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Note: has announced it will be closing its free web hosting services. I am taking this advance opportunity to start moving through sites and emailing webmasters, asking that if they are moving, they consider using the Update URL feature, or contact me for help. This will help us avoid an onslaught of reds.

The form letter I am using is noted below: Feel free to modify and use.

Subject: Open Directory Project -

Hi, I'm contacting you on behalf of . I noticed you have a website hosted on that is currently listed in the Open Directory. The site I am writing to you about is and it is listed in the following category: has recently announced that it will be discontinuing web hosting. See for more information.

If you have a new location for this site, I suggest you visit the page it is listed on and use the Update URL link at the top of the page. You will be asked to enter the (current) URL of your site, and then note the new URL on the next page. Please include the reason of the change (That is closing down) to help us process the change as quickly as possible. If you will not be moving your site to a new URL, you can also use this feature to let us know.

If you have any problems, feel free to email me and I will do my best to help.

Thank you.


Sam Volunteer Editor, Open Directory Project

-- HUMANS do it better.

The response to this 'preemptive redhunting' has been fantastic. Not only are people coming to dmoz and updating their URLs with the update URL form, but they are becoming impressed with the project and interested in learning more. In addition, it seems that the mass email from Terrashare never really made it to most of the users, this email has helped people download a copy of their website before it became too late, helping preserve some useful content on the web. Here are excerpts from some the emails I have received in response to the message from webmasters:

  • Thank you Sam... I was not aware that Terrashare was closing it's cyber doors. You just saved me a lot of heartache and trouble. Kudos to you and DMOZ...
  • [I] was amazed how quickly you picked up on the '' problem.
  • Just wanted to thank you for the lookout on that one. I truly appreciate it and you are living proof that humans do do it better.
  • Hi Sam, Just a line to thank you for explaining how to change our URL on Open Directory. In fact I had not known that Terrashare was closing. The message was there on their site of course, but they did nothing to call our attention to it. We have had lots of hits through the Open Directory - so thanks a lot for that too!! Carry on with the good work!!
  • Thanks Sam .Humans surely do it better.I am 16 yrs old and was busy with my exams .I would never have had known the above if you had not mailed to me thanks again man !I also have a few more sites but I was sweating it out at terrashare
  • Thank you for your concern. I have moved the site to a temporary host and updated the dmoz link.
  • Thanks for informing me. I visited and updated my site's url.
  • I can't thank you enough for your interest. I have moved my site.
  • Thanks Sam ! I did not know that yet. I will try to find a new host this week and update the URL's as you suggested !

When we learn of a host going down, going through in advance and emailing the page maintainers appears to be a very good idea. Something to remember for the future.

Terrashare search results
Bookmark in search results between searching sessions. Did from 300-369 or so, already.
'The Shining' A Rough Guide
An in depth guide to Stanley Kubrick's film, 'The Shining'.
18 Months, Two Wheels
The tale of a Dutch girl, a bicycle and several countries. A tour from Holland to South Africa.
Organized by type with instructions on usage.
Absolutely All Live Radio Stations on the Net.
A comprehensive listings of Internet radio stations. Selectable by format and online search.
AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip
Includes a biography, AC/DC wallpapers, downloads, news, picture gallery, tour dates, discography and links.
Alex's Skatepage and Kickflip Resource
Includes personal information and detailed kickflip section.
Alexander the Great
A brief account of the origins of the Alexander Technique and how students have been helped by it.
All About Heidi Klum
Thumbnailed picture gallery and statistics.
All Britney
Gallery of photos, biography, and lyrics.
AllCeleb: Jennifer Lopez
Includes biography, filmography, discography, image galleries, and links.
Ame's Recipe Collection
Organized by type of dish.
And now ... The Beatles
Audio/video clips, articles and press clippings, lyrics, interviews, message board.
Andrea Adams Trust
Homepage of the Andrea Adams Trust. The trust seeks to provide training for organisations, fund research, counsel targets of harassment and to campaign for a change in the law in respect of bullying at work.
