines, directories and newsgroups, covering simple and advanced techniques. Includes a search engine control features chart.
The Spire Project
Explores Internet search theory, the work of David Novak, a researcher bridging library science to computer science. Covers search strategy, new techniques and choreography.
UC Berkeley: Finding Information on the Internet
Recommends search strategies, explains search tools, and provides guidance on evaluating and citing web pages. Includes a glossary and tables comparing search tools.
Web Search Guide
Information on resource types, comparison charts for services, tutorials.
Web Searching
The Internet Public Library advises on which search engine to choose and how best to use them.

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