A cancer clinical trial is a sanctioned experiment typically involving a drug-agent or medical device with the aim of ascertaining its value in the treatment or support of cancer.

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Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
Details the research study by Stanford University "accelerated, partial breast irradiation" which is a potentially important new way to incorporate radiotherapy in the treatment of women with breast cancer.
Breakthrough Generations Breast Cancer Study
This UK research inquiry will evaluate over 100,000 subjects to help determine causes of breast cancer.
City of Hope: Clinical Trials Online
Search for research programs and current studies at the cancer center in Duarte, California.
Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups
Resource for cancer clinical trials and research. Information about experimental anticancer drugs, chemotherapy treatment and cooperative groups.
Emerging Med
Provides a clinical trial service matching and referral service for cancer patients. Includes contact details.
Information about a European study on cancer patients survival and care. Related data files are available for download.
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center: Clinical Trials
Overview information as presented by this Houston, Texas hospital and research complex, as well as listings of ongoing institutional studies.
Parp Inhibitors
This site gives information on a new range of cancer drugs being developed presently known as parp inhibitors. Currently in phase two and looking promising.
Prostate: Acapodene for PIN
This firm is soliciting participants to a Phase II clinical trial with the hormonal agent toremifene for use in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia which is thought to be a precursor condition to prostate cancer.
Sister Study
Describes a scientific inquiry on the genetic and environmental risk factors for breast cancer.
Virtual Trials
Brain tumor trials and treatments.
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