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Internet etiquette, or "Netiquette", refers to practices of writing, contact, and behavior on the Internet. This includes normal terms of etiquette, as well as other conventions of behavior that have become established over years of electronic communication.

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Guidelines and examples on how to respectfully communicate and interact with others on the Internet.
Concise Guidelines for Net Etiquette
Over twenty five years of mistakes have made THE Eggman a pretty good authority on what you should NOT do to survive in Cyberspace. Here, he shares the major no-nos with you.
The Customer Respect Group
An international research and consulting firm, publishes the Online Customer Respect Index (CRI) and provides industry and company-specific research and analysis to help companies increase sales and customer retention by improving how they treat their customers online.
How to Keep Out of Trouble With Your E-mail
Guidelines for using Internet e-mail and mailing lists politely.
Internet Netiquette
Gives a summary of the important points of e-mail, mailing list, USENET, and chat etiquette.
Provides guidance on how to use e-mail and the Internet in various social situations.
The Net: User Guidelines and Netiquette
A guide to all aspects of electronic communication, including Telnet and FTP. A question and answer section is also given.
Netiquette Guidelines
This is the full text of RFC 1855, which is the unofficial standard work on electronic etiquette.
Netiquette Home Page
Gives a description of the main rules of online etiquette. A quiz, mailing list, and ordering information for an etiquette book are also provided.
Information on netiquette, quizzes, advice, e-zine and forums.
Networking on the Net
An article on professionalism, ethics and courtesy on the Internet, with special reference to e-mail, bulletin board, and chat communications.

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