Business Management Consulting
For web sites of firms or individuals providing or relating to the provision of consultation services or products to manager(s) of businesses.
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A.T. Kearney
Formulates strategic plans and uses operations and information technology to mobilize knowledge and resources and to make major improvements in a company's products and services, relationships or economics.
A.T. Kearney Careers Index
An international management consulting firm that mobilizes knowledge and resources to make major improvements in a company's products and services, relationships or economics.
ABS Consulting
A global safety, risk and integrity management company.
Absolute Business
Senior executives specializing in interim management, consulting and business acceleration, with expertise in operations, general management, finance, administration, marketing and sales, and technology.
ACA Group
An alliance of consultants and instructors providing services in the areas of business process improvements, business strategy, and systems implementation.
ACI Specialty Benefits Corporation
Provides employee assistance programs (EAP) nationwide, supporting employees and management through counseling and education.
Acumen International
An organizational development company focused on providing best-of-class assessment technology for individual, team, and organizational growth.
Adams Six Sigma
Specialist in total quality management, strategic planning, goal setting, team building, employee motivation, and statistical process control.
Adelard Steel Limited
Specialists in the business strategy, process improvement and project management.
Advance Consulting
A professional development company that specializes in helping companies build powerful, influential relationships with internal and external clients. Located in California.
Advention Business Partners
Global strategy consulting company with a differentiated business model, operating either on a project or partnership basis with its customers.
Adventure Associates, Inc.
Corporate training and team building.
Adventure Rope
Designers and constructors of challenge course apparatus.
Affinity Consulting
Provides consulting, facilitating, coaching and training services in strategy development, strategy implementation, continuous improvement, change management and leadership and team development.
Aimattech Consulting LLC
Multi-discipline management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, business development, interim, project and program management, global sales and marketing.
Alda & Associates
Business and financial consultant for strategic planning and business plans.
The Alexander Group
Provides strategic management, marketing and operations management services, and customized educational material.
Alexander/Hancock Associates
Providers of custom training and development services, based in Davidson, NC.
Allery Scotts
Offers a variety of consulting services, including operations management, IT, quality management, and corporate finance. Based in the UK.
Alpha-Omega Change Engineering
Professional trainers and consultants providing services in: training development, management and delivery; process improvement and reengineering; strategic planning; and assessments.
American Management Systems, Inc.
A international business and information technology consulting firm. Extensive information on their services and expertise, career opportunities, investor information and business news.
Andres Inn: A Consultant's Casebook
Consulting experiences and assignments from around the world in private and public sectors.
Personal site containing articles and papers of interest to the business consulting community.
Angle Plc
Planning, development, management, consulting, marketing, venture funds, and technology licensing services for science and research parks, technology-focused ventures.
Applied Focus
Management consultants specializing in developing leadership, reducing staff turnover, and improving communications and processes.
Applied Futures Inc. and Strategic Synthesis, Ltd.
Strategic planning services to commercial and government clients.
Arama Consulting
Established to pioneer participative methodologies in the renewal, restructuring and reconfiguring of organizations, institutions, industries, regions and other social systems. Based in Turkey.
Arch of Leadership
Mentoring programs that help business leaders to envision, achieve, and communicate their broad and encompassing visions and translate them into realities.
Areva International
A management consulting firm, providing sales, marketing and business development services for high tech ventures. Located in California's Silicon Valley.
Aridis Corporation
International management consultants.
The Ariel Group
Provides consulting and theater-based management training programs in executive communication, presentation skills, leadership, media coaching, public speaking, team building, creativity and business theater.
Artesient, Inc.
Specializes in IT, change leadership, business process, organizational development and training.
Arthur D. Little
Strategic consulting related to e-strategy, e-process, e-technology and e-finance.
Ascendant Partners
Professional consulting services to food, agribusiness and renewable energy organizations. Based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States.
Aspen Family Business Group, LLC
International family business consultants. The Group offers a range of resources including books, monographs, consultation, keynote addresses, workshops, and conferences.
Astute Diligence
Management consulting firm specializing in due diligence. Chicago, Illinois.
ATI Systems
Emphasizes partnering facilitation services to aid managers in building project teams.
Atos Origin
A global management consulting and IT services firm, specialized in business and technology integration.
Avalon Consulting
Independent strategy and performance improvement management consultancy. Other services include marketing research, techno-economic feasibility studies, and site location studies. Based in India.
Avantt Consulting
Management consultants offering corporate strategic planning, merger and acquisition strategies, organizational development, succession planning, executive coaching and information technology strategy planning.
Axios Partners
Develops and implements corporate strategy and trains client teams.
Ayres & Associates
Provides assistance with management and staff development, planning, problem solving, financial analysis and budgeting. Based in Santa Rosa California.
Bain & Company
An international strategy consulting firm.
Barnes and Conti Associates, Inc.
Programs and services for negotiation, communication, risk-taking, innovation and team building.
Barrett Consulting Group Pty Ltd
Provides specialist assistance to improve productivity and profitability using strategic consulting services, including testing, training, recruitment strategy and job development.
Bartell & Bartell, Ltd.
Organizational diagnostics and leadership development.
BD Solutions
Broker dealer consultant offering management, compliance, auditing, accounting, and registration services. Information about each service and contact details.
Begin2know LLC
Management consulting and coaching.
Bellwood Group
Online business consultants.
Berlin, Eaton & Associates Ltd.
Management consulting firm specializing in business improvement and organizational development.