Andrea Desktop Designs
Free wallpaper, screen savers, desktop themes. I even do requests if possible. Just send an email containing your email address and what you would like.
Angel Realm
Free, elegant background sets, cute angel and cherub graphics, and hilarious music files. Personalized graphics are also offered.
Anne Govaert Planet
About the youngest member of the dutch band Krezip with biography, pictures, videos and links.
Antonia Maria
A pictorial record of a flamenco dancer, her classes and her amateur troupe in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Apuntes de Ingenier�a Agr�cola
Contiene lecturas y trabajos interesantes relacionados con la asignatura.
Aquadoc's Alternative Medicine Web Site
Alternative and Complementary Medicine discussed by a Board Certified Family Physician. Includes: Herbal and Vitamin Supplements as well as other therapies. Moderated by James W. Eitner, D.O., M.Ed.
Artistic Memorials, Inc.
Vermont third generation memorial retailer. Granite monuments in a large variety of colors and options.
The Asian Minor
Includes image galleries of Jesse Bradford, Brad Renfro, and Stephen Dorff .Also includes a personal reflective journal.
ASP.NET Developer WorkShop
Step-by-step how-to ASP.NET pages help you learn skills and specific tasks.
Aussie Quails Home Page
Everything you need to know about King Quail, Button Quail and Chinese Painted Quail
Autumn Crescendo
Character profiles, couples, images, episode guide, music, manga information, links, and commentary.
Avi Goodtime
Funny downloads and silly files plus links to other funny sites.
Azrael's Capcom Fighter Realm
News, game information, and fan artwork devoted to the Capcom fighting games.
B.S. : Ali Landry
Ever-expanding archive of the model with pictures, wallpapers, biography, and merchandise.
Backgrounds for Stitchers
Backgrounds, page sets, free graphics: This site contains free backgrounds, graphics and page sets especially created for stitching , embroidery , smocking , quilting and needlework sites. I have an depth look at tables: How to set them up and tricks for using them. There are PSP tubes and BladePro presets and lots more.
From Denver, Colorado. Features MP3s, information and merchandise.
Best of Bardot
Contains over 15 pages with information and pictures. Updated regularly.
Best of Britney Spears
Images, news, biography, and winamp skins.
Best of Britney Spears, The
Photographs in thumbnailed galleries.
Best of Jennifer Lopez, The
Thumbnailed archives of pictures featuring the actress.
Better Search Model Directory
Images, biographies, and wallpaper.
BetterSearch : Gillian Anderson
A collection of pictures and wallpapers
BetterSearch : Rebecca Romijn
Pictures, wallpaper, merchandise, and biography.
BetterSearch: Amanda Peet
Thumbnailed image gallery.
BetterSearch: Estella Warren
Quality pictures, wallpaper, merchandise, biography.
Beverley Mitchell Page
Fan site with biography, news, links, filmography, and pictures.
Bible Fun Pages
Jokes, puzzles, quizzes, riddles, recipes and other fun Christian activities for kids.
Bible Names
List of people from the Bible, for help in naming a baby. Includes a Scripture verse for each name.
Blacky's Celebs
Biographies, photo galleries, and links to fan sites about Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, and Pamela Anderson.
Blue Rose Farm Mastiffs
Maryland. Includes photographs, pedigrees and article titled "What does it mean to be a responsible breeder?"
Bluebird Tubes
Variety of PSP tubes that include Snoopy and Friends, House Mouse, Morehead and Beanie Babies.
Bobba Fett's Store
Individual cards for sale. Order only by email.
The written works of Debbi DeSisto.
Boom Boom - Heidi Klum
Includes pictures, links and information.
Bottom Line
Bikini galleries of models and celebrities.
Britney Spears Pics
Photographs, news, and links.
Brollyman's Multimedia
Movie clips, pictures, power levels, summaries, images, fan art, and links.
Brollyman's Multimedia [404]
Offers character profiles, images, animations, movies and episode summaries.
