Communities, user groups, e-zines, articles and other resources for and about web logs, blogging and bloggers.

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Articles, popular weblog profiles, tutorials, a forum, FAQ, and a weblog directory.
Ad Free Blog Organizaton
Banner for those who want to show they oppose corporate ads on blogs.
Blog Connection
Topical directory of blogging resources including templates, ad services and communities.
The Blog Herald
A weblog on the world of blogging.
Blogger Jobs
Listings of jobs for bloggers.
Blogger Talk
A blogging portal, offering bloggers support, advice, tools, tips and information about blogs and blogging.
Bloggers Blog
Reports on blogging news and trends.
Blogging Pro
A collection of links to blogging resources such as plugins, hacks, news, and themes.
A moderated mailing list for promoting blogs, weblogs, and online journals and diaries.
Fantasy weblog stock game, where weblog value is based on hits and links.
An engine that tracks blogs and drives highly targeted organic traffic to the blogs that it tracks.
A resource and reference site for web logging and weblogs.
The Daily Meme
The one site you need for memes, quizzes and other writing suggestions for your web site.
Deconstructing "You've Got Blog"
Reading between the lines of Rebecca Mead's November 2000 New Yorker article on Weblog culture.
EFF: Bloggers' Rights
Electronic Frontier Foundation's basic roadmap to the legal issues you may confront as a blogger, to let you know you have rights, and to encourage you to weblog freely.
Hypergene MediaBlog
All about participatory journalism: how audiences are changing the future of news and information.
Robert French teaches and writes about public relations and multimedia at Auburn University in Alabama. This weblog is written primarily for his students but is available for all to read. Many posts are about blogging itself.
Into the Blogosphere
An online, edited collection of essays which explores discursive, visual, social, and other communicative features of weblogs.
Into the Blogosphere
Archives from a collection of articles about blogging.
ISSN for Weblogs
How to sign up your weblog for an International Standard Serial Number, adding it to the standardized worldwide encyclopedia of periodicals.
Journalism's New Life Forms
Links to various weblog resources and related items. Weblog news, not updated frequently.
A group dedicated to the discussion of weblogs for knowledge management and collaborative groupware within corporations and non-profit organizations.
Keep Trying
Mike Sanders looks at life through the weblog.
A weblog-style site with news of blogging, new media, thin media, Google and other web stuff. Packaged and presented in Michael Heraghty's style.
Meryl's Notes
Notes on Web design, content, software processes, and other tidbits.
Pinoy Blogs
Aimed towards enlightening the world through our blogging, Blog ng Bayan is an online community Filipino bloggers.
The search for innovation in newspapers. This weblog explores where we've gone wrong and what we're doing right, with an eye toward rewriting the future of newspapers.
Weblog Kitchen: Weblog Theory
Addresses scholarship about wikis, weblogs, and related phenomena.
Ariadne - Weblog Search Engines
Phil Bradley looks at the developments occurring with weblogs and how to go about searching on or for them. (July 30, 2003)

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