Message boards or discussion forums are usually the main aspect of an online (virtual) community where one can interact with other people of similar interests by posting and replying to messages, in your own time. This usually results in higher quality of discussions than with real-time chat.

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2 Dark Park
Forum topics include general chat, games, pictures, polls, society and politics. User journals, links and propaganda.
AfterHours Forum
Both intelligent and irreverent discussions on a variety of subjects.
BBC Messageboards
Communicate your views nationally and locally through BBCi message boards with hundreds of topics to choose from including music, entertainment and science.
The Cellar
Topics include politics, current events, technology, entertainment.
Chat de Nouveau
Offers a place to discuss various things, from what's for dinner to the meaning of love.
Digital Kaos
Focuses on Dreambox, a GNU/Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial and cable digital television decoder. Also has forums for games consoles, mobile phones, and PC help.
Discuss Anything
Off-Topic message board with subforums dedicated to society, debate, news, arts or spirituality.
Eternal Allegiance
Forum including a wide range of topics such as music, sports, art, life and relationships.
Forum Garden
A general forum to discuss news, politics, arts or religion. Also includes regional forums.
Frappy Doo
Discussion forums covering sports, entertainment, relationships, computers, and money matters.
Frost Jedi
A board for the bored, or for the curious, the artists, the debaters, and the gamers. Includes a roleplaying section.
Hmong community site with forum. Includes sports, news on art and hmong celebrities, as well as interviews.
General discussion forum featuring sub-boards of recent newsworthy topics from world issues to entertainment.
JLA Forums
Discussion on a variety of topics such as celebrities, mechanic tips and EBay.
The Mantel - A Virtual Water Cooler
Diverse selection of topics including relationships, gardening, philosophy, fitness and technical issues.
General interest message boards with discussion covering a very broad range of everyday topics.
General chat forum featuring both a serious discussion area and a section with a more laid back atmosphere.
Rant N Rave
Uncensored posts on current events and personal rants.
Message boards for venting anger and annoyance about a variety of topics.
Advice and information sharing community for young people.
Urban75 Forums
Message board with discussions covering urban issues such as politics, entertainment, drugs, sports and the media in large cities around the world.

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