Buceo en Espa�a
Toda la informaci�n para practicar tu deporte favorito en Espa�a. Enlaces a los sitios m�s importantes. Arqueolog�a, material , clubes, asocicaciones, experiencias, p�ginas personales.
Buffy Greetings
Online postcards, including Buffy, Angel, Riley, Willow, Faith, Spike, couples, and cast pictures.
Buffy Store
Guide to Buffy collectibles, including action figures, books, posters, and trading cards.
Canada Kicks Ass [CKA] [404]
80 reasons why Canada kicks ass.
Catcher in the Rye Guide
Online guide to J.D. Salinger's The Catcher In The Rye. Includes chapter and character summaries.
Unofficial Cathedral doom-metal fan site. Includes sound files, photographs, and general information.
Catherine's Will & Grace Page
Cast information, pictures, and episode guide.
Christianity and the Net
Has a "Through the Bible in a Year" calendar, Bible study links, pastor/teacher links, fellowship links, prayer request links, and Christian books.
Chubb's DBZ RPG
Leave your mercy at the door
Claudia Oh Claudia
Includes pictures and statistics.
Coasterboy's Domain [404]
Contains parks, scenarios, rides, and trainers to download.
Sky's Unlimited
Country Cabins of Pearlington
Vacation cabin rental information.
CrackedNews Satirical Online Newspaper
Satire and parody for those who don't believe everything they read but read it anyhow.
Crazy Chucks Beany Crazy
New, retired, and hard to find beanie babies for sale. Also carries Attic Treasures.
Information and useful links on Crigler-Najjar syndrome
Crush FTP
A full-scale FTP server by Ben Spink written in Java using the SWING user interface libraries. [Mac OS/Windows/Linux]
Dan's Banjo Tooie Page
Offers news, chat, and forum.
Danny Kaye - Man of Many Faces
His life in movies and song, with pictures and a filmography.
DBZ Screenshot Archive
Fifteen screenshots per episode.
Design A Web Page
Web design and search engine placement service.
Desktop Text to Speech Utility
CyberBuddy - a freeware utility program that uses MicroSoft Agents to do Instant Messaging with speech and animation, reminders, time of day, check email, news reports, weather, stock quotes, text reading, and ICQ status reporting.
Vakantieappartementen voor vier personen in Gramsbergen, eventueel met ontbijt.
Diablo 2 Cheats
Trainers, hacks, unique items, secrets, strategies, and message board.
Digital Windmill
Desktop backgrounds.
Dino Computers
A collection of old computers and game consoles.
Dirty Carpet
Four college guys who live like slobs, drink lots of beer and shamlessly hit on women with little to no success. The most notable characters are an unnamed guy who wears a #7 jersey, and the imfamous Evil Steve, a stick figure. By Jack W. Gray.
Doberman Rescue Web Ring
Save a life, consider a rescue. Search through the Doberman Rescue Ring.
Dollar Land
Free money, and special offers for webmasters.
DoomSlayer's TFC Strategies
Strategies for every class in the game, and also specialist guides such as grenade jumping.
Dosnusis internetas
Naujausia informacija apie kompanijas ir programas padedan�ias u<thorn>sidirbti internete. Program� apra<eth>ymai. Kitos naujienos.
Doug's Scooby Doo Page
Features information, pictures, sounds, interactive story, quiz, and coloring pages.
Doug's Wicca Page
Includes information about the religion of Wicca and witchcraft.
Doug's World: Poetry from the Heart
Inspirational poetry with music and graphics to compliment each page.
Dragonball Z Otaku Alliance
News, FAQ, member list, boycott information, reviews, features, and links.
Duerod, Marcus
Family and friend photos, short biographical information, and an online resume.
Dutch Midtown Madness
Cars and tracks available for download.
Earth: Final Conflict
Cast and character information, transcripts, episode guide, sounds, and fan fiction.
East Tennessee Weak Signal Association
Dedicated to the advancement of VHF/UHF communications.
Egitto: le origini
Storia della rappresentazione e della tecnica nell'antico Egitto.
Elisha Cuthbert Website
Includes pictures and information.