BIG LEAP Performance Solutions
Consultation to business on performance issues (team development, executive coaching and psychological assessment). Use drama and experiential learning to move organization.
Big Minnow
Offers expertise in business models, developing operational disciplines, building brand equity or an integrated mission of all three.
Birong Associates
Provides business valuation services to small and mid-sized privately owned companies.
Bluebird Enterprises
Management Consulting with a Difference. Located in Berwyn, PA
Bodley & Associates
Provides management training and strategic consulting services to growing companies.
Booker & Hopkins Associates
Help clients face the ever-changing business climate using rigorous marketing techniques and modeling.
Booz Allen Hamilton
Strategic management and technology consulting firm offering a full range of consulting services to senior management in industry and government.
The Boston Consulting Group
A diverse and global business consulting firm. A web site, including BCG publications, and career opportunities.
Boulden Management Consultants
Offer tailor made training programs in the areas of management development, sales training and problem solving.
Boylston Group
Consulting and executive leadership coaching.
Electronic referral network for business consultants.
Brand Velocity, Inc.
Specializing in turnaround consulting for companies and interim management, using the Brand Velocity System.
Breakview Kapital Consulting
Specializes in business planning and performance measurement.
Bregman Partners
Specializes in organizational change, learning and development. Consulting, coaching and training.
Brian Farrington Ltd
Offers management and procurement consultancy services, including managing external resources, strategic purchasing techniques, negotiation, outsourcing, training and recruitment.
Buchele & Kremer Productivity Consultants
Help optimize processes, apply individual management information systems and reduce costs.
Building Blocks Consulting
A company focused on addressing the performance needs of people. Services include training in the areas of leadership development, customer service and team building.
Business Efficacy
Provides strategic and tactical planning, best practices identification, problem-solving facilitation, customer and employee surveys, and 360 degree feedback development services.
Business Enterprise Mapping Inc.
Provides business process improvement consulting and training solutions. Includes certification to international standards and process mapping training.
BusinessWorks, Inc.
Leader in helping individuals and organizations become more effective in leadership, management and personal productivity.
Cal Tingey Enterprises
Firm that specializes in partnering, team building, corporate retreats, strategic planning, and partnering.
Cambium Group
Providing strategic business and marketing planning, marketing communications, web site design, and Internet e-commerce solutions.
Cambridge Consulting
Offering services related to performance development and organizational effectiveness.
Cameron Ralph Pty Ltd
An independent ratings agency providing Corporate Governance and Board Performance assessments for listed companies and major government and non-profit organisations.
Capital Ideas
A management consulting firm advising high technology companies, including startups, on strategy, business plans, product definition and implementation. California, USA.
Capital Restoration, LLC
Works primarily with under-performing companies to help find positive financial solutions based upon in-depth analysis and strategic planning using activity based simulation models. Based in Sudbury MA.
Caridas Consulting Group
Specializes in productivity improvements through a focus on people. Provides strategic planning, participative work and process redesign, executive coaching, profit improvement and organizational development.
Carr Communications
International communications resource with expertise in media relations, public relations, public information services, business and training consulting and management skills.
Case Strategy, LLC
Consulting services: Management session, strategy game plan, strategy implementation and investor intelligence.
The Catalyst
Provides strategies, services and products for the financial, retirement and housing sectors.
Catalyst Consulting Team
A strategic planning, leadership development, virtual collaboration and experiential learning consulting firm.
The Catalyst Group, Inc
Generating and retaining business through direct sales and service.
Catwalk Consulting
Management consulting, project planning, business systems analysis, applications development, quality assurance, documentation and education.
Centre for Innovative Leadership (CIL)
Systems thinking, scenario based strategy and leadership development.
The Centre for Mentoring
Provides a uniquely professional mentoring and executive coaching service for managers and leaders.
CEO Support Systems, Inc.
Senior management consulting based on their "Blueprint for a Healthy Organization" model.
Chaco Canyon Consulting
Works with people in problem-solving organizations who make complex products that need state-of-the-art teamwork.
Chaddsford Planning Associates
Provides business development services to both public sector and commercial organizations.
Challenge Course Consultancy
Designs and constructs challenge courses. Includes information about the owners and their process. Based in Kelso, Scotland.
Charles Nechtem Enterprises
Providing employee assistance services, international corporate programs, and training and consulting services.
Charlesview Management Group
Identifying and solving the issues impacting the growth and development of businesses.
Charney and Associates, Inc.
Specializing in streamlining operations, management processes, training, and communication skills.
Chaudhuri, Arindam
Trains CEOs for leadership, management practices, motivation, strategic vision, success achievement, and theory.
CHENTA Consulting
Change consultancy and coaching provides tailor-made services that are enduring and valuable.
Chinook Solutions Inc.
Consulting services for strategy management and project cultures. Specializing in strategic DNA methodology for clarity, alignment and focus.
Christensen Associates Management Consultants, Inc.
Offers seminars and workshops in futures research, project management, product development, and manager development. Located in Playa del Rey, California.
Christopher Allen & Associates
Focuses on providing strategic planning consulting services to businesses and organizations.
Christopher Bonner Consultants, Inc.
Counsels senior management of associations and corporations on positioning strategies and strategic communications. Located in McLean, Virginia.
Clark Training & Consulting
Instructional psychologist Dr. Ruth Clark provides training to improve instructional design and development programs. Seminars available in selected US cities.
Clark Wilson Group, Inc.
