The XML Tools category contains various software solutions that can be used throughout the lifecycle of an XML project. The range covers, browsers, databases, editors, parsers, publishing systems and servers. On the top level you'll find links to other collections of XML tools.

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Various XML content authoring tools. [Commercial]
CAM - Content Assembly Mechanism - Toolkit
Toolkit for building and deploying XML exchanges. The OASIS CAM is a public open XML standard. [Open Source]
CodeSynthesis XSD/e
XML Schema to C++ compiler for mobile and embedded applications. It provides XML parsing, serialization, XML Schema validation and XML data binding. [Open Source]
Open source CSV to XML converter.
DeltaXML: XML file comparison
Tools for intelligent comparison of XML files. The differences are represented in XML. Provides a Java API for embedding in Java applications.
Drybridge Consulting
XML tools (products and services) and implementation support.
Visual XML files comparison tool with color highlighting differences. [Freeware, Commercial]
Feed Tool
An easy-to-use web application for creating, editing, and managing feeds of content.
Free XML Tools and Software
Categorized listing of software available for download. Categories include control information development (creating, modifying and documenting DTDs and XSL style sheets), conversion, storage and management, editing and composition, delivery, parsers and engines.
GSLgen: General-purpose Schema Language generator
By iMatix Corp. Universal code generator engine, can generate any programming language, from templates driven by XML data; templates can act as full XML processing applications; code generation engine can be used in other applications. Open source.
Utilities to use Haskell and XML together. Site provides whitepapers, downloads (current and older versions), bug report and contact information.
A rendering engine that generates presentation GUIs "on-the-fly", using an XML schema based representation of the business model.
A fast, lightweight Javascript XML library that easily reads, traverses, and writes XML.
Database independent access and management via XML for PHP. Free registration required to download.
Prince XML
Commercial XML+CSS to PDF converter.
Public SGML/XML software
The software listing of The XML Cover Pages.
Offers PathEnq, an XPath 2.0 editor and the freeware XMLQuire, a light XML text editor.
Utilities for conversion to XML from various formats including MS Office, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC format and text source formats.
TechWriter for XML Schemas
A documentation generator for XML schemas. Generates PDF, CHM, Word/RTF, HTML, XPS and XML files. XML tools
A collection of GNU software tools for processing XML and its derivates, such as RSS.
Browser that features an implementation of SMIL 2.0 basic profile.
XML Schema to Programming Language Binding Tool
Generates C++, C#, Java or Visual Basic 6 components from XML schema types (XSD, XDR) and DTDs. Buyer's Guide
The web magazine XML.COM offers this up-to-date list of XML software products with detailed reviews.
A XML parser generator for COBOL. Features, details of application integration, prices, and ordering information.
Offers products to handle XML technology.
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