Elton John
Comprehensive list of links related to Elton John arranged by categories.
Facts and information about this disorder. Symptoms, causes, treatment and complications are covered.
Erin's Playground
Families, games and contests.
Estadios de Futbol Colombia [404]
Fotos y datos generales de los estadios de futbol profesional de Colombia.
Experiments in Making Hydrogen and Oxygen [404]
Directions on making hydrogen and oxygen using solar power.
Extreme Weight Loss Centers
Helping you loose weight safely under medically supervision.
F.C. Juventus Web Wide
Directory of Juventus links in English and Italian.
Fabulous Women
Women role models. Take a leaf from their impressive careers to help you in your life.
Farmingdale Cub Scouts
Pack 511, Den 11. Site includes a calendar of events.
Fegley, Eliza
Free digital photos of nature scenes and flowers available for personal use as wallpapers, graphics, or banners.
Ferrari 360 Modena
Great pictures and facts about the Ferrari 360 Modena. Includes links.
Flower Pictures
Pictures of flowers from the tropical and temperate climates. Includes orchids, lotus, water lily, and tulips.
Flying V Vaulting Team
Competitive vaulting team in the Canberra region of Australia and registered with the NSW Vaulting Council. Team information and membership fees.
Independent magazine features random news, music, and information.
Fred's Limp Bizkit Page
Contains pictures and lyrics.
Freeseeker e-Magazine
Weekly e-magazine with reviews of free offers. Plus, share in the profits of the magazine for being a member.
Gina Gershon [404]
Photo gallery.
Gold Club
Roe Nerem
Gold Club
Andre Watts
GotenMYz DFW - A Dragonball Fans World
Come to my wonderful Dragonball Fans World!
Greenlees Park Tennis Centre
Tennis coaching by professional teachers, court hire and ball-machine hire at Concord.
Growell Consultancy
Consulting services in sale and purchase of shares, debentures, and bonds. An active member of National Stock Exchange of India.
Gymnastics Champions
Information on different USA gymnasts.
Habitat for Humanity - University of Dayton
Provides information about University of Dayton Habitat for Humanity including events, goals, and background about the organization that is an active student chapter of Habitat for Humanity International.
Hall, Robert
Includes resume and information about science, space, and optical illusions.
Hawks and Howler
The story of two people who met and fell in love on the net.
He is Lord
A Christian site and a Baptist Student Union outreach page at Clayton State College.
Collection of classic poems, from poets such as Edgar Allan Poe, along with a personal archive of "Grandma's Favourites".
Hewbear's Limp Bizkit Tribute
A tribute site with news, artwork, videos, tablature, sounds, and lyrics.
HwaFine International
China exporting products. Product range includes chemicals, Metals, minerals, light industrial products, arts and crafts.
Collection of true stories, theories and thoughts of spiritual awareness, angels, life, God, past lives, spirits, psychic intuition and surviving suicide.
Instant Spells by Madame
Love, money, gambling and luck spells cast by expert in witchcraft voodoo and santeria. Live psychic, astrology and tarot readings. Recorded instructions for love and money spell available.
The Investors Centre
Investment information for Canadian investors.
J F Waddington & Associates
Provides executive search and recruitment services to the financial services sector.
Jaclyn Smith Pictures
Includes pictures, biography and filmography.
Jaster Mereel/Boba Fett's CCG Store
Retailer specializing in Science Fiction CCG's
Java applet, includes high score list.
Jeb's Place
Galleries of beautiful women, both models and celebrities.
Jess' Christina Aguilera Pictures
Images sorted into several galleries. Also links, discography and lyrics.
JGonspy's Dragonball Z Game Site
Download the current demo, and check on progress.
Jindo Project
A place for the Korean Jindo Dog enthusiasts to commune, help and learn. The Jindo Project includes, a Rescue Board, Message Board, Project: Transport, Readers Corner and Fostering Contacts. General Information and History of Jindo Dog.
Jo's Free Graphics
Free clipart, backgrounds for webpages and animations. Also offering holiday related clipart, with the majority being Christmas
Joy Casta
Photos and vital statistics.