Provides organizational core competency assessments and surveys.
The Clemmer Group
Management consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, organization assessment and team development.
Clinton Group Inc.
Service strategy consulting firm.
Clive Simpkins Strategic Communications
For expert consulting, transformation strategy and spindoctoring in corporate, personal, marketing, media and political communications.
Collins Consulting
Provides diverse consulting services including strategic planning, financial analysis, due diligence, project management and operational reviews.
Columbia Resource Group
Specializes in leadership, teambuilding, and organizational change.
Competitive Edge, Inc.
Consulting and training in improving employee effectiveness, team building, and employee-manager relationships.
Concept Systems Inc.
Provides organizational change and performance improvement services.
Consensus Technology Services
Specializes in collaborative problem solving and decision making by providing consulting, facilitation and training to support an organizational consensus driven process.
ConsultantC Ltd.
Management consultancy and strategy planning.
Consulting Office Sibylle May
Services offered include training classes and seminars, coaching, personnel and career consulting.
Contract Consultants Corporation
Services and resources for management consultants and consulting companies.
Core Pursuit, Inc.
Offers management consulting services including human resources, risk management, web design, and business strategy, planning and development.
Cornerstone Designs
Challenge course builders that specialize in the design, development and training specific to ropes courses, bouldering grottoes, and climbing walls. (Jonas Ridge, North Carolina)
Corporate Affairs International (CAI)
Consulting firm with expertise in economic and industrial/corporate development.
Corporate Development International
Specializing in joint ventures, investments and corporate development.
Corporate Learning Systems, Inc.
CLS is a full service consulting company offering training and support programs for sales, marketing, operations and team management initiatives.
Corporate Renaissance Group
Business management and technology consultants. Located in Ontario, Canada.
Corporate Strategy Institute
Specializing in personal and corporate strategic planning and restructuring consulting and key note speaking.
Corporate Training Consultants, Inc.
Helps establish a training or organizational learning function within clients' organizations.
Corporate Turnaround Management
Crisis and turnaround management specialist with a focus on corporate restructuring and re-engineering for improving shareholder value.
Corporate University Xchange
An education research and consulting firm that assists organizations in optimizing their education and training resources. Based in New York City.
Corporate Value Associates (CVA)
Firm focuses on the development and application of proprietary methodologies involving strategy, organization operations, and finance.
CorVu North America
Integrated consulting services and software solutions provider, focused mainly on performance management systems.
The Coughlin Company
Enhancing individual, group and organizational effectiveness.
The Crawford Group
Global consulting firm providing customized public policy consulting, marketing and human resources strategy planning, training and executive leadership development programs.
Cray Performance Corporation
Helping clients achieve their strategic objectives by improving the performance of people through training, incentives, recognition, information systems and research.
Creativity at Work
A resource for developing personal creativity and organizational innovation. Site features articles, tips, and a newsletter.
Creativity Unleashed
A journey around business creativity, with an online business bookshop, creativity techniques, free and shareware software.
Cross Technologies Inc.
Offers turnaround management, venture capital, investor relations, financing, crisis re-engineering, and assisting with creditor problems.
Crossroads Programs Inc.
Provides guidance and facilitation services in partnering, alliances and business ethics.
CRP Associates, Inc.
Specialized consulting to the broadcast industry and to financial institutions which lend or venture with media concerns throughout the world.
CTO4 Rent
Technology management consulting for start-ups, small businesses and large corporations.
Custodial Consulting Services
Providing total quality management systems for janitorial departments.
CyberQ Consulting
Specializes in continuous quality improvement within the software industry, focusing on quality education, processes, metrics and organization development.
D'Jungle People
Experiential learning consultants offer programs in leadership, team building, and organisational and cultural change. (Selangor, Malaysia)
Daniel Penn Associates
Management consulting firm helping enhance performance, improve productivity and increase revenues.
Dartmouth Research and Consulting
International management consulting firm focusing on corporate development, business management and Internet technology solutions.
de Wardt and Company Inc
International management consultant specializing in lean management, scenario based strategies and project management.
Dean & Company
Strategy consulting and investing firm. Services offered to both large corporations and early stage companies. Provides detailed description of services, experience, and industrial sectors served.
Dega Systems
Provides information technology consulting to small businesses.
Deion Associates & Strategies, Inc.
A full-service consulting firm offering the following services: business planning, operational review, turnaround/crisis management, strategy development, CEO services, seminar/workshop presentation, and assistance with international trade in the former Soviet Union.
The Delphi Group
Helps organizations achieve overall results through the alignment of purpose, people and performance.
Improve the performance of trainers, facilitators, teams, leaders and organizations.
Delta Street Inc.
Financial and management resources through a network of business professionals and service providers.
DeMars & Associates, Ltd.
Providing consulting, administration, training, and research services.
Destra Consulting Group
Boulder, Colorado based consulting firm provides customized programs in leadership development, business growth, organizational development and team building.
Develin & Partners
Independent European management consultancy specializing in re-engineering, process improvement, change, organization design and performance measurement.
Deveplan-Kehitys Oy
Management of international and domestic development projects. Areas of expertise include health care and social welfare development, tourism, and urban and regional planning. Located in Finland.
Dewar Sloan
Works with senior executives and managers on business conditions, specific business strategy options, plan implementation, operating problems and business growth situations.
DeWolff, Boberg & Associates
A management consulting firm. Website describes their unique process of helping clients achieve their business objectives.
