XLink is a W3C specification for constructs that may be inserted into XML resources to describe links between objects. It uses XML syntax to create structures that can describe the simple unidirectional hyperlinks of today's HTML as well as more sophisticated multi-ended and typed links.

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XML Linking and Addressing Languages (XPath, XPointer, XLink)
Contains references and description including an exhaustive bibliography, contact addresses for vendors and service providers, software descriptions, mailing lists, information on user groups, descriptions of projects and case studies. (Robin Cover / OASIS)
Initial Experiences With an XLink Implementation
Describes the implementation of an XLink processor in Java and the lessons learned from the project.
An Introduction to XML Linking
Edited excerpt from a talk on the features and benefits of the XML Linking Language specification given by Eve Maler. (Realplayer 5.0 audio file)
XLink Filter Project
An open source (Mozilla license) XLink parser filter layer that can rest between a SAX-compliant parser and Java applications which use the SAX API to retrieve information from XML documents.
XML Linking and Style
Describes the interaction of XLink linking elements and styling. Provides a clear conceptual model for linking and styling and suggestions for the practical application of that model using current W3C Recommendations. (W3C NOTE 5 June 2001)
XML Linking Language (XLink) Version 1.1
W3C specification that allows elements to be inserted into XML documents in order to create and describe links between resources. (W3C Recommendation 06 May 2010)
XML.com: XLink: Who Cares?
XLink was part of the original plan for XML, along with XSL, but has taken a long time to reach completion and has inspired few implementations. Bob DuCharme asks why. (March 13, 2002)
XML: XLink and XPointer - Overview
An archived email by Eve Maler, one of the editors of the W3C specification that gives a one page overview of these technologies. (April 02, 1998)
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