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Notes on things to fix in the backgammon category... [] - deletion, {} – addition or change

[] {Backgammon Pages} - Including rules, where to play online, book reviews, a [backgammon dictionary] {glossary}, blunder analysis, expert matches, worldwide club list, and strategy tips.

GammonVillage[.com] - Play online, read the news, study the game, or shop for [backgammon] products such as boards, software, and accessories. Backgammon NetLinks - Annotated links to various [backgammon] resources across the Web.

Backgammon Galore - [Backgammon: ] {Offers} rules, glossary, newsgroup archive, software, articles, annotated matches, {and a }Java [backgammon] game.

Backgammon Today - An international magazine{ published from 2000-2002}.

BG Info – {Offers} Photos, biographies, {humor, club list,} and the KG ranking list.

Chicago Point – A Chicago based club, that offers a bi-monthly newsletter, gallery, national tourney facts, links, and related fun stuff. [new description]

GammOnline – [Online backgammon magazine] {Monthly Ezine} published by Kit Woolsey.

Netadelica Backgammon - Netadelica’s personal website, where you can find simple FIBS tools, and annotated links. [new description, should be moved to player pages]

Quadrogammon - A four-player variant. [shopping site?, or moved to a new cat for variants]

RedTop's Backgammon Page - Offers essays and tips. [move to player pages]

The Trictrac Home Page - Trictrac is a [French cousin of backgammon] {variant}. This site contains rules, sample games and a bibliography of Trictrac. [move to variants sub-cat?]

Webby's Backgammon Site - Includes quizzes, downloads and links. [move to rules and theory]

Player Pages - [has a see also link to shopping, should be removed.]

GreekteamBG - A [backgammon] community page for online Greek, or Greek speaking players.

Max Friis Jensen['s personal pages] - Introduction to backgammon strategy, as well as a links to popular online resources. [new description]

Morten Wang (Morty) - Provides visitors with the rollout archive, annotated matches, commented positions, “the 10 Commandments of Backgammon”, and links to other [backgammon] sites.

Annotated Matches -

Backgammon in Bulgaria - [Backgammon] clubs, rules of the game, annotated matches, and where to play.

LittleSister {B}ackgammon {M}atch {A}rchive - A bot which records matches between top players on FIBS, and makes them available in an archive. [new description]

History -

Backgammon [-] History [and Useful Information] - Follows the evolution of the modern form of the game.

The Origin of Backgammon - This site retraces the history of the game through time.

Clubs and Associations -

Tysons Corner, VA Backgammon Club - Friendly club that holds a tournament every Monday night. Come by {at} 6:45 for matches from beginner to expert level. [should be moved to US]

[WBF] {Worldwide Backgammon Federation} - Offers regular tournaments all around the world.

Backgammon Tournament at Sea - Cruise in the Caribbean. Features itinerary [sp], activities, and booking information. (October 19, 2002) [move to US]

North America - Canada is empty, might as well delete it, and move US stuff to North america.

United States -

BPS - Chicago Bar Point Club. [listed in parent cat, delete]

Connecticut Backgammon Society - Information on backgammon and society. [not a club, should be renamed and moved to players pages]

Peoria Backgammon Club - Offers weekly [backgammon] tournaments, results, MasterPoint standings, {photo gallery, driving directions} and annual Summer Sizzler Tournament in Lacon. [Features photo gallery, and location with driving directions.]

[San Francisco Bay] {Backgammon by the Bay} - Presents [backgammon] tournaments in the San Francisco Bay Area. [as per the note on the website, the url should be changed to]

Asia - Hong Kong Backgammon Club - [Asian Backgammon Championships.] {offers weekly meetings and monthly tournaments.}

Central America - [CRBA] {Costa Rican Backgammon Association.}- Offers weekly tournaments, and several books for sale.

Europe -

[Backgammon in Bristol and the West] {BRISTOL BACKGAMMON} - Information for [backgammon] players in and around the Bristol area, including news, tournaments, and contact details. [url needs to be updated to]

[BIBA] {British Isles Backgammon Association.} - UK based club. Offers tournaments, rankings, and a bi-monthly magazine available in print and PDF form.

city of Venice backgammon tournament - Annual backgammon tournament in Venice, Italy. [not english, should be moved to regional, or other language]

Gammonitis - UK based club offering tournaments, news, and a bi-monthly publication. [new description]

[1 million dollar backgamm on competition] {The Marbella Gathering} - Offers regular meetings, and in 2005, held the first ever US$1 million backgammon competition in Marbella, Spain [new description, new title]

Rules and Theory - Problems - Backgammon by the Bay's problems featuring JellyFish rollout results and commentary by guest analysts. [Backgammon by the bay is listed in the clubs section, delete from here]

Chouette Rules - ACT Chouette Rules AND Tournament Rules - ACT Backgammon Tournament rules [remove, but add to clubs cat]

Tournament Rules, WBF - From Worldwide Backgammon Federation. [mirror of a page from the WBF home page, remove]

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