Bacal & Associates/Institute For Cooperative Communication Home Page
Techniques for dealing with hostile parents, customers, and the difficult people in your life; learn to defuse hostility. Puts in words what I learned the hard way.
Codependency Recovery/Emotional Healing, Spirituality - Joy to You & Me
Codependency counselor/spiritual teacher�s pages on emotional & inner child healing, spirituality, personal empowerment - excerpts from Codependence: The Dance of Wounded Souls blending metaphysical/mystical truth with twelve step recovery spiritual principles. Subscribe to the excellent newsletter.
Adult Children of Alcoholic and Dysfunctional Family (ACOA) Incest Survivors
ACOA Incest Survivor, Healing Your Sexual Self, Partners of Survivors, and Incest Survivor's Anonymous ISA meeting formats, readings, slogans, step workshop.
Bright Ideas for Better Living, at Lifescope
Personal growth & self improvement resources to help you discover and design your ideal life! Learn to thrive in the areas you identify as meaningful.
Coach U Knowledge Base
A collection of thousands of information nuggets including Top 10 lists for business, personal development, professional coaching, and enjoyment; rich information, tips and solutions to everyday needs and special problems.
Get Your Angries Out
The home page for Talk, Trust and Feel Therapeutics Psychologist, Dr. Lynne Namka; provides practical, relevant information for kids, grown-ups, parents, couples and teachers on learning positive ways to cope with angry feelings; solutions to discipline problems, violence prevention activities, and the open expression of feelings; excellent articles! Cheryl.
If You Had Controlling Parents
Web site dedicated to education about and prevention of unhealthy parental control.
International Online Training Program on Intractable Conflict
Conflict Management and Constructive Confrontation: A Guide to the Theory and Practice.
New Life Foundation
Vernon Howard's life-changing books and tapes; practical, inspiring guides to a new life; how to solve problems, conquer stress and anxiety; self observation techniques and much more. A favorite author.
Peter McWilliams
Author of Life 101, Love 101, How to Survive the Loss of a Love, generously posts his books online free for your reading pleasure. A favorite author.
Psychological Self-Help
I consider self-help to be intentional coping; handling troublesome situations by exercising deliberate conscious control to improve the outcome of the situation; this free 1000 pg book is a guide to living and overcoming problems in depression, anxiety, relationships, and much more; a great resource with a lot of down-to-Earth explanations, self-help techniques, and exercises to try out to help you cope with your mental health and relationship problems.
Self Improvement
Self-Therapy Training Program
Confidential, practical advice from a therapist. Everything is free and easy to use. No self-disclosure necessary.
Stress Management
Taking the Bully by the Horns
Helping young people deal with bullies and self-esteem.
Tests, Tests, Tests . . .
An extensive battery of free online scored psychological tests; Personality try Introvert/Extrovert, Jealousy, Locus of Control, Type A, Depression; Sales, Self-Esteem and Anxiety Inventories. Intelligence choose among Emotional Intelligence, Coping Skills and the Assertiveness and Communication Skills Inventories. Attitudes, Lifestyle and Emotional Health can be gauged through Relationship Satisfaction, Optimism / Pessimism and Burnout Inventories.
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