A listing of blacklist organizations. Contact these organizations directly to use or make inquiries about their blacklists.
The Abusive Hosts Blocking List (AHBL)
Publishes a list of known abusive hosts (open relays, open proxies, spam sources, DoS drones, and more) in various forms including a DNSbl.
Chinese and Korean Net Blocks
Lists IP blocks of China and Korea for those who want to avoid asian spam.
Composite Blocking List (CBL)
The CBL is a DNSBL which takes its source data from very large spamtraps, and lists IPs of open proxies and worms/viruses.
Electric Eye Ultimate Banned List
A manually updated and verified online database of spammers. Provides email address and domain blocklist.
Distributes country allocated IP blocks in raw format that can be easily used to reject unwanted email and access to services.
The Spam and Open Relay Blocking System (SORBS) anti-spam project.
SpamCop - Blocking List Information
This list contains IP addresses which have been reported to SpamCop as carriers of spam (source of e-mail or verified, open relay). Some of these reports now come from spamtraps (email addresses used strictly to receive spam).
Spamhaus Block List (SBL)
All IPs on the SBL belong to known spammers, spam gangs, or spam support services. The SBL includes IPs from both the ROKSO database and IPs of spam services listed in the Spamhaus database.
The Spamhaus Project Register of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO)
ROKSO collates evidence on known hard-line spam outfits that have been thrown off Internet Service Providers over three times.
Fully-automated and free Real Time BlackLists (RBLs), designed to target various Trojans, Bots, infected PCs and other IP address which are being used to send out spam.
Truncate GBUdb
Free (donations welcome) and Commercial DNSBL. Lists IPs sending spam/malware based on GBUdb IP reputation statistics.
UCE Protect Network
Attempt to generate a free realtime black list of spammer IP numbers.
A realtime URI blacklist served via DNS to identify unsolicited bulk and commercial messages based on the links within the e-mails. Distributed under the Apache open source license.
Whois-Details for Blacklisted Spam Domains
List of domains that have been advertised via spam, with name server, registration date, registrant. This list is updated daily.
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