Sites representing the Enzymes manufacturing industry.
In general this refers to all catalytic proteins and extracts from biological sources.
Enzymes are usually extracted from bacterial or cell culture, cadaver or plant material, and purified prior to sale.  This category is for manufacture of enzymes for use in industries such as textiles, biotechnology, and consumer goods such as washing powder.

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Advanced Enzymes
Manufacturers of enzymes used in textiles, leather, detergents, coffee, breweries, fruit juices, pharmaceuticals, baking, water treatment. Includes technical data, product applications, corporate and contact details in Maharashtra, India.
Analytica Ltd.
Manufacturer of enzymes for textile and leather industry, and food preparations, including gluten free, low protein and energy mixes, and antioxidant vitamins. Based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Bio-Cat, Inc.
Company overview and range of enzymes available for food, industrial and dietary supplement applications. Troy, Virginia.
Industrial enzymes produced via solid state fermentation in Columbelles, France.
Maps, Ltd.
Producer and exporter of industrial enzymes. Lists product applications, resources with forum, career information and contacts at Vatva, India.
Michigan Diagnostics, LLC.
Chemiluminescence-alkaline phosphatase and horseradish peroxidase substrates, chiral compounds, steroids, biotin, antibody, enzyme conjugates substrates from Troy.
Nothing But Invertase
Offers different strengths, and kosher certified batches. Includes specifications, quantities and contacts in the USA.
Novozymes AS.
Develops, manufactures and markets industrial quantities. Includes applications, products by industry, development news, corporate data, customer login and contacts in Bagsvaerd, Denmark.
Sanosil Ltd.
Specialist in disinfectants, surfactants and cleansers, including enzymes for treatment of effluent, based in Meilen, Switzerland.
Specialty Enzymes and Biochemicals Co.
Manufacturer of enzymes, supplying raw material, customized blends and branded products to industries throughout the world, from Chino, California.
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