Management consulting firm specializing in brand strategy and how to compete in a saturated market.
Digma Management Consulting
Strategy development and transformation management.
Direct Marketing Insights
Provides a full range of direct marketing services for catalog entrepreneurs including catalog development, strategic catalog planning, telemarketing training, catalog mailing list acquisition and management consulting.
Direction Associates
Management consulting including business strategy, strategic planning, lean manufacturing, market planning, technology planning, and general business problem solving and improvement.
Douglas C Mead
Offering performance improvement coaching and business productivity enhancement systems.
Dr. Karla Kay Potetz & Associates
Conducting management training seminars to companies since the early 1980s.
E. J. McKay & Co., Inc.
Management consulting firm focusing on China related business issues. Provides business strategy and corporate finance services to both multinational and domestic corporations.
Eclicktick Corporation
Strategic consulting and interim management services to technology companies.
Ed Lloyd and Associates, PLLC
Management consulting firm in Charlotte, NC providing solutions for business owners and managers.
Eileen McDargh
Features motivational and educational speaker, Eileen McDargh, who provides speaking and training in the topic areas of work/life balance, change, leadership and communications.
Elbury Enterprises
Assisting companies with their business, management, IT, Internet and HR activities. Garry Hunt, international business adviser. Based in London; services worldwide.
The Energy Masters
Offers organizational culture, team building, and performance enhancement programs. (Geneva, Switzerland)
Essential Coaching
Helping people have great lives and develop themselves both personally and professionally. Based in Massachusetts.
Estin & Co.
Specializes in strategy consulting. Assists CEOs and senior executives of large European and North American corporations in the formulation and implementation of growth strategies.
EuroPraxis Group
International top management consulting firm that helps companies with business strategies.
The Everest Group
Specializing in the identification of growth opportunities and the development of strategies to achieve success in the market.
Executive Mentors and Trainers
Business management consulting services for small to medium sized companies.
The Executive Protocol Group
Protocol and etiquette consultants to the corporate world.
Offers assistance in starting, developing, and growing a business.
Feener Associates
Distributor of Carlson Learning Company products and DiSC personal profile system. Corporate training sessions in personnel management, facilitation skills, and conflict resolution.
Fight Your Corner
Provides business advice about a variety of issues including UK employment law, health and safety, business finance, information technology, UK taxation and VAT, start-up and coaching. Located in Scotland.
Finger Consulting
Provides leadership development, performance and executive coaching, derailment and exit prevention, conflict resolution, team effectiveness training, stress management seminars and pre-employment evaluations.
First River Consulting
A strategy consulting company focusing on the steel and other capital intensive industries. Specializes in helping senior managers develop and implement strategy under difficult competitive conditions
FirstMatter LLC
A consulting firm helping organizations in business model development, strategy work, scenario work, consumer behavior, advertising/communications, ideation, and new product/process development.
Fish Philosophy
Offering a new approach in dealing with company issues and having fun at it.
Fitch Associates Consulting Group
Consulting, facilitation, management training, coaching, and 360 feedback.
FMP/Flaman Management Partners Ltd.
A management consulting firm specializing in strategic management and business planning, project and program implementation, review and evaluation, information and technology management, and management of change.
FMRC Business Development
A management, training and consulting organization offering its services to professional practices, retail and service companies, as well as organizations in the public sector.
Global consulting firm in work-flow, knowledge management and technology.
Fountainhead Business Solutions, L.L.C.
Management consulting services for firms in the New York City area, specializing in business analysis and project management.
Fox Consulting Partners
A London-based firm providing business innovation and business development services for technology companies, new ventures and investors.
The Fusfeld Group, Inc.
Provides information on technology management consulting services, including courses and publications.
Consulting resource to training companies and IT customer education business units.
Gardenswartz and Rowe
Creating organizational climates, places where healthy, resilient and productive people have an opportunity to flourish.
The Gardner Shaw Group
Agents for performance improvement and organizational learning for clients to structure their organizations, provide professional development, and facilitate meetings.
The Genesis Process LLC
Uses a tightly structured and controlled methodology to build understanding, cohesiveness and loyalty by allowing the group through a collaborative effort to find the optimum solutions for the identified problems.
The Glasgow Group, Inc.
Helps clients address difficult tasks while focusing on organizational improvement.
Global Human Capital Solutions (GHCS)
Provides professional services to corporations by integrating business consulting, executive search, HR outsourcing and technology solutions.
Global Leadership Resources
Specializing in leadership training for competitive markets. Includes biography, services and training programs offered.
Global Partners, Inc.
Focuses upon business development strategies and related performance measures.
Globalpraxis Group
Designs and executes fact-based and realistic customer-driven strategies, working with client executives.
GMP Training
Products and services include GMP classes, GMP training products, and GMP consulting.
GNA Consulting Group
Management consulting firm specializing in management services relating to information systems.
Goal Systems International
Disseminates and applies the principles and tools of constraint management to improve organizational systems.
Govan Consulting, LLC
Helps businesses plan for and respond to change through planning, management, and continuous improvement strategies.
Grant Thornton LLP
Specializing in auditing, management consulting, corporate finance, risk management and information technology.
Grass Routes
Management development, training and consulting. Located in UK.
Graybridge International Consulting
Provides consulting services in a wide range of areas linked to international training and overseas management services.
Grosvenor Consultancy Services
Advises organizations on establishing, managing and developing commercial relationships with suppliers of complex services, outsourcers, strategic alliance partners and others arising from mergers and acquisitions.
