Translation from Spanish to English, Italian, French and German, and from English, Italian, French and German to Castilian/European Spanish.
ADE L&T Services
Translation and foreign language Spanish teaching.
Multiple language translation in Spain.
Astrucan Translations
[Flash needed] Translation and related services in Spanish, English, French, Japanese and Catalan. Company based in Spain.
Technical translation, software localization from English and German into Spanish.
Barcelona Global Translations
Translation in 10+ languages, and interpreting in Barcelona. Agency in Spain.
Business Translations
Translation services between English and Spanish. Specialties include manuals, letters and job application.
Caleuche Translation Services
Spanish and English translation services by native speakers in both languages.
Carlos Mayor
Translation and editing from English and Catalan to Spanish. Based in Spain.
CC Scientific, Ltd.
Spanish translation services from Puerto Rico. Specialists in translation of contracts for the insurance, financial service, and healthcare industries.
Cedar Translations
Translations from Spanish and Catalan to English.
Centos Translations
A translation company based in the UK which offers English/Spanish translation services.
Translation in the Romance languages, based in Barcelona, Spain.
Et Seq Limitada
Offering Spanish-English certified translations to U.S. and foreign law firms, international business concerns, and individuals.
Exactaonline Translations
Low cost translations from Spanish, Catalan, English, Greek, French and Italian.
Global Translations Services
Translations between Spanish and English. Web sites, business documents, press releases, brochures, and catalogues.
Translation in Japanese, Spanish, German and Basque. Company based in Northern Spain.
HM Translation Service
Spanish-English translations, proofreading, editing. Corrections made to documents previously translated.
Jose Llurba Naval
[Flash needed] Translation, dubbing and subtitling from English to Spanish and Catalan.
Translation and sworn translation in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Catalan. Agency located in Spain. Site in English, French and Spanish.
Lingolex Website Translations
Translation and web site design in English and Spanish.
Professional linguistic services to companies and public organizations. Mataró
Translation in any language. Agency located in Vizcaya, Spain, with offices in several other countries.
Multilingual localisation and translation services including voice-overs, on-screen text, proofreading, and editing.
Luis Gavilondo
Translation in Spanish. Express service available.
M&D Translations
Accredited translation done by a group of Spanish translators. Site in English and Spanish.
Translation and localization of technical documents, Software and web pages.
MultiLingual Communication Services
Document and website translation and multilingual website design in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.
NeoAtlas Translations
Documentation, software and web translation and localisation.
NOVA Traductors i Intèrprets
Supplies technical translation and software localization services.
English-Spanish translations. Notary in South Carolina.
Planet Lingua
Translation services in Galician, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.
Prem Dan Advanced Multilingual Solutions
Translation, DTP and interpreting in Spanish and other European languages. Based in Madrid.
Translation service based in Bilboa, Spain.
Translation, proofreading, localisation and interpretation in many languages.
Translation in all languages.
Serling Spanish Translation
Most European and major world languages into and from Spanish, based in Spain.
Spanish Translation and Typesetting
Spanish freelance translator.
Spanish Translator
Spanish translations for digital and print-only material since 1980.
Spanish Words.net
Translation, interpretation and training for a world without borders.
Translation company based in Madrid, Spain.
Trama Traducciones
Translation in all languages.
Translation to Spanish.com
Translation from English to Spanish, of electronic documents and graphics, in the general and technical fields.
English Spanish translations.
Translations and More
Specialized in Spanish translations and voiceovers.
Localization of software and Web pages. Translation of documentation and online help. Provide training to localizers and PMs
Translations in Spanish, English, French and German, and interpreting in Basque Country and surrounds.
Translations and interpretations from English into Spanish.
Ultimate Translations
Offers English<>Spanish translations of documents, books, manuals, videos.
Veritas Technical Translations
Technical translation in Spanish, English, French, German, Portuguese and Catalan.
Vox Hispanica
Conference interpreting and translation to Spanish from Swedish, English and French.
WAPA Translations
[Flash needed] Translation in many languages. Based in Spain.

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