ActiveWin: Macromedia Flash 5 - Review
With this release Macromedia confirms its undeniable leadership in the domain of web animation creation software. - Technology - Review: Flash 5 is easier on newbies - July 26, 2000
Macromedia hopes Flash 5 can draw new users with its approachable interface, while giving experienced users advanced tools like a full implementation of ActiveScript.
Flash 5 - Macromedia Flash 5 review
With a new interface, workflow improvements, sophisticated interactivity and enhanced text handling, Flash 5 offers much for the developer - but less for the designer.
GDOC Online : Flash 5 Review
Approachable. Creative. Standard. These three words have become the mantra of Macromedia's Flash 5. They are also the ideal that this latest edition of the highly successful Flash series strives for. Has it succeeded? Yes, in part.
internet product watch - Flash 5 (Macromedia, Inc)
With New Interface, Authoring Components, IE5.5 Integration
Macworld: Flash 5
These days its hard to surf the Web without being flashed Macromedia Flashbased animations and even entire sites are all the rage thanks to Flashs bandwidthfriendly design and Web users
Review of Macromedia Flash 5
I still think there are plenty of things that can be done to make Flash a better product, but this is still a must-have upgrade for users of previous versions.
ZDNet: Macromedia Flash 5
In its current release, Macromedia�s Flash 5 ($400 street) balances two contradictory goals: providing more powerful tools to high-end developers and simultaneously making the program more accessible to users who have less experience. And to a large extent, this powerhouse Web development tool succeeds in meeting that dual objective.
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