ACIPCO - American Cast Iron Pipe Company
Manufacturers of ductile iron, steel, cast iron, and centrifugal pipe which are often used for pipe jacking and microtunneling.
Baroid IDP
Baroid is a provider of industrial drilling products.
Can Clay Corporation
A manufacturer of vitrified clay products. These products include vitrified clay pipe for open trench, microtunneling, pipe jacking and pipe bursting installations which are especially suited to long lasting performance for sanitary sewers and storm sewer construction.
CETCO - Colloid Environmental Technologies Company
CETCO's bentonite products are often used during directional drilling projects. CETCO provides practical solutions for today's environmental problems. A full-service, global environmental company, CETCO is backed by more than 70 years of bentonite mining and manufacturing experience.
Manufactures and supplies large diameter, centrifugally cast, glass-fiber reinforced, polymer mortar pipe (fiberglass pipe) ideally suited for corrosive applications and installations such as microtunneling, jacking, sliplining, pipe bursting, direct bury, above ground, tunnel linings and casings.
Oilfield drill pipe and drill collars, utility boring tubulars, drill and leave utility pipe, directional drilling consultation and machine work.
Liquid Earth Support
A geotechnical firm dedicated to the formulation of drilling fluids, lubricating slurries, self-hardening slurry/grouts, adapted to your site conditions and specific requirements.
Mark Tool & Rubber
"Splashtron": Perfect Coating For Pulling - For directional river or road crossings, when corrosion and site conditions are tough, "Splashtron" from Mark Tool Co. is the coating of choice.
No-Dig-Pipe, Microtunneling Clay Pipe
No-Dig, A Division of MCP Industries Inc is the manufacturer of the first rigid bodied, clay pipe for use in microtunneling, sliplining, pipe bursting and in casings in the United States. Our first installation was in Houston Texas in April 1992. Since that time, over 70,000 linear feet of NO-DIG pipe have been installed.
Parchem, Inc.
Supplies drilling fluids, solids control systems, component units and tri-plex mud pumps.
Permalok Corporation
Supply a interlocking pipe joining system that is designed to be flush with the interior and exterior surfaces of the pipe. Includes structural analysis and installation data.
Concrete pipe for jacking.
Tulsa Rig Iron
Offers complete line of drilling fluids and related products.
Wyoming Bentonite
Supplying products for use in environmental protection, drilling fluids, and industrial applications.
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