Bookmarks D deeoliver Nationalism Puerto Rican
Websites related to the independence struggle in Puerto Rico, and the activities of grass roots organizations in Puerto Rican communities on the United States mainland.
13 Point Program and Platform of the Young Lords Party
A webpage of the Sixties Project presenting the original political program of the Puerto Rican revolutionary nationalist organization.
About the Young Lords
The Young Lords organized Latino and Latina communities in the 60s and 70s, and this page gives a brief historical background of their activities.
Blanca Canales
A biography of the Puerto Rican nationalist independence fighter.
The Challenges of Independence
Home pages of the Puerto Rican Independence Party include a youth site, an FAQ, poetry, articles and links.
Committee for the Defense of Pedro Albizu Campos
A review from the Maoist Internationalist Movement.
Don Pedro Albizu Campos
A portrait of Campos on the pages of Puerto Rico and the American Dream.
Dr. Pedro Albizu-Campos
A photo portrait gallery of Don Pedro, including pictures taken after the radiation experiments conducted upon him in prison.
El Pueblo se Levanta
Newsreel documentary film about the Young Lords.
The Imprisonment of Men and Women Fighting Colonialism 1898-1910
A timeline on the history of nationalist struggle in Puerto Rico
Interview with Lolita Lebron
An interview done with Puerto Rican nationalist Lebron after her release from US prison.
Lolita Lebron
A brief bioography of Puerto Rican revolutionary nationlist Lebron.
Puerto Rican Pioneers
Biographical and historical information on important figures from Puerto Rico in history, politics, and the arts.
Puerto Rican Prisoners of War
Article on the 1980 arrest of members of Armed Forces of Puerto Rican National Liberation (FALN), and a historical look at the concept of prisoners of war.
Puerto Rico: Reflections on U.S. Oldest Colony
From the pages of Pacifica news, articles and programs on 100 Years of United States occupation of Puerto Rico.
Ram�n Emeterio Betances
A brief biography of the noted Puerto Rican nationalist leader.
Ten-Point Health Program of the Young Lords
The Young Lords did a lot of organizing in the area of people's heath issues and this page presents their ideology.
Video history of '60s anti-oppression movement
Article on responses to a video on the Young Lords.
Wall of Lolita Lebron
A page with photograph of a large mural dedicated to Lebron in East Harlem, NY.
Young Lords organizing sets example for youth now
Article on current organizing activities of former member of the Young Lords, Olguie Robles-Toro.
�Palante, Siempre Palante!
An historical perspective of the Young Lords Party, including photographs by Michael Abramson from the book of the same name.
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