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I have tried to include third-party offerings for regex libraries for various languages (VB, Java; perhaps these should be in a subcategory) but otherwise keep away from anything too specific for one tool (Perl would perhaps be a worthy exception). Rule of thumb: Stuff that looks like it came from a tool's standard documentation is probably already available to the user who comes here for help.
AGREP, an approximate GREP
AGREP 3.35 (OS/2, DOS, Win3.x and Win95/NT). Powerful tool for fast approximate fuzzy text searching files for strings, regular expressions. User-definable records.
CSC 4170 Regular expressions
From a University course
HotWired introduction to regular expressions
Very basic and newbie-oriented
How Regexes Work
An article about how to reimplement regular expressions in Perl (although the meat of the article isn't specific to Perl at all) my M-J Dominus
Java Regular Expressions
Learning & reference; more than 10 free, GNU, shareware & commercial packages, sources, downloads, books, annotated links, String, Tokenizer, lexical analysis, Unicode, code beautifiers, parser generators, etc
Mastering Regular Expressions
Home page for the book Mastering Regular Expressions (O'Reilly 1997) by the book's author, Jeffrey Friedl. Includes an errata sheet.
RegExpr for VB & VBA
Regular expression library for Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications.
Regular Expression in JavaScript 1.2 - Regular Expressions, Introduction
A comprehensive tutorial on Regular Expressions. JavaScript 1.2, available in both Netscape Navigator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0, added regular expressions to the language
Regular Expressions
A rather solid slide presentation, by Glenn Stafford
Regular Expressions
A brief and general introduction
Regular expressions (SCO Unix)
Chapter 12 of the SCO Operating System User's Guide
Regular Expressions - Single Unix Specification
Specification for regular expressions -- massive document, somewhat technical
Regular expressions in UNIX (Spring 1995)
Slightly inaccurate (mixes in glob patterns and calls them "shell regular expressions") but otherwise a good concise summary of plain vs extended regular expressions
Rx - Posix Basic Regular Expressions
Documentation from the GNU rx library
Sgrep Home Page
sgrep (structured grep) is a tool for searching and indexing text, SGML,XML and HTML files and filtering text streams using structural criteria.
Syllabus for Theory of Computation
A complete mini-course on Formal Languages and Automata
TCL Regular Expressions
Intro to Tcl: Regular Expressions
Unicode Regular Expression Guidelines
Unicode Technical Report #18: This document describes guidelines for how to adapt regular expression engines to use Unicode.
A 32-bit Windows grep tool
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