Guerin Associates, Inc.
Management consulting firm providing business improvement services to American companies. Help corporate leaders make sound, informed decisions, and improve results by incorporating best practices.
Gurteen Associates
UK based Knowledge Management and Technology consultancy that offers an information resource and portal.
Guyer Management Assistance, Inc.
Management consulting, turnaround and legal business advisory services, corporate finance and restructuring.
Harlan-Evans, Inc.
Helps companies run their businesses consistent with the vision and values of the individuals that make up the organization.
Harris Smith & Associates
Consulting group specializing in strategic planning and business performance.
The Highland Group
Management consultants with a broad base of business consulting capabilities.
Hill & Associates, Inc.
Dedicated to providing thorough analyses of coal and electricity markets and sound advice to the management of companies serving those markets.
The Hill Group
Specializes in helping organizations focus to improve performance.
Areas of expertise include information research, business communications and information consulting.
Horowitz Consulting
Corporate communications and strategic planning for technology and new media ventures. Research and development of business plans to attract equity investment and venture capital.
Huron Consulting Group
Core offerings include corporate advisory services, financial and economic consulting, and strategic and operational consulting.
i-Cubed Partners, LLC.
A management consulting firm focusing on the needs of mid-sized organizations.
I.J. Martin & Cie SA.
International management consultants providing strategic business services supporting growth, turnaround, corporate governance, investor relations, acquisitions, mentoring and coaching.
Ian Percy - Business Speaker
Gives inspirational and thought-provoking talks on team building. His book and speeches inspire companies for change and leadership in the workplace.
The Idea Lady
Consultations and classes for individuals building up a business. Located in Texas.
Affiliates and associates deliver consulting services on client communications in markets including business-to-business, retail and technology.
Ignite Development & Learning Ltd
Provide training, coaching, career counselling, employment law advice, business and human resource strategy, competency and behaviour profiling, NLP interventions and psychometric testing.
Independent Management Consultancies Network
A network of small management consulting companies all over Europe, providing a wide range of services to internationally operating clients.
Indermaur, Inc.
A network of management consultants with technology experience, from software development to IT operations to microprocessor design.
InnoVal Consulting Group
An international strategy consulting company specializing in developing innovative growth strategies for corporate leaders. Serves clients around the world from offices in Los Angeles, USA and Paris, France.
The Innovation Resource
Author of Driving Growth Through Innovation, Robert Tucker focuses on use of innovation to improve products, process and strategy.
Inside Out
Develops communication, problem solving, leadership and other team skills through experiential learning. (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Inside Out Expeditions
Educational expeditions focusing on leadership development, environmental/cultural learning, outdoor skills development, and personal awareness for school classes, corporate teams, and other groups. (Flat Rock, North Carolina)
InTech Management Consulting
Provides strategic business planning, marketing planning, manufacturing issues, group facilitation, competitive intelligence, management mentoring and studies of the future.
Integration Marketing & Communications
An international consulting firm that measures and tracks the outcome of integrated marketing and communications (IMC).
IntelliLink Solutions
A New York based consulting firm focused on improving operational efficiency and increasing profit in service organizations.
Intercontinental Training
Provides customized training and consulting services in a multitude of corporate and management disciplines.
Internal Insights
Harold W. Becker and John T. Goltz offer personal guidance, and business and professional development and government consulting.
Interpraxis Consulting
A social and economic consulting firm specializing in ethics and corporate social responsibility, social auditing, stake-holder engagement, and international development. Located in Toronto, Canada.
IRIS Consulting
UK-based multi-disciplinary management consulting firm specializing in the new agendas across the public and private sectors.
J.R.McDonald & Associates Inc.
Specializing in strategic and corporate projects or programs for the public sector, focusing on corporate reviews and project management.
Jason Jennings
Author and consultant specializing in business leadership, sales, management, and customer satisfaction.
JFA Consulting
JFA is an organization development consulting firm that specializes in customer-focus assessment, employee and customer surveys, assessment of managerial competencies, team style profiling and team goal alignment.
K. Tye Rempfer, LLC
Technology management consulting providing process consulting, project management, and training services to improve organizational performance.
Kaizen Institute
A global management consulting company that assists companies in implementing KAIZEN tools and strategies to secure a competitive advantage, within their own particular industry.
Katzenbach Partners LLC
A national strategic and organizational consulting firm.
Keating Muething & Klekamp
Specializes in business formation, strategic planning, economic development and community initiatives, and government affairs.
Kelly Allan Associates Ltd.
Applying a multi-disciplinary suite of consulting services. Their site includes articles and book reviews and a list of related resources. Based in Columbus, OH.
Kempster Group
Specialists in building strategic alliances for clients focused on technology, telecommunications, ICT literacy, education and international marketing.
Kennedy Information LLC
Offers management consulting and executive search.
Kepler Associates
Management consultancy specialising in performance measurement, value-based management and incentive compensation.
Kepler Research, Inc.
Provides consultancy services to industries and government in the areas of operations strategy, strategic analysis, decision support and information technology.
Kieffel Consulting
Management science consulting, with emphasis on real option valuation, decision analysis and portfolio risk management
Kinetix Solutions, Inc.
Technology consultants. Information on services and clients. Based in Florida.
Kleinhardt-FGI Pty Ltd
A corporate advisory firm located in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia, which provides consultancy services across a range of corporate and business management issues.
