Companies who manufacturer a standard product range which is cataloged for trade use.

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Advanced Lighting Technologies Inc.
Designs, manufactures and markets metal halide lighting products, including materials, system components, systems and production equipment in North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and Australia. (Nasdaq: ADLT).
Crescent Lighting, Ltd.
Manufactures and distributes lighting equipment to the UK and world markets. Markets fibre optics, xenon low voltage, T2 systems, LED fittings and asymmetric distribution products.
GE Lighting
The very latest in lighting technology for industry, roadways and outdoor areas. General Electric industrial lighting fixtures.
Genlyte Group Incorporated
Designs, manufactures and sells lighting fixtures and controls for wide variety of applications in commercial, industrial and residential markets. (Nasdaq: GLYT).
JM Electronics
Supply led indoor and outdoor lightings and HID Ballasts. China.
Lighting Resource
On-line lighting resource with product profiles by advertisers, photometric data, and some other related information.
LSI Industries Inc.
Manufactures and sells outdoor, indoor and landscape lighting fixtures, screen printed materials and architectural graphic structures to retail petroleum, commercial and industrial markets. (Nasdaq: LYTS).
Luminous Star Technology
Offering led warning and emergency lights, including light heads, deck and dash light, and traffic director.
Luxo Corporation
Leading designer and manufacturer of lighting products world-wide. Delivering ergonomic, functional and aesthetic lighting solutions.
Mule Lighting
Produces emergency lighting and signs, inverters, and various LED lighting products.
Onstate Technologies
Designs and manufactures solid-state lighting (SSL) products incorporating light emitting diodes (LED) and electronics.
Thorn Lighting Group
Supply and manufacture a range of professional lighting fittings and systems for the commercial, industrial and public amenity markets.
Vibia Lighting
Featuring European-designed fixtures.

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