Just Biel
Features high quality scans, pictures, and wallpaper.
Just Butts [404]
A collection of pictures of models and actresses. Includes some film stills. Most are named, but a few are anonymous.
K-Designs and Graphics
Specializing in web sites for horse and dog breeders. Services also available for individuals and businesses.
Kathleen's Page of Light
Music, Metaphysical links, fun and weird links, Seth and the works of Jane Roberts.
Ken Gomillia's Beatleworld
A fan's home page, with lists of US and UK albums and singles, the Beatles' movies, selected Billboard chart information, and lists of Beatle birthdays and family members.
Ken Gomillia's Beatleworld
Discography, vital statistics and polls.
The KidZoneZ
A collection of fun sites categorized by subject to guide kids in learning about, exploring and having fun in their world.
Kirk Douglas - Ragman's Son
A tribute to the classic actor with biography, photographs, and filmography.
Kirk's Universe
Read editorials on current issues. Also has webmastering tips, debate information and a forum.
A la Caza y Pesca
Sitio destinado a la organizaci�n de excursiones de caza y de pesca en Argentina. Cotos de caza. Precios y actividades que se realizan.
Laman Kesihatan
Memberi maklumat perubatan dalaman, kesihatan ibu dna wanita, dan kesihatan bayi dan kanak-kanak. Kelolaan pegawai perubatan Kamarul Imran.
Web directory of Sri Lanka web sites, and free clip art.
Las Vegas Photos
Includes a categorized gallery of thumbnails, pictures of hotels, casinos and the Strip.
Learn Physics Today
An online physics tutorial with questions, solutions and quizzes.
Learn to Juggle by ABW
Step-by-step amateur instructions.
Li, Jason
See the works of 13-year-old artist Jason Li. Ask questions. Jason recently won awards for 3 art contests. Watercolor is his favorite medium, most of his works are watercolor.
Lil Bow Wow
Large photo archive with sound files.
Limp Bizkit Lyrics
All of the songs from the band's three albums.
Listen with iRaMa
Listen to streaming audio and dedicate a song to friends.
Loughborough Pubs and Military Information
A list of pubs in Loughborough with photos and reviews. Also features some cafe reviews, with links to local landmarks and the military.
Luke's Basketball Pics
Personal pictures of Luke and friends playing in the area and in some local basketball tournaments.
MadSavage's Place
Contains a small qbasic tutorial.
Majestic Bikini
Photos of glamorous babes in bikinis, swimsuits, thongs, and lingerie.
Information on the masks, storyline, musical instrument songs, multimedia section, and a walkthrough for Majora's Mask.
Map of Greater Rome
Zoom in to see detail of inner city including 3-D renderings of major buildings and landmarks.
Marilyn Monroe
Features an interactive article about Marilyn's childhood and early adulthood. A digitized copy of the book "The Girl" about the filming of The Seven Year Itch and photos.
Jody Fly
Mightier Than the Sword
Fan fiction from many shows including Buffy, FX, Profiler, The Others, Star Trek, Relic Hunter, Dark Angel, and X-Men.
Mike's Britney Spears Image Gallery
A brief biography, and picture galleries.
Mike's Carmen Electra
Photos of the model.
Models of the World
Pictures of actresses, models and athletes in bikinis.
Solutions for home based working mothers including computers and coffee sales, desktop publishing, webdesign, merchant accounts and unified voice messaging.
Money Wavn
Downloads of a few music wav files from the 90s.
Monopoly games and downloads
Monopoly rules, pictures, edition, books, lists, freebies - buy and sell Monopoly games!
Mr. Clintberg's Studyphysics
Resources (including notes) from Mr. Clintberg for students and teachers of a high school physics course.
Mrs. Greenjeans
Animal and plant in home care.
Munda's Poetic Moments
Poems about such subjects as love, life, beauty and sadness. Includes Sonnets and Pantoums.
Music Lovers
N'Sync, Britney Spears, Savage Garden, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Backstreet Boys, Santana, Eiffel 65, Five, Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain, Christina Aguilaira, Westlife, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion, Will Smith.