Klemm & Associates
Helping companies conceive strategy, align the organization with a strategy, and provide compensation that motivates people to achieve measurable strategic accountabilities. Based in St Louis, MO.
Kline and Company, Inc.
Provides value-chain analysis, benchmarking, strategy development and competitive intelligence services within the plastics industry.
Knowledge and Information Management
Specialises in treating knowledge and information as a corporate resource. Provides business and IS/IT strategy definition and business development ideas and opportunities management.
Krentz & Griffin
Aims to provide pragmatic solutions for financial service organizations seeking to broaden their distribution of mutual funds or improve levels of client services and processes.
Kurt Salmon Associates
A global management consulting firm specializing in retail, consumer products, and healthcare.
L.E.K. Consulting
LEK provides business strategy, mergers and acquisitions advisory, and shareholder value consulting services.
The Lachlan Group
Provides change management, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions services.
The Lake Group
Management consultant based in Australia. Specializes in facilitating strategic retreats and workshops.
Lawson Consulting Group, Inc.
Management consulting group offers custom-designed programs in change management, leadership, teambuilding, influencing and organizational development. Also specializes in executive consulting.
Leahy & Associates
Offers challenge course training and development including facilitator training and corporate program development.(Lafayette, Colorado)
Lexicon Communications
Crisis management consultancy firm. Company background, mission statement, media, services, and related links.
Log Heights
An outdoor personal and team development training centre, specialising in the design and delivery of programmes focused on teambuilding, teamwork, leadership, communication and change management. (Harrogate, England)
MacLeod Consulting Group, LLC.
Provides goal planning, market potential analysis and profitability forecasts for the automotive industry.
Manageering Associates
Provides organizational change management, strategic planning, project management, and performance training, services and products.
Management Adversiory Services & Publications
Consulting services, training (seminars) and professional publications on Information technologies Security, Auditing, internal controls, and contingency planning. Management Advisory Services and Publications.
Management Challenge Services
Specializes in operations and information systems consulting and interim management. This company helps clients in difficult and stressful situations.
Management Development Specialists, Inc.
Offers a portfolio of training modules that may be implemented separately or combined to create a unique training program for clients. Based in Maryland.
Manor Resources
Firm specializing in change management.
Marathon Communications Inc
Corporate, management, and executive training, leadership development, team building, keynote presentations, personal leadership. Located in British Columbia.
Marin Consulting Associates
Consulting and training services to business and government, specializing in leadership, performance management and team building.
Maritz Inc.
Provides integrated performance improvement, travel, and marketing research services.
Market Development Group, Inc.
Offers consulting services in the areas of strategic planning, competitive intelligence, executive coaching, and related areas of management.
Mars & Co.
Focuses upon organizational strategy.
Maynard Leigh Associates
Combining techniques from the performing arts with traditional business skills, they create an exciting, challenging space in which to experiment and grow. UK based.
McHugh Consulting
Senior consultants offering expertise in strategy development and implementation and product, customer, initiative, and structural complexity reduction.
McKinsey & Company
A global strategic management consulting firm founded to serve senior management on problems important to them and their enterprises.
Mediation Training Institute International
Resources for managing workplace conflict. Management, employees, and human resources development programs for businesses and organizations.
Specialises in planning and implementing change. Clients include financial services, central banking, services, manufacturing and public sector.
Delivers holistic business, operations and management solutions. Includes information on services, clients and case studies.
Metrus Group
Strategy measurement and implementation, change management, employee surveys, linkage analysis. Site contains resources and articles available for download.
Mira Consulting
Provide services to help CEO's and business owners build businesses. Services include business planning, competitive intelligence and financial planning.
Mirasol Project Management Consultancy
Specializing in project office implementation, standards and procedures, project management support tools, risk management and training and workshops.
Monitor Company
A strategy consulting firm that focuses on the top management issues most critical to long-term competitiveness.
MVC Associates International
Director Mark Van Clieaf heads this international team specializing in database marketing, customer relationship management, and leadership effectiveness.
The Negotiation Center
Offers unique training programs and consulting support to maximize your international and domestic business transactions. Located in Maryland.
Negotiator Pro Co.
Publishes tested role play games and preparation software to assist managers and business owners in improving their consensus building skills.
New Management Network
Management consultants working together in a virtual firm to offer customized management solutions to government and industry.
New Paradigm Consulting
This site offers organization consulting, facilitation and planning services based on the 'new paradigm' approaches derived from systemic and complexity thinking. The focus is relationships which are at the heart of any successful attempt to change organizations or their cultures.
Offers personal consulting services to executive directors and managers of private and public companies via e-mail and video- conference technology.
Norris Consulting Group
Consulting firm serving a variety of local, state and national public and non-profit organizations. Strategic planning, project design and management, needs assessment, program and project evaluations.
Northeast Adventure Challenge Courses
Provides indoor and outdoor challenge courses, course design, planning, installation, inspection and repair. (Burlington, Connecticut)
Nova Consulting
Provides management consulting services focusing on leadership, team effectiveness and human talent.
Numerof & Associates, Inc.
Specializes in improving organizational effectiveness through people, processes, and strategy.
O'Mara and Associates
Specializes in leadership development, diversity and team building consulting, facilitation and training.
Options for Change: Change Management Consulting
Change management consultants offering tools and training for leaders, change agents, and teams.
Organisation Consulting Partnership
Helps clients to improve performance through new approaches to strategy, structure, processes and people.
