Computers History Pioneers Stallman, Richard
In 1984, Richard Stallman founded the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and related GNU project (GNU's Not Unix). Stallman is the person who formalized then prevailing practices of the Unix/Internet operations and programming community into a licensing system called 'Free Software'. Later, other people renamed this to 'Open Source'.

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Richard Stallman's Personal Site
Founder of GNU Project and Free Software Foundation, father and current maintainer of the One True Emacs. Read the Master in a background of quietly understated elegance. Personal essays, political opinions, travel experiences, brief biography.
blog.reddit: RMS AMA
List the top 25 questions and answers.
The "no-frills" online version of "Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software".
Free Software Foundation: Richard Stallman's blog
List resources about events, recent topics and discussions by date.
GNU Operating System — GNU Audio and Video
Watch video or listen to audio recordings of speeches and other events related to the Free Software Foundation or the GNU project.
Prince Kropotkin of Software
Portrait of the man and his anarchistic GNU project.
Wikipedia: Richard Stallman
Encyclopaedia entry, includes brief history, the GNU project, activism and personal life.
ZDNet: Interview: GNU guru Richard Stallman
Mainly about the Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act: UCITA. (March 12, 2000)
Linux Today: Richard Stallman, 15 Years of Free Software
By Stallman: brief article taking stock of 15 years of progress; with feedback responses. (March 17, 1999)
Salon 21st: The Richard Stallman Saga, Redux
By Andrew Leonard. 'The saint of free software' sparks new debates about the philosophy of the open source movement: lively exchange between Stallman and Eric Raymond, and Tim O'Reilly response. (September 11, 1998)
Salon 21st: The Saint of Free Software
By Andrew Leonard. Maverick Richard Stallman keeps the faith; and gives Bill Gates the finger. Entertaining true life reporter's experience of time spent with Stallman. (August 31, 1998)
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