========================= Edit Logs for OCTOBER, 1999 =========================

10.15.99 - I am sorry to report that I must temporarily suspend this service on this page due to a lack of space. However, updates are still posted on a semi-regular basis to The Voice Actor Appreciation Mailing List.

A page with detailed edit logs will be available at a later time.

10.8.99 - Created Yahoo! Clubs category and added several links to it and to other Discussion Forum categories throughout The V.A.U.L.T. - Seiyuu and for Aspiring Voice Actors.

10.06-7.99 - Created a Webrings category and added a few links to it; did the same for the Seiyuu category. Also updated the News page.

10.05.99 - Added recommneded titles for aspiring voice actors to the Publications category. Thanks to Lip Service - Voice Talent Agency for making this link available.

10.01.99 - Updated Voice Actors In The News page.

========================= Edit Logs for SEPTEMBER, 1999 =========================

9.30.99 - Updated Voice Actors In The News page.

- Added Emily Hart interview to Articles & Interviews category.

- Created Voice Cast category for Toy Story 2. Be sure to check out Disney's Official site for photos and bios of the celebrity voice cast.

9.23.99 - Got some Good News and Bad News for ya today.

Bad News first - Set loose upon ODP today was Robozilla, the program we run here at ODP every few months to detect errors. The positive side there is that it helps to keep the directory fresh and up-to-date - the downside is that we're bound to lose some quality links. Can't be helped - that's the way the Internet works. But take heart, friends, whatever is lost may not be gone forever. Once we're error-free, we'll scout for new links to add for your perusal. As you see above, already we have a number of links planned to add here. Just keep checking back with us - they'll all be added in time. And thank you for your patience while we sort out this matter.

Now, the Good News: The list of nominees for the Annie Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Animation were announced today. Please see the Voice Actors In The News page for the details, along with other news items that have been added recently.

9.22.99 - The Articles & Interviews category has now been organized so it will be easier for you to find related articles on other voice actors. More additions are coming to this category soon, so please check back with us.

- Added and updated links for Brad Garrett and Jodi Benson.

9.20.99 - I'm pleased to report to you that Rob Paulsen's guest appearance on The Donnie & Marie Show (November, 1998) has been converted into a downloadable RealAudio sound file, which I added to Rob Paulsen's category today. Many, many thanks to "The Shredder" for making this link available, and be sure to check out his gnarly and very radical fan page for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

9.19.99 - The editors of The V.A.U.L.T. would like to officially welcome our newest co-editor, Adam "Espengler" Gertenbach who was recently approved for Tara Charendoff's category here at ODP. We look forward to working with Adam, but especially to the links he plans to add to the category. ;^)

9.18.99 - Created category for a relatively unknown voice actor, yet with a number of credits in animation - Lex Lang. Thanks to Lex for the link and the kind message.

9.13-17 - Taking some time off from The V.A.U.L.T. to help out with other areas of Netscape's Open Directory. But we would like to mention that we have recently received replies from 3 webmasters of sites linked in The V.A.U.L.T. who were the recipients of ODP's "Cool Site" Award. We'll add their comments here shortly, for any interested.

9.12.99 - Alas, The Rob Paulsen & Jess Harnell Worship Page is no more. We hate to see the demise of any tribute site to voice actors, but these things sometimes happen.

- On the upside, I discovered a tribute site of one of The V.A.U.L.T.'s co-editors, Jenna "Toonster" Leigh, who helps on occassion - Alter-egos, a nicely-designed tribute to a group of Jenna's favorite voice talents, which is part of the Dimensional Detour. [Hey, Jenna - how come you never told me you had such a cool site? =)] I'd call it a buried treasure, since I found it digging through a search engine. Everything you click on brings some neat new suprise. Visit this page on some rainy day - it will make you think and entertain you all at the same time. Incidentally, Jenna is also the webmaster of the fabulous tribute The Unofficial Christine Cavanaugh Page, a site the editors of The V.A.U.L.T. recommend to all voice actor enthusiasts... and not just because she's a friend either. ;^)

9.10-11.99 - Added links for Denny Delk, Howard Hoffman and Paul Rugg. Thanks to Lance Snyder (a.k.a. Chameleon) for the link on Paul Rugg. Lance is the webmaster of The Premiere Paul Rugg Fan Page - a great tribute, and a site we recommend to all voice actor enthusiasts.

9.09.99 - Learned today how to tell the real Phil Harris from another musician by the same name. Deleted a link from Phil Harris' category. Thanks to Rhiman Rotz for the correction and for the compliments on The V.A.U.L.T.
- Added article "Getting That First Voice-over Role" with quotes from professionals compiled by Heather Kenyon to the VO FAQs-Advice-Articles category, and "Hearing From The Hercules Celebrities" to the Articles & Interviews category. Both articles are from the September issue of Animation World Magazine.

