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Microsoft Passport to Trouble
Describes a security hole by which a hacker can gain access to a user's Passport shopping profile by stealing their Hotmail cookie.
Register: MS Passport cracked with Hotmail
Passport authenticates a user for access to his credit cards and Web site accounts and passwords, to make life easy for on-line merchants and shoppers, and hackers and identity thieves. By Thomas C. Greene. (November 05, 2001)
BetaNews: Hotmail Flaw Raises Questions Over XP Security
Late Sunday night, Root Core, a group of computer security experts, published information exposing vulnerabilities in Microsoft's popular service. (August 21, 2001)
BBC: Hotmail Hole Exposes E-mails
Details of how to read other people's messages have been posted on a website run by a group called Root Core and it has quickly spread to other sites and newsgroups. (August 20, 2001)
Register: Hacking Hotmail Made Easy
Some bright empiricist from Root-Core has discovered that anyone can log into their Hotmail account and then call messages from any other Hotmail account by crafting a URL with the second account's username and a valid message number. By Thomas C Greene. (August 20, 2001)
Slashdot: Hotmail Hacked
This isn't the first time that the folks who are gonna give us a internet wide universal login system had a hole. News and discussion. (August 20, 2001)
HotMail JavaScript-in-Attachment Attack
Explanation of JavaScript in HTML attachments security hole, since fixed. (October 05, 2000)
Slashdot: Another Hole in Hotmail
Article and discussion of HTML attachment attack. (May 10, 2000)
Telepolis: Turning Tides
The significance of the Hotmail crack. Article by Felix Stalder linking the problems at Hotmail with the Sun purchase of Star Division. (September 02, 1999)
CNN: Status of Hotmail privacy unclear
Microsoft's Web-based e-mail service suffered a damaging blow to its integrity Monday when a security breach came to light that made it so anyone's Hotmail messages could be read. By Robin Lloyd. (August 30, 1999)
Slashdot: Hotmail Cracked Badly
Brief description of issue. (August 30, 1999)
CNet: Cookies cap Hotmail security hole
Hotmail said it will mandate the use of cookies to plug a newly discovered security hole. (March 19, 1999)
CNET New security glitch for Hotmail
Security-minded programmers are finding holes in Microsoft's Hotmail faster than the free Web-based email service can plug them. (August 31, 1998)
CNET Hotmail plugs security hole
Microsoft's Hotmail today claimed victory over the security holes that have put the free email firm on the hot seat this week. (August 27, 1998)
CNET Hotmail bug fix not a cure-all
Microsoft's free Web-based email service Hotmail last night implemented a partial fix for a JavaScript security problem. (August 01, 1998)
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