Tools providing network address lookup functionality.

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Easy and fast IPv4 subnet calculator, strong password generator, MAC address finder, and TCP/UDP port finder. The site uses SSL for greater safety.
Arul's Utilities
A number of utilities related to IP address, ISP, MAC address and HTTP header.
DNS Frog
Reverse DNS / IP localization, Ping, Whois lookup, Traceroute, MX lookup and NS lookup tools.
Find IP Address
Displays the location of an IP address on a map and offers various other tools.
Find Ip Address with WebYield
Resolving IP addresses into DNS names.
How To Find My IP Address
Displays the user's IP address and provides information on how to find a computer's IP address on a Mac, or on a Windows or Linux PC.
IP 2 Location
Locates up to a 1000 IP addresses: country, state and city.
IP Address
IP tracking solution including IP lookup, Whois, Email checker.
IP Address Finder
IP lookup and location identification tool. FAQ explaining the main concepts.
IP Address Guide
IP related services such as Traceroute, URL de-obfuscator, reverse DNS lookup and Ping with explanation.
IP Chicken
Displays current IP address and provides information.
IP Distance
Provides a selection of DNS lookup tools.
IP Location Finder - Geolocation
Finds the geolocation of an IP address including latitude, longitude, city, region and country. Compares the data from multiple providers.
IP Lookup
Provides complete IP address lookup functionality including IPv4 and IPv6.
IP Neighbor
A search tool to find other domain names hosted on a specific web server.
IP To Maps
IP lookup tool to find an IP location and show it on a map. A simple API with support for IPv4 and IPv6.
Tools for IP and domain host lookup with showing them on a Google map.
Displays IP address and locates it on a map. Also ISP and browser information.
Shows IP address, hostname and location. IP to hostname, hostname to IP, and internal IP address tools.
Various IP-related tools.
Finds the location of a public IP address on map and offers various related tools.
IP address tracking tool and email header analysis tool.
IPv4 info
Displays IPv4 allocation table, all domains for IP address, all domains in registered block.
L2Networks BGP ASN IP Address verification tool
Provides end-users with their IP Address, reverse DNS and an assortment of BGPv4 announcement information related to the IP Address they are using.
Let me check it
IPv6 and IPv4 tool-set: Ping, Portscan, HTTP headers, DIg, MTU test.
Offers IP address detection with map to pinpoint the exact city location.
Displays the location of an IP address on a map.
Various IP, email, DNS and port tools with detailed explanation.
Information about the user's internet connection and web browser: IP address, hostname, cookies, operating system.
Free IP address tools Geolocate, Ping, Trace, CIDR, IP2INT. - IP Service
Location information for IP address, DNS, Tracert, Whois. Offers a widget.
Online network planning tools. IPv4 and IPv6 address calculators, subnetting and supernetting tools.
Network Tools Online
All the necessary network tools to do with IP addresses.
Finds websites hosted on the same IP address.
Show My IP Address
Identifies the visitor's IP address and offers connection health tools: DNS query, IP whois, Ping, Traceroute.
Identifies the browser's IP address and displays it on a map. Also Iptrace, Whois, domain check tools and an IP Subnet Calculator.
Speak My IP
The site where the visitor can hear his IP address spoken by different voice characters.
IP lookup with various apps and browser add-ons.
Identifies an IP address and shows it on Google Maps.
Tejji IP
IP lookup, IP to location, IP to URL, URL to IP, MAC address, browser capabilities. Free IP gadget for websites.
Reverse DNS and IP search tool.
A Web Analysis
IP address directory for IPv4 and IPv6. Online IP and SEO tools.
What Is My IP
Various IP related tools, including IP Lookup and WHOIS. Information on IP commands and on how to hide an IP address.
IP lookup and many other networking tools: port scanners, traceroute, ping and HTTP headers. Also text related tools like HTML characters.
Checks proxy and socks servers, provides information about VPNs.
Various online tools: IP whois, DNS lookup, Ping, head info, test port and trace route.
WTF is my IP?!?!??
IP address utility that also gives the browser's headers in XML, JSON and plain text formats.
IP Lookup with location, Whois, speed test, HTTP header check.
IP/DNS/e-mail/browser tools.
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