Muzenna Daizenshu
Information and reviews on guide books and art books of various manga and anime series.
My Cancun Information
Personal pages include information on clubs, hotels, weather, transportation, message boards and polls.
My Disneyland Pictures
Weekly updated image gallery featuring photos of the resort themeparks in Anaheim, California. Including free wallpaper, screensaver, and e-Cards.
My Favorite Martian
Information on the Disney film as well as the TV series has an Episode listing and a list of Gold Key Comics.
My Life As I Now Know It
A journal of my tedious yet neurotic world, with dumb pictures, bad poetry, and other insults to your intelligence.
Natalia Paris Home Page
Colecci�n de m�s de 25 galer�as de fotos y enlaces a p�ginas relacionadas.
Nature Space
Environmental site for young and old by a 15-year old Malaysian environmentalist. Learn about interesting environmental issues with a focus on Malaysia.
Information and music.
The New Zealand Music Charts
Provides the Top 50 New Zealand Singles and Albums Charts and the Top 20 Singles from the previous year. Also features a weekly newsletter.
Newton Healing and Wellness Center
An alternative health and wellness facility offering a variety of holistic services including Reiki Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Meditation Instruction, Counciling and guidance for spiritual seekers.
Nicki Yvonne - Waking Dreams
Poetry, music and book reviews, views about Christianity, quotes, and links.
Nicole Kidman Skin Page
Free hotbar browser skins featuring Nicole Kidman for the toolbars of IE and Netscape.
Norma's Country Cabin
Internet advertising incentives for working at home.
NYGA Scanning
Frequencies for Arizona, Georgia, New Jersey, New York and Washington airports.
Omer T
Original 3D computer generated pictures and personal photographs.
The Opinionated Community
Community for users and members of sites that pay for your writing, such as Dooyoo, Epinions, Ciao and WrittenByMe.
Owl Moon Trading Post
Cherokee store offering leather regalia, powwow drums, books, crafts and supplies.
Personal page which provides free treatments and various techniques to cope with panic attacks and panic disorders.
Paranormal Presence
Showcasing the articles and photographs of Esmerelda, (psychic medium) paranormal investigator. Many sub-topics including ghosts, occult, traditional witchcraft, sorcery.
Patel, Nilesh and Bela
Resumes, pictures, jokes and links.
Penguin Signatures
Features scans of reference signatures from actors, actresses, musicians, politicians, celebrities and other notable people.
Photos of Beautiful Women
Includes Neve Campbell, Britney Spears, Shania Twain, and Amanda Peet.
PID - What is it about?
A somewhat lighthearted description, for a non-technical audience, of the PID algorithm and what the science of control loop tuning is all about, with links to more serious descriptions.
Planet Popo
Animated GIFs, images, episode summaries, and information on: attacks, names, fusions, characters, sagas, timelines, power levels, the story, and the TV schedule.
Planet Saturn
Pictures, descriptions, statistical data, and amazing facts.
Players' Abandoned Realms
Features player logs, essays, item lists, Zmud tips, player pictures, polls, forums, and chat.
The Power Of Three Will
Charmed et Alyssa Milano. Photos, guide des �pisodes, news.
The Pretty Sailor Senshi Page
Image gallery; information on the characters, series and villians; articles on tragedies, romance, and humour; MIDI files; and polls.
PrimeNaturals skin care encourages the body to develop healthier skin naturally and it won't clog your pores.
Promote Your Web Site
Provides methods to promote your web site and generate more traffic.
PSX Game Info
Cheats, walkthroughs, and labels.
Pulau Sayak Beach Resort
Accommodation in chalets and dorm by the seaside. Facilities such as restaurant, seminar room and praying room for Muslims. Suitable for family holidays, reunions, BBQ or even seminars. Located in 08500 Kota Kuala Muda.
Punk Sportz
Sooner fan site with schedules, scores, pictures, news, OSU haters webspot, Sooner links, message boards, drafts, and trivia.