Organized Change Consultancy
Provides strategic planning, organizational change, organizational assessments, surveys and team building. Located in San Diego, CA.
Orion Learning International, Inc.
Focuses on guiding company leaders through turn-arounds, startups and high growth phases.
PA Consulting Group
Services include business strategy, improving performance, information technology, human resources, change management, and recruiting.
Palatine Group
Customized business simulations. Offers performance support, performance management, and Web-based project management training.
The Parthenon Group
Consulting firm specializing in business strategy, principal investing, e-strategy, start-ups and merger integration.
Partnering University
Ed Rigsbee offers keynotes and seminars to businesses that want to improve upon an organization's partnering, strategic alliances, and relationship challenges.
Partners In Excellence
Management and marketing consulting firm providing services related to strategy development, marketing studies, organizational audits, channel distribution strategy assessments, organizational development, and sales training.
Pateo Consulting
Pateo Consulting - This site increases high tech company competitiveness using creative communication techniques to solve critical technical-business problems and to apply knowledge management methods.
Paul O'Malley Associates
This site helps organizations manage themselves more strategically. They work with established companies to develop more successful business models. They also work with start-ups to create successful business plans.
Peak Experiences International, Inc.
Specializing in adventure-based programs, leadership development, team building, executive coaching, conflict mediation,diversity training, organizational development, and conference kick-offs.
Pennington Performance Group
A training and consulting firm that helps organizations and their people develop strategies, systems and skills to build trust, act with integrity, encourage commitment and empower action that meets customer needs.
Peter Barron Stark & Associates, Inc.
Consulting company in San Diego offers training programs for managers and employees in leadership (supervisory skills management skills), customer service and negotiation.
Phoenix Obsidian
For any organization that needs help with going through change. Phoenix Obsidian is a clearing house of such experts.
PI Management Resources
International management consulting firm and publishers of the Predictive Index (PI), a unique, in-house tool used by executives for more than 40 years.
Pierce, Monroe & Associates, LLC
PM&A is a Detroit-based firm specializing in financial, management, and information technology consulting.
PKR Profound Knowledge Resources, Inc
This site provides long and short term consulting services to companies. It specializes in strategic planning, whole-organization redesign, organizational assessments and meeting facilitation.
Plexus Consulting Group
Provides international management consulting, marketing, strategic planning, public affairs, and government relations services. Headquartered in Washington, DC with affiliate offices in Europe, Asia and Latin America.
Practical Perspectives
Business consulting, including development, operations analysis, process improvement, project management and team building.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting
This site provides companies with strategic change, process improvement and technology solutions.
Management consultants deliver operational strategies. Helps organizations worldwide to achieve and sustain leadership in supply chain management, product development, customer intimacy, and IT transformation.
The Pyramid Group
Employee training and organizational development consultants. An agency of Wilson Learning, with offices in Monroe and New Orleans, LA.
Qa Business Improvement
Offers a range of business improvement solutions and assistance with the change management process.
QA International
QAI provides quality assurance inspection, QA program design and implementation as well as consulting to importers and other doing business on an international basis.
QEC Management Services (SE)
Management Consultants specialising in installing and maintaining simple ISO9000 systems that work for the business and help improve profits. Cutting the paperwork!
QMI Scotland Limited
Offering management consultancy, training and audit services throughout the UK and internationally.
Quality Solutions, Inc.
Providing a full range of management consulting services including process management, CRM, training, and assessments.
QualPro, Inc.
Providing Multivariable Testing (MVT) to help companies achieve breakthroughs in business processes. Based in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Firm provides general management consulting as well as international trade consulting services.
Reach Beyond
Specializing in personal development, self-discovery and self-improvement. Development of individuals and organizations, including leadership development, management development and team building.
Real Change Network
Team building, teamwork, organizational change, and management consulting for French and American companies.
Relamatrix Group Inc.
A medical device manufacturers consulting and marketing service that offers turn-key services for foreign medical device manufacturers to enter the United States healthcare market.
Resolution Alliance, Inc.
Conflict resolution and dispute settlement professionals.
Undertakes mergers and acquisitions in the areas of consumer healthcare, travel resorts, and real estate. Includes company profile, partnership details, media coverage, and future plans. Headquarters In Washington, D.C.
Roland Berger Strategy Consultants
Offers customized consulting services for a wide range of industries and competency areas.
RONIN Corporation
Provides growth-oriented strategies, and practical implementation of those strategies, to a client base within the computer, telecommunications and related industries.
Ropes Course Developments
Offers ropes courses, climbing walls, and zip wires plus instructor training, maintenance, inspections, and business planning. (Corfe Castle, England)
Roster Network Integrated Solutions
Management consulting and management systems for business and health care. Profitability improvement, ISO 9000 and quality systems, knowledge management and human resources systems and services. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, In.
Ruth Keys
Specializes in management consulting in the areas: software quality assurance, banking and telecomms.
S.P.I.D. Verger Inc.
Offers professional consultancy services in the field of management, systematization, education, and health.
Sales Training Consultants, Inc.
Specializes in sales, management, customer service and retention primarily for advertising and circulation departments of newspapers.
SBC Associates, Inc.
Acts as a catalyst for producing positive change within organizations. The site provides expertise in business development, human resources, communication facilitation, and executive counseling.
Schmalensee Partners
Helps companies create management systems, improve employee retention, and increase competitiveness and customer satisfaction. Located in Chestnut Hill, MA.
