Scripts and software that directly publish weblogs, usually to the blogger's own site. This is NOT for blog hosting services.

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Blogging tool for those who don't like Javascript or whose servers are running SCP, which makes using other blogging tools difficult or impossible.
A super-simple, light weight blog system.
Based on an open source project aimed to the development of an "easy to maintain and use" weblog-hosting system. It can host unlimited blogs.
ApeJet Blog
Simple open source tool for servers running PHP. No database needed. Produces RSS, archives, and categories.
B2evolution CCMS
Open source PHP/MySQL content + community management system integrating many features such as: multiple blogs, pages, photo galleries, forums, user directory, private messaging, email subscriptions and newsletters, A/B testing and analytics.
Blogware requires PHP and MySQL. Features include weblog, forum, wiki, news aggregator, and photo gallery.
Create a bound book out of your live journal, blog or weblog.
A weblog product for the Zope application server.
Emacs elisp package for maintaining a web log.
A standalone java application for editing, organizing and publishing weblogs by FTP. Generate a weblog site with calendar-based navigation, links, and RSS 1.0 and 2.0 news feeds.
Bolt CMS
An open source content management tool.
CF Blogger
A blog application built with ColdFusion. This is an open source project. Submissions for templates or ideas are welcome.
Open source blogging package based on Apache's Cocoon and Xindice products.
Open source weblog and content management system written in PHP, featuring built-in antispam protection, automated installation and a multilingual interface.
An open-source platform for personal weblogs and moblogs. It allows the creation of customizable and easy-to-use weblogs. Update just by sending e-mail messages. Blog
Maintain a weblog on any site which supports FTP while keeping all your entries on your own hard disk for safety. WYSIWYG HTML editor.
Fork CMS
Open source software. Requires MySQL.
Free open-source blog tool. Runs on many different operating systems and uses PHP4 and MySQL.
Ghost is an open source publishing platform which is easy to use, and free for everyone.
Simple, blog-aware, static site generator. The engine behind GitHub Pages, which means you can use Jekyll to host your project’s page, blog, or website from GitHub’s servers for free.
Open source, PHP/MySQL powered blogging platform. Website includes news, a wiki, an online demo and support forums.
A multifeatured weblog editor for Mac OS X (10.3 or higher) by Red Sweater Software. Site includes screenshots, features list, and trial download.
Movable Type
Perl based software for weblog management.
Easy-to-use blogging tool with mapping system designed specifically for travelers. Post text and photos. Includes a notification system to let your friends know when an update is posted.
Small weblog engine written in Bash.
Free, open source weblog program that focuses on ease of use.
Nucleus CMS
A PHP/SQL blogging tool which resides on your webserver. Includes multiple weblog capabilities, and RSS syndication.
Particle Blogger
Server-side blogging tool written in PHP with integrated RSS feed and static URLs option.
A light weight, open source, blogger that is written as a web application to run inside J2EE web containers.
Personal Weblog
A PHP/MySQL include file for adding a weblog to a home page.
Light-weight personal blogging application that is suitable for installing on a host provider. It's written in JAVA and uses a variety of J2EE technologies.
PHP rewrite of Rael Dornfest's Blosxom.
A customizable weblog tool written in PHP and using flat files as the data storage.
The next generation Pivot, a customizable weblog tool written in PHP and using flat files or a SQL database as data storage.
Radio UserLand
Weblog software for individuals, educational institutions, and corporations. Free trial available.
Free collaborative media software for running community web logs . Requires Perl, mod_perl, and MySQL.
An open-source project for creating a simple CMS for blog authors.
SimplyBlog Software
Tool designed to create weblogs on corporate Windows based Intranets.
telnet7 Bloggy
For websites that use free webhosting services.
A cross-platform, standalone application for authoring and publishing weblogs. It will work on any platform on which Java can run. Thingamablog does not require a third-party blogging host, a CGI/PHP enabled web server, or a MySQL database. The only requirement to setup and manage a blog is FTP access to a web server.
Traction Software
Enterprise weblog software. System for capturing and managing knowledge in the course of a communication or business process.
Client-side windows based blogging software. No HTML experience required.
Vine Type
A website management system that requires no database nor scripting language installation. Free for non-commercial use.
A lightweight, open source, customizable blogging and content management solution powered by PHP and MySQL or SQLite.
An easy to use weblog application which uses php and MySQL.
Zurb Foundation
Responsive front-end framework to design websites, apps and emails.
CGI/Perl-based script for publishing a journal through text files rather than a browser interface.

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