9.08.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Added links on Eric Stuart, Venus Terzo, Jess Harnell and Rob Paulsen.
- Added Behind the Voices, a site with photos of the voice casts for a number of animated films to the Cast Lists category. Thanks to Jennie for the submission.
- Added several news items to the Voice Actors In The News page.

9.07.99 The editors of The V.A.U.L.T. would like to wish a Happy Birthday to voice actor Julie Kavner, voice of Marge Simpson and her sisters Patty & Selma on The Simpsons.

9.06.99 (All edits by Voiceroy) - Starting to work on some of the planned reorganization today. Created 3 new categories: Sound Clips, Magazines & E-zines and Events & Appearances. The latter replaces the previous "Conferences & Events" category. Expect the "Events & Appearances" category to be revamped shortly as many of the events linked there are well-past.
- Updated all descriptions in Christine Cavanaugh's category.
- Added new discussion links. MediaCafe: Voice Actors, a forum by professionals and aspiring voice talents hosted by Rich Collins whom I'd like to thank for the submission and the generous compliments. Also added Fans of Voice Actors Yahoo! Club and its mailing list companion.
- Added two discussion lists from ONElist.com to the Seiyuu and Fandubs category.

9.05.99 (All edits by Voiceroy) - Created category for Phil Harris, and added 8 links. FYI: Phil provided voices for lead characters in 3 Disney classic animated films.
- Created new news category, Voice Actors In The News, bringing you the latest developments on the work of voice actors in animation, a service provided for you by Voiceroy.
- Today's additions bring The V.A.U.L.T. over the 750 mark. Not that you care, but I just wanted to point that out. =)

9.04.99 Updated the FAQs section - Version 2.5 of the Official V.A.U.L.T. FAQs now available.

9.03.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Created the News & Updates category.
- Created two "Mailing Lists" categories, one under the main Voice Actors category, and another in the Info Section; added 4 different discussion lists from ONElist.com.
- Added the upcoming audio instructional release "Learn How To Be A Voice Star" to the Audio-Books-Video category of the Info section.
- Updated all descriptions in Frank Welker's category.

9.02.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- It appears that the official site for veteran voice actor Jack Angel is no longer available. Sent e-mail inquiry to the website designer, and will post update here upon reply.

9.01.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Created the "Official Sites" category as an @link to The Animation Voice Talent category, rather than having it listed as a related one. [This is technical editorial stuff, in case you were wondering. --V.R.]

=========================== Edit Logs for AUGUST, 1999 ===========================

8.31.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Created category for Corinne Orr; added "The Corinne Orr Page" and Corinne's IMDb listing. Thanks to Toonlady for the submission. FYI: Corinne was the voice of Trixie on "Speed Racer" and many others in various cartoons.

8.30.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Added 2 links from "The National Voice Database" to the VO FAQS-Advice-Articles category of the Info Section.
- Created category for Roger L. Jackson, and added his resum�, headshot, and an interview. FYI: Roger is the voice of Mojo Jojo and Roach Coach on The Powerpuff Girls and that eerie phone voice in the horror flick Scream.

8.29.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Was delighted to discover a new and excellent tribute The Frank Welker HomePage by Doreen Mulman, and immediately added it to Frank's category. Rewarded its webmaster by making it an Official ODP "Cool Site".
- Finally got around to contacting the webmaster for The Official Tara Charendoff Internet Pages to inform its webmaster of the "Cool Site" award from ODP.
- Updated description and title for Tress MacNeille Fans Clubhouse. [...and joined it too. =) --V.R.]

8.28.99 HEADLINE NEWS - The 1999 Primetime Emmy Awards

The Editors for The V.A.U.L.T. wish to congratulate Ja�net DuBois on her winning the Emmy for "Outstanding Voice Over Performance" in her role as Mrs. Avery on FOX's The PJs. From emmys.org: (Juried Award: Possibility of one, morethan one or no award.) This is a juried award determined by a panel of judges from the Animation & Performer peer groups. Recommendation(s) from the jury are brought to the Board of Governors for ratification. This award was previously announced.

Other winners for animation: "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming More Than One Hour)": Todd McFarlane's Spawn (HBO); "Outstanding Animated Program (For Programming One Hour Or Less)" - King of the Hill (FOX).

For a complete list of winners, please click here.

8.24.99 (All edits by Voiceroy)
- Added "Hints, Tips & Tricks" link from professional v/o Ian Alexander to the VO FAQS-Advice-Articles category of the Info Section. Thanks to Ian for the compliment and for making this resource available.


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