Drum and Bass (also called jungle) is an energetic branch of electronic Dance music and has its musical roots in the hardcore rave movement in the United Kingdom in the early 90s. Over its lifespan, the music has drawn in influences from such diverse fields as Jazz, Ragga, Hip Hop and R&B. The music is characterised by rapid breakbeats running at BPMs around the 170 mark. Whilst the music largely lives and was born on the dancefloor it has diversified into many different categories, some of which concentrate rather more heavily on the listener's sensibilities than their feet. As a result of the music's constant growth and mutation, Drum and Bass has been split into numerous subgenres and types. These include: Artcore, Techstep, Hardstep, Jump-Up, Liquid Funk, Ragga Jungle, Jazzstep and so on.

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Beta Recordings
John B's label, based in Maidenhead, UK. Booking information and diary plus audio and tour photos.
Get a taste of the tunes via Realaudio as well as checking the Boosted artist roster.
Budget Cuts Music
Experimental drum and bass artists.
Cover Operations Online
Fresh new imprint aiming to release quality tracks across the whole drum and bass spectrum.
Cutterz Choice
Cutterz Choice Recordings is a South London based drum & bass label setup in 2003.
DJR Productions
Downtempo, triphop and deep house fused with drum and bass.
Fat Ape Jungle
A ragga jungle record label started in 2012, bringing you original jungle tracks on vinyl and digital download formats.
GFS Productions
Official website of a group dedicated to the production of music through the experimentation with Drums and Bass to vary the boundaries of Electronica.
Hospital Records
Established 1996 - site offers forthcoming dates, merchandise; and details on Hospital's Japanese operations
The Konspiracy Group
A label focussing on drum and bass music, located in Canada. Artists include Kuma, Gunshae, Lady Eve and Motomasa.
Mastik netlabel
Russian, Moscow-based netlabel specializing in deep, ambient and atmospheric drum & bass music.
Featuring artists such as Ed Rush, Dillinja, Optical, Lemon D and Hidden-Agenda.
Moving Shadow
Online operations centre the popular label. Updated weekly to provide all the information on current activities.
No U-Turn / Descending Angel
Information on Ed Rush, Nico Sykes, DJ Fierce, Trace, Ryme Tyme and Descending Angel.
Playaz Online
Home of Pascal and Chemical Agent to name just two.
Ram Records
The classic line-up of Andy C, Ant Miles, Shimon, Ram Trilogy and Origin Unknown are all featured on the site.
Located in Mannheim, Germany. News, releases, gallery, links, and contact information.
Tech Itch Recordings
Artists include Substance, Biostacis, Decoder, Dieselboy, Ice Minus and Technical Itch.
Tempo Tantrum
London-based DJs, producers and promoters.
Urban Takeover
Jump-up junglism from Aphrodite, Mickey Finn and the crew. Lots of chances to hear the beats.
Viral-Mental Records
Drum & Bass / Jungle label, based in United Kingdom. Artists include: Gravity, DJ Itch, Hektic, DJ Infinity. Site features videos, release links and artist information.
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