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Australian Defence Force Academy
School of Computer Science. Provides undergraduate degree programs for members of the Australian Defence Force.
Australian National University
Department of Computer Science. Research focuses on parallel computation, programming languages, software engineering, theoretical computer science, and information systems.
Flinders University School of Computer Science, Engineering and Mathematics
A multidisciplinary school incorporating: computer science, engineering, information technology, mathematics, and statistics within the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Adelaide's Flinders University.
Griffith University - School of Information and Communication Technology
The School of Computing and Information Technology (Nathan/Logan campus) merged with the School of Information Technology (Gold Coast campus) to form the new School of Information and Communication Technology on 1 January 2005.
Macquarie University
Computing Department. Research is centered around information systems, computational science and theoretical computer science.
Monash University
Clayton School of Information Technology. Research areas include artificial intelligence; audiovisual information processing; digital systems hardware; computing education; database systems; distributed, parallel and mobile computing; logic and theory; reasoning under uncertainty; and software engineering.
University of Adelaide
Department of Computer Science. Research areas include computer networks and communications, computer vision, distributed systems, logic and knowledge representation, numerical analysis and numerical linear algebra, parallel and functional programming, persistent object systems, and programming languages.
University of New South Wales
School of Computer Science and Engineering. Major research areas include machine learning, VLSI design, multimedia databases and formal methods in software engineering.
University of Queensland - School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE)
ITEE is a School within the Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences and Architecture (EPSA).
University of Sydney
School of Information Technologies. Areas of research include algorithm design and complexity analysis, biomedical and multimedia information technology, databases, the Plan 9 OS, and data mining of natural language.
University of Tasmania
School of Computing and Information Systems.
University of Technology, Sydney
Faculty of Information Technology. Major research labs investigate computer graphics, cooperative systems, algorithms and languages, artificial intelligence, adaptive methods, distributed systems and multimedia infrastructure, usability, and object oriented systems.
University of Western Sydney
School of Computing and Mathematics. Research focuses on distributed systems and network security, knowledge systems, systems management and parallel computing.
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