Pure Elegance Traditional Web Graphics
Victorian and Edwardian style web graphics.
Quaxos RPG Central
Has various jellicle, cross over, and actor based RPGs.
Radio Set Gregorian
Includes webcast.
Radios Questions and Answers
Links to useful radio resources as well as a message center for online locator or resource finding.
Rape Recovery Help & Info. Page
Offers help and support to rape/abuse survivors, their friends and family. Contains information on crisis centers, newsletters, P.T.S.D., domestic violence, other topics, chat rooms and more.
Reach Out to Bosnia
News, photos and links related to Bosnia from a Christian view point.
Request Guitar Tablatures
Ask for a tablature and they say they will e-mail it to you.
Robin's Remarks
Thoughts and reviews on the movies, TV shows, and video games. Includes some guidance for parents.
The Rock's Corner
Looks at The Rock's wrestling family.
Rosy's Animations
Free animations, backgrounds, buttons, lines, arrows and a variety of animated clipart. NOTE: May not support some browsers.
Rough Pavement
The movement to abolish skateboarding. Includes message from the webmaster.
Roy Turner's Marilyn Monroe Site
Includes interviews, photos, and movie and book information.
Rubberband Funds
Free rebate information by email on tracking and following up on mail-in rebates to ensure you get what you expect most every time.
Sarajevo and Butmir
Pictures of the author's time in Butmir, Sarajevo.
Scrabble Online Webring
The idea behind The Scrabble Online WebRing is that someone with an interest in playing Scrabble, Networdz, and other word games online will hopefully have access to the best, most informative web sites on the subject within this ring.
Shadow's Jokes
Topics include techs and lawyers.
Shoebox Recipes - A Family Recipe Collection
A recipe collection categorized into groups such as bread, salads, dinner, side dishes, snacks and an abundance of desserts. All are easy to prepare and are very delicious.
Simple Joys
Joyce Jimenez's hotbars.
Sinha.Com Consortium
Offers a link library and downloadable programs.
A Site Named Goo
Includes biographies, discography, lyrics, pictures, polls, media and links.
The Slackin' Oboist
Tips and techniques for oboe playing by Christi Whitlock.
Smashing Pumpkins Eternal
CD-R trading, featuring Smashing Pumpkins.
Some Words by Michael Pearce
Poetry in verse about love, war, friendship and the Australian bush.
Someday You Will Ache Like I Ache
Includes a discography, member profiles with pictures, and links.
Sooper Funny Stuff
Loads of funny images, videos and jokes featuring humor weight loss system.
Space Portal
Astronomy Made Easy!
Sparky's Tab Page
Guitar and some bass tabs for popular bands listed on two big pages.
Spice Sailors of Sector 5
Character profiles.
Spirit Portraits by Mother Tongue Creations
Creating insightful portraits through physical image, questionaire and conversation, and psychic perception.
SQL Tutorial
Introductory Tutorial to SQL.
Starship Girl Yamamot Yohko
Introduction, character profiles, and images for the novel and manga.
Stevenage Volleyball Club
Results, Fixtures, Club Information and links.
Superior Soccer
Bulldogs and Grizzlies Youth Soccer teams. Contact info, game and practice locations and schedules.
Sweeney, George - Short Stories and Poems
Included are stories of suspense, drama and action.
TaeKwonDo Resource
Animated poomse from WTF and hyungs from ITF.
Tapas de cocina
Sitio sobre la tapa, su historia, recetas, lugares de tapeo, etc.
Tat2s R Us
Collection of tattoo gallery links. Allows visitors to submit images and suggestions.
Team Moist Donut
Team news, members, schedule, gear, pictures, links.
Termite Delite
Fiberglass cowls, grill shells,and hoods. Make your own Model A Woody.
Themestream Archives: Artists
Art collectors, artisans, digital artists, fashion designers, film makers directory.
Thoughts on Freedom
Personal site which argues against specialization and the need for experts in public policy. Provides weekly commentary on events in the news as well as general opinion articles.
Search for game downloads, reviews, ratings and cheats.
