Individual Resumes of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Technicians, Managers, Consultants, and anyone else who works in or wishes to work in electronics engineering.

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Alarcon, Daniel E.
Power systems electrical engineer with 13+ years working in transmission and distribution lines, and electrical substations.
David Jeffrey Ljung Madison - Verification Engineer Resume
Madison, David Jeffrey Ljung - San Francisco, CA USA Verification Engineer / Software Writer. CPU Verification and Debug (Transmeta, MIPs) verilog, Unix, programming, (perl, scheme, C++, Lisp, Basic, Fortran, Ruby, Python, sed, yacc, sh, ksh, zsh, csh, tcsh) Shareware Programming, (album, WizPort, SpeedWaller) VLSI (DEStiny), DNRC.
Davis, Rob
Seattle, WA USA PE / EE / SE Ph.D. Hardware, Software, Real-Time, Medical, Avionics, Management, Ada, C, C++, HTML, LabView, Microcomputer, Validation, Test.
Kavcak, Michael C.
Electrical engineer with experience in PC and Mac based hardware. Based in Austin, Texas.
Khadanga, Suchitav
Experience in RF IC design.
Maschue, Sean
Embedded Systems Contract Engineer with experience in 32-bit microcontrollers, Linux, VxWorks, robotics, and motor control.
McGowan, John F.
San Francisco, CA USA scientist / video engineer. AVI, MPEG, JPEG, software. Web page includes downloadable video, publications and software.
Muscedere, Michael
Electrical engineer with experience as a group leader in fulfilling program requirements and interfacing with customers.
Quet, Pierre-Fran├žois
PhD from Ohio State University, resume and list of publications.
Roe, Tom
Grandville, MI USA MSEE. Embedded Electronics, Software Development, DSP, VHDL, High speed digital design, Board layout, Communications electronics, Analog circuit design, Real time C/C++, Assembler. Engineer ing employment as contact engineer or direct employee
Sykes, William
RF wireless circuit design engineer. Based in Atlanta, USA.
Tuncel, Adnan
Electrical engineer familiar with the DMS-100 system, switching networks, and telephony.
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