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The V.A.U.L.T. is an acronym for The Voice Actors Ultimate Links Treasury, the name I have given to the Voice Actors category here at ODP (and have received permission from ODP staff to use for promotional purposes outside of the directory).


The following is a collection of completely unsolicited comments visitors have made regarding The V.A.U.L.T.:

"[The V.A.U.L.T.] is awesome, good work! It looks like one of the most complete voice work databases I have ever seen! I still want to get into the voice biz, but this makes me want to try even more. Now I know why you've been staying up on those late nights, but it looks like it was all worth it." --George Sulea]

"Looks cool, and it'll definitely come in handy next time I need to look up something about a voice actor."
--Linda Pang, Webmaster - Penelope's Place

"[THE V.A.U.L.T.] is pretty nifty. I've been looking for ways to find more info on voice actors... and this [is] a valuable source." --Bob "The Mad Hatter" Evatt

"What a treasure trove of information you and your associates have amassed. I salute you. It will take many hours of reading to digest even part of the information. I heartily recommend your directory to all our list members. Anyone serious about voice acting and entering the field should be aware of the top talent and what they do."
--Rich Collins, Webmaster - Write Job; Moderator for voiceactors (a mailing list for voice actors).

"Terrific." --Mark Evanier, Comics/TV/Animation Writer and Voice Director

"This is a great service and recognition to all [voice actors]." --Chris Abbey

"I'm very impressed with all of your work on cataloguing voice actors. Thanks so much for all your work on this."
--Crispin Freeman, Anime Voice Actor.

"The world could use a few more like you!" -- Grey DeLisle

"I think the V.A.U.L.T. is brilliant. And the way you have set up Voice, wow, very impressive." --Kim Neblett

"[The V.A.U.L.T. is] great. I can imagine the hard work that went into that." --Becky Pittman, Webmaster - Voice Artists

"The [ODP] voice actors project [is] a fantastic accomplishment. [This is] a great asset to the voiceover community, fans and pros alike. Keep up the great work." --Brett Rogers, Author

"Now, that's a resource! Good work!" --Romey, Staff Member - Toon Zone

"Keep up the good work ...[it] kept me occupied for hours today at work. Good thing it was a slow workday."
--Brian Clark, Bayou Internet Technical Support

"This is one very extensive piece of work. I [had] the pleasure of assisting [Voiceroy] with it, and it has just about everything you could ever want to know about voice actors, voice acting, etc."
--The Siren, Staff Member - Toon Zone.

"Nice lists Craig. Kudos on a lot of hard work."
-- Paul Heckmann, FlixUSA

"I'm interested in finding voiceover work, and your directory's been helpful."
--Jimmy Aquino, A Fistful of Soundtracks

"Thanks for such a cool voice actor catalogue."
--Luke Sedgeman, Webmaster - Springfield Stars

"I checked out [The V.A.U.L.T.] and I could spend hours there! That's a great service you've done in scouring, organizing, and informing everyone on the links there." --Sam Torres, Webmaster - The Voiceover Cyberstation

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