Schneider Sales Management
Information sales management consulting and training firm for financial services organizations.
Sepler and Associates
Information on services to employers in the prevention, detection, investigation and resolution of harassment and discrimination, workplace violence, and conflict management.
The Sequoia Partnership
Management consultants and operations specialists to the FMCG sector, specialising in efficient replenishment, operations strategy, production excellence, asset performance and change management
Simpler, Inc.
Consulting and training services that focus upon operational improvements.
Starlight Outdoor Education
Ropes courses, challenge courses, implementation and training, climbing gear and full-service support.
Stop At Nothing
Management consulting firm specializing in organizational and leadership development, teambuilding, executive coaching, change management and corporate culture changes. Based in Jacksonville Beach, FL. - clients nationwide.
Strategic Initiatives Consulting Group, LLC
Consultants in organizational development, management and skill development, succession planning and strategic planning initiatives. Delaware, USA.
Strategic Management Group, Inc.
Integrating human resource development with strategy and business process improvements.
Strategic Management Institute
Provides business and strategy development, and conducts market research, industry analysis and business opportunity studies.
Strategy Consulting Limited
Assists companies regarding strategic business plans, marketing strategies and other critical business functions. Based in the UK.
Stratos LLC Consulting
An international management consulting company based in Houston, Texas, specializing in alliance implementation, process improvement, teambuilding, strategic planning and root cause analysis.
Summit Consulting Group, Inc.
A firm specializing in management and organization development strategy, innovation, leadership, ethics, diversity, and interpersonal relations.
Sundance Consulting Inc.
Helping leaders at all levels, executives to employees, increase their individual and collective capability to lead successful change throughout their organization.
Swander Pace & Company
Strategy consulting firm specializing in the food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods industries.
Synapse Consulting
Focuses on coaching, conflict resolution, financial analysis and leadership development.
Tactix Government Consulting Inc.
Navigating the government - provides private sector clients with strategic, sector-focused government relations services in Canada's national capital, Ottawa.
Tartan Consulting
Provides business, human resource, and executive development strategies. Partial client list, details of services, and links.
Team Building, Corporate Team Training
Custom tailored corporate team building, leadership development, group processing workshops and teamwork deliverables.
Technology Management Associates
Services range from research and development strategic planning, technology transfer, technology commercialization, project development and technical training to managing IT projects in Eastern Europe and funding of joint ventures and development of projects. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Third Eyesight
Business strategy, sourcing, manufacturing and marketing and management consulting for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.
Provides consulting, conflict resolution, negotiation, and training services for industrial, commercial, and non-profit organizations.
ThroughPut Solutions
Consultants helping companies to eliminate waste and increase profits through lean manufacturing, quality, and process improvements.
TMT Associates, Inc.
Management consultants offering organizational change through strategy development, leadership development and innovation.
Tools of Change
A free site with case studies, planning guides and worksheets, for those who plan and run programs that promote healthier and/or more environmentally sustainable actions and habits.
Touchstone Consulting Group, Inc.
Washington, DC-based firm serving senior executives in the public sector. Services include strategy development and management, strategic communication and program management. Features company profile, services and contact information.
Training Resources Group, Inc.
An organizational development and training firm which provides services to corporations, international organizations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.
Urgo and Associates
Specializes in processes, procedures, policies, and standards for purposes of training, ongoing reference, auditing, and performance improvement for organizations.
USC Consulting Group
Designs, develops and implements process improvements to enhance the efficiency, productivity and profitability of medium to large size commercial enterprises.
The Valen Group
Offers strategy and innovation consulting, focusing on growth strategies, alliances, new market entry and research, new products, and strategic planning.
Van Someren
Specializing in medium-size to large organizations, providing general management consulting and transition management assistance.
Vantage Associates, Inc.
Specializing in strategic planning for businesses and non-profit organizations in all industries.
Virtual Analysts
An on-call network of writers and researchers to help create documents and business plans.
Virtual Corporation
Technology and management consulting firm specializing in business continuity, contingency planning, disaster recovery and technology staffing.
Expertise in facilitation, transformation, leadership, team building, performance, excellence, and coaching.
Waterstone Capital Partners
Offers turnaround and financial advisory services for troubled companies
Provides services in a variety of areas including management consulting, web site design, database development, and environmental compliance and management.
William Preston & Associates
Provides strategic management services for government, business, and education.
Winco Asset Management, Inc.
Provides development, consulting, asset and property management services to owners and operators of commercial real estate properties.
Winning Ways Management, Inc.
WWM Inc. promotes and provides excellence in leadership, management, and strategy by teaching practical applications, to executives and managers in growing organizations.
WLM Marketing Management and Training
Training courses and consultancy advice in specialist areas of marketing, management and sales. Based in the UK.
Wordcom Associates
Assisting in Business Management, Development, and Presentation in conjunction with Sales Training and Sales Development while also providing Consultancy Skills Training and Short Term Development Programs.
Wright Associates
Provides general services including strategic planning, organizational assessments, customer satisfaction surveys and employee retention assistance.
Yuruga Enterprises Pty Ltd
An indigenous owned management and consulting company based in Melbourne, Australia that specializes in cross cultural competencies, program evaluation, diversity, business and organisational development strategies.
Zakroff Group
International business development specialists. Information on services, clients and locations. Based in Texas and China.
Zoe Training & Consulting
Providing on site training programs, speakers, organizational development, and e-learning solutions.

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