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Before you submit your site please take the time to look around and review the guidelines below. Following these guidelines will speed the acceptance of your site and significantly reduce the chances of its deletion.
The editors reserve the right not to list your site, and to delete it after its addition. Multiple submissions, especially to inappropriate categories, will not be tolerated.

Finding the Proper Location for Your Site:

  • Conduct a search of the Open Directory for few keywords that relate to your site. The search results will serve up listings of different categories. Go to those categories and determine which one is appropriate for your site.
  • Be sure to review the subcategory descriptions, if available, to determine if your site is appropriate to that category or subcategory.
  • Review the site descriptions of the entries in the category that you intend to submit to. Prepare your description in advance. Please do not just send us your META description.

Guidelines for submitting sites:

  • The title should be the name of your site that appears on the web page.
    • Do not type in all caps.
    • Do not include a list of keywords in the title.
    • Do not include your products in the title.
    • Do not write a sales pitch in the title.
  • The description should be a brief summary of your site's purpose or products and services.
    • The description should be in english and in coherent sentence form.
    • Do not include superlatives or a sales pitch.
    • Do not submit your company history.
    • Do not submit a list of keywords.
    • Do not use unnecessary capitalization, or include HTML tags.
  • Submit to only ONE category
    • Submit to the best category possible. If your site is not located in Georgia, first look elsewhere in the ODP. If you still cannot locate an appropriate category, submit the site to the best category possible.
    • If the site needs to be categorized by location, it sure would be nice to know where the site/company is located. It takes a lot of time to check the site only to find out there is just an email link and no address. If the site does not have it's own domain whois doesn't help us out.
    • Failure to submit your site in the most appropriate cat may cause a delay in listing or a failure in being added
  • The World, Regional, and Shopping hierarchies.
    • World is for sites in languages other than English. Each has a Business hierarchy of its own.
    • Shopping is for retail and online sales sites.
    • Regional contains many business listings for specific localities. If your organization serves a small geographic area, Regional may be the best location for your listing.

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