Category Application Standards
A complete guide to standards that should be met before editors apply for a new category.
Category Descriptions
A defining thread highlighting what should not be included in a category description.
Category Names Contribute to Search Results
A discussion on why keyword repeating is not needed in titles, categories, and descriptions.
Contacting a Website for More Information
Thoughts on editors e-mailing the webmaster or owner of a site to get more information.
E-mailing Submitters
A discussion for both sides of whether or not to e-mail a submitter.
Editor's Guide; Posting to the Forum
Directions on how to make forum postings effective and appropriate.
Find a Mentor, Find a Friend
A list of editors willing to work with new editors on a one on one basis, to improve skills and knowledge of the directory.
Getting to Know Your Bookmarks
Why bookmarks are useful, how they are best used, and what place they have in ODP.
Ghosts in the Machine
How to fix category ghosts showing up as sites that don't exist in unreviewed and Robozilla counts.
How To Be a Tacky Editor
An amusing look at what not to do within the ODP. Be sure and read parts 2, 3, and 4. There are links to each continuation within the thread.
How to Build Your Category's Taxonomy
By rdkeating25, in New Editors.
I Wish Someone Had Told Me
Editors relating what they wished they had known, when they were new.
Is Your Cat Related?
Information on appropriate @links and related links (see also).
List PDF Files?
A discussion on the usefulness of PDF files in the ODP.
Localities Definition Discussion
Insight into what upper level regional editors regard as a locality. Very useful in deciding whether to add one.
Moving Sites To Other Categories
What happens to a site when it is moved it to a category where the editor does not have permissions.
Non-English Site Submitted
A short discussion and links on what to do if a site submitted to your category is not in English.
ODP Culture
Reading the forums like mad and just don't understand <aol> </aol> or why everyone types bump? Find out the answer to this and 42.
Search Tips n Tricks
Help in tracking down those elusive small locality sites.
Site in ODP 195 Times
Discussion on deeplinking.
Smileys for Use in Forums
How to post the different smileys in the forums.
Sort Priority
A discussin on what goes above the line, below the line, and in the middle.
What is a ....
Questions and answers on possible confusing parts of the ODP navigation and tools.
When Is It OK to Deeplink?
A very complete explanation on when it is appropriate to place a link outside the home page of a site in your ODP category.
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