Total Celebrities
Claims to contain over 600 pictures of female celebrities.
Tourist Attractions and Destinations in South Africa
Promotes towns in South Africa as tourist destinations. Lists tourist attractions and places to stay on a town by town basis.
Turkish Subtitling
(Dubbing and translation)
Turn 4 - Where the racers are
Primo Giusti's tribute to his father, Joe, and nostalgia auto racing. Racing stories, photos and links.
Tweed's Blues
Reader submitted blues and R&B photos, and blues message board.
Two Ladies and a Needle
Our site is a free crafting resource site. From links, promotional information, tip boards, and articles. Up-dated monthly, we provide the best sources help crafting sites, whether personal or business.
The Unofficial Linda Cardellini Website [404]
Filmography, photos, message board and links.
The Unofficial Ryan Phillippe Homepage
Biography, credits, links, webrings, and pictures.
Until It Sleeps
Live and rare MP3s, MIDI files, desktop themes, Winamp skins.
UTIW Taekwon-do for Wales
Learn about the benefits of Taekwon-do and the UTIW, coordination, history and philosophy.
Van Swaaij, Claartje - Cableclair
Covers several subjects, including Jim Carrey.
Vangelova, Lilia - Lilian's Entertainment Ltd
Personal information, photo gallery, and pages for friends.
Visual Basic Programmers Lair
This site is for Visual Basic programmers who are looking for a place to start their learning. You can find tutorials, programs, source codes and a forum. You can also submit your own programs.
The Visual Basic Programming Lair- Tutorials, Source codes, Programs, Source codes, Forums..
This site is for Visual Basic programmers who are looking for a place to start their learning. You can find tutorials, programs, source codes, a forum and more here. You can also submit your own programs.
Vixen's Sim Art
Offers fantasy pictures for your Sims.
Voyage to the Voodoo Moon
A great page devoted to the early years of White Zombie.
The Wales Institute of Hypnosis
Healing and counselling in Wales.
Walla Walla, Washington's PFLAG Home Page
This is the home for the Walla Walla chapter of PFLAG. If you live in the Walla Walla, Washington area we'd love to see you at our website and at our monthly meetings! Illuminator Web Design is our webmaster and handles all comments about our site.
Sheila and her family of Stockton, California. Photos, links, and information.
Web Dreams
A personal page which touches on fairies, unicorns, wizards, castles, dragons, poems, and words of wisdom.
Web of Shadows
Designed as a Book of Shadows. Here you will find orginal writing and resources on topics including magick, spells, herbalism, healing, and basics.
Webcam Showcase
Links to outdoor and indoor cams across the world, arranged alphabetically.
Whacky Rifts
New character descriptions.
White's Bayou RV Park
Located in Pearlington, on the bajou. Facilities for RV's only. On-site campstore, dumping station, showers and restrooms.
Wildstar Press
Poetry, photography, art, fiction, non-fiction and essays.
Will Cloyd Presents The Isley Brothers
Biography, discography, covers, charts, audio, photographs, and interviews.
Willis, Mark
Clubber's guide to Rotherham and Sheffield. Pictures, general information, and links.
Windows Tips
Pages dedicated to your favorite Windows programs including 95, Office 95 and 97, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Quicken, Frontpage, and Windows NT.
Winnie the Pooh and Friends Pictures [404]
A collection of 189 pictures of Winnie the Pooh and Friends available individually, or as an archive.
The Word List
Word lists, links, dictionaries, and other resources for Scrabble, Blocktionary, Wordox and other word games.
World Traders Organization
Collectibles trading site with boards for Avon, Barbies, diecast, art, and toys. Also provides web design and photo scanning.
Wytch's Brew
Free graphics, backgrounds, information about Wicca, a Book of Shadows and a message board. Also has a page about The Sims game.
Web de humor gr�fico.
Yummy Britney Spears
Thumbnailed photo gallery.
Yvonne's Hearth
Backgrounds, triple backgrounds and seamless tiles that are linkware for use on personal homepages.
The Farmhouse
Support site for moms. (April 26, 2000)
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