Transputer is a word meaning transistor computer. It is officially spelled with lower case. It was made by British semiconductor firm INMOS Ltd. It was the first general purpose microprocessor intended to be used in parallel multiprocessor computers. It was to be a range of chips of varying power and cost, that were assembled to form a full computer. The name indicated the role that individual transputers had: they would be used as basic building blocks, as transistors had been.

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The Atari Transputer Parallel Processing Computer
Atari ATW800 Transputer workstation brief history, description, several photos. [Atari History Museum]
Bibliography Relating to the INMOS Transputer
Near 2,000 references. [Computer Science Bibliography Collection]
INMOS Transputer
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Parallel Programming In C for the Transputer
Book for computer science undergraduate or engineering majors, and engineers or computer enthusiasts needing effective, low cost ways to boost performance of personal computers or workstations, or to learn principles of parallel programming with low investment. Online, download.
Ram's Transputer Page
Large resource, many topics: graphics; programming languages; artificial intelligence, robotics; operating systems, microkernels; parallel programming environments; transputers, system simulation; network protocols, load-balancing.
Transputer Emulator
Emulates one T414 transputer (no FPU or bit blit instructions), supplies file and terminal I/O services; purely interpretive (slow), easily portable C source code compiles on Macintosh and many Unix, BSD.
The Transputer from INMOS; Later ST
Books, INMOS technical notes, mail list, OCCAM language contacts. [Chip Directory]
Transputer Link Adapter PCMCIA Card
Interfaces with INMOS style transputers using 10/20 MBits/sec asynchronous serial link. Decode modes available that mimic original INMOS ISA development board I/O ports, allows legacy software compatibility under DOS.
Transputers, Helios, and More Fun
Enthusiast site on Atari Transputer Workstation (ATW), a.k.a. Abaq.
Forum supporting those applying Communicating Sequential Processes, CSP, model of parallel processing. Works on areas such as Java threads and high level language hardware compiling.
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