A literary agent is someone who sells rights (usually book publication rights - but increasingly, other rights too - such as film rights, television rights, electronic rights) in work created by writers. Not all writers need a literary agent. However, many major publishers and virtually all film studios or production companies prefer that submissions (manuscripts or screenplays sent to them for consideration) should come via an agent. Having a good agent will increase - but not guarantee - your chances of getting published. A good agent will also negotiate a satisfactory contract on your behalf, ensure that you're paid on time, and do a hundred and one other things that writers need doing.

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A free searchable database of literary agents. Contains FAQ and mission statement.
Andrew Nurnberg Associates
Representing international authors and leading UK and US agents and publishers. Based in London, UK.
Antony Harwood Ltd
International literary agency representing authors of fiction and non-fiction. Oxford, UK.
Azure Literary Agency
Azure represent writers in fiction, non-fiction, film and television. No reading fee. Birmingham, England.
Bookseeker Literary Agency
A small literary agency, based in Scotland, representing writers of poetry, fiction, and other work.
Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency
Represents illustrators and published and debut authors. Include company information, submission guidelines, and agent list. Located in London, England.
Christopher Little Literary Agency
Represents non-fiction and children's and adult fiction. Includes client list and agency and contact information. Located in London, England.
Coombs Moylett Maclean
London-based literary agency. Particularly interested in crime and thrillers, commercial women’s fiction, historical fiction and literary fiction.
Provides general advice on the publishing process, reading and editorial assessment of manuscripts. London, UK. Literary consultancy.
Curtis Brown
Representing authors, playwrights, film and television writers and directors, theatre directors and designers, television and radio presenters and actors. UK based.
Eddison Pearson Literary Agency
A London-based literary agency, mainly of children's and young adult fiction.
Elizabeth Puttick Literary Agency
London-based agency representing authors for nonfiction (including self-help, spirituality, health, science, history, business, women's issues)
The Ella Sher Literary Agency
Manages foreign rights for Spanish and international publishing houses and represents authors for all languages. Barcelona, Spain.
Eulama International Literary Agency
Fiction and non-fiction, commercial and literary. Focus is on authors and publishers with international appeal, selling rights worldwide. Rome, Italy.
Front Page Agency
Agency specialising in selling true-life stories to UK women’s magazines. Offers testimonials and information on how to submit a story for possible publication.
Graham Maw Christie Literary Agency
Specialises in general non-fiction, including business, humour, health, and popular culture. Located in London, England.
Grand Agency
A literary agency representing authors from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries.
Jane Turnbull
Offers authors of fiction and non-fiction professional representation. Cornwall, UK.
Jordans Text
Germany based literary agency, also provides editing and translations.
Manus & Associates Literary Agency
Commercial literary fiction, adventure fiction, multi-cultural fiction, Southern writing, suspense and thrillers, literary fiction, women's fiction, women in jeopardy, mainstream fiction, mysteries, and romance.
Margret McBride Literary Agency
20-year-old agency representing commercial fiction and nonfiction, business projects.
Mary Cunnane Literary Agency
Representing Australian authors, nationally and internationally. Adult fiction and non-fiction.
Mediana - Russian Literary Agency
A literary, film and TV rights agency established in St.Petersburg, Russia. The company works with English and non-English content.
Mercedes Ros Literary Agency
The agency specializes in: Children's fiction and non-fiction, albums, board books, religion, games and crafts. For adults: crafts, hobbies, sports, parenting and self help. Located in Spain.
Nabu International Literary Agency
Founded by Silvia Brunelli, representing many internationally renowned publishers over the years.
Nordin Agency
Represent Swedish authors and their works worldwide.
P.S. Literary Agency
Represent fiction and non-fiction works, including young adult, literary, history, and gambling. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Paraview Literary Agency
Representing scientists, authors and innovators worldwide.
Peony Literary Agency
A Hong Kong based agency with clients in all parts of Asia.
A Lebanon based literary agency, specialized in the representation of world rights of translation and adaptation of Arabic works.
Redhammer Management
Represents mostly fiction. Members of the Association of Author's Agents. Website includes client list and company information. Based in London, UK.
Robert E. Shepard Agency
Agency representing authors of serious non-fiction books.
Salomonsson Agency
Based in Stockholm, Sweden, focusing on literary fiction, crime fiction and children's fiction. Brief presentations of authors and novels.
Sheila Ableman Literary Agency
Represents non-fiction works, including history, science, biography and autobiography, with a particular interest in ghost-writing and TV tie-ins. Located in London, England.
Soaring Spirits Literary Agency
Poetry, fiction, novels and other genres.
Spark for Writers
Writer, editor, coach and mentor. Based near Edinburgh, Scotland.
Strachan Literary Agency
Specialising in literary fiction.
Tibor Jones
Literary agency and arts consultancy. London, UK.
Transatlantic Literary Agency, Inc.
Currently represents adult and children's authors, and illustrators, across Canada and the USA.
United Agents
Represents novelists, biographers, historians, and specialist writers. London, UK.
The Wylie Agency
An international literary agency with offices in London and New York.
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