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Adaptive Planning
Provides hosted budgeting, planning, and business forecasting software applications.
Alight, LLC
Budgeting, forecasting, and reporting software for small and mid-sized companies as well as divisions of the Fortune 500.
ALT-C Systems
Business forecasting systems for mission-critical manufacturing, distribution and sales force automation environments with offerings that include TimeTrends e-Forecasting and TimeTrends Forecast Warehouse.
Alyuda Forecaster
Forecasting software based on neural networks for general purpose business and financial forecasting.
Time series analysis and forecasting package with tested Gaussian assumptions.
Cash Focus Pty Ltd.
Australian developer of financial software for budgeting, analysis, costing and balanced scorecards.
Data Perceptions
British software company specialised in the development of sales forecasting, planning and budgeting software.
Delphus, Inc.
Software for demand forecasting and inventory replenishment planning in manufacturing, distribution and retail.
Demand Works Co.
Developer of the Smoothie suite of forecasting and sales and operations planning software.
EZ Numbers
Provides an Excel template for business pro forma and forecasting.
Forecasting Software Survey
A survey from OR/MS Today magazine, as of February 2003. Contains some practical concerns in selecting forecasting packages.
Forecasting software for professionals in sales, marketing, finance and manufacturing. ForecastPro uses proven statistical forecasting methods.
Develops, markets, supports integrated line of statistical software products that let users effectively bring marketplace and enterprise data to bear on decision-making.
Sales forecasting software. Uses custom digital maps, analog and spatial regression to predict and perform “what if” analysis for selected sites.
John Galt Solutions, Inc
Business Forecasting and Demand, Inventory, Sales and Operations Planning software for mid to large sized businesses.
Lokad Demand Forecasting
Forecasting add-ons for eCommerce, accounting and ERP software (20+ third party applications supported). Sales forecasts. Inventory planning. Staff scheduling.
Manhattan Associates
Provides vendor managed inventory solutions for the retail industry.
Release Technologies
UK based firm, offers sales forecasting and profitability modeling software.
SAS Forecasting Software
Provides a full range of forecasting methods, including exponential smoothing, Winter's method, Box-Jenkins modeling, dynamic regression and interventions. A point-and-click Time Series Forecasting system offers automated model-fitting and forecasting, and interactive model development.
Smart Software, Inc.
Provides enterprise forecasting and planning solutions. SmartForecasts automatically forecasts sales, product demand, and service-level inventory requirements. For manufacturing, marketing and financial plans.
Decision support system designed for the corporate sales, marketing, and finance environment, with integrated sales forecasting and reporting.
WinForecast Professional
Cash flow and financial forecasting software. Winforecast is a financial modeller providing integrated forecasts of profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, funds flow and ratios.
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