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Apostrophe Protection Society
Illustrates the correct use of the apostrophe in spelling the plural and possessive. Gives examples of misuse and the rules and examples for correct use.
Basic Cozy Grammar Course
A light hearted approach to learning basic English grammar. Featuring 27 lessons contained on two videos with companion workbook/study guide.
Chicago Manual of Style FAQ
FAQ site designed to help CMS users eliminate ambiguities or misunderstandings found in the book itself.
A Concise Guide to Writing, Language, and Grammar
Rules of capitalization and punctuation, as well as commonly mispronounced and misspelled words.
Daily Grammar
Improve your writing with free daily e-mail grammar lessons.
English 2126 HyperTextBook
Modern English Grammar from the Daniel Kies and the College of DuPage.
English Chick: Grammar Lessons
Starts with remedial lessons and expands to other sites.
English Grammar Clinic
An online grammar clinic from England. Administered by the Lydbury Centre. Bulletin boards and chat.
English Grammar The Easy Way
This site explains English, so that everyone can understand.
English Grammar Tutor
An online grammar book for student editors.
The English Language
A site with thoughts on why using sound English is important and on just what "sound English" is.
Get It Write - Tip Archive
Offers a new tip about English grammar and usage every two weeks. Subscription service available to have tips sent via email.
Glossary of English Grammar Terms
A fully cross-referenced dictionary of grammatical terms of English language containing more than 250 English grammar entries.
Grammar Bytes
Grammar explanations, handouts for teachers and students, and interactive exercises.
Grammar Source: Englishpedia
A curmudgeonly blog on grammar, with questions answered.
Brought to you by Patricia T. O'Conner, author of "Woe Is I," and the writer Stewart Kellerman.
The Kings's English, 2nd ed.
Online publication of H.W. Fowler's "The King's English."
One Step Forward: Better Writing through Grammar
Blogged explanations of English grammar rules, from parts of speech and punctuation to putting them all together.
Plain English Training
Online courses in plain English and grammar.
Plain Words
A guide to the use of English by Sir Ernest Gowers.
Sentence Diagrams
Diagrams of moderately long and complex sentences are accompanied by explanations for both beginners and experienced diagrammers.
Serendipity: Common Errors
An examination of common errors that are becoming generally accepted as correct. A mini-course in English usage.
Tomato Nation: Sincerely Your's
Essay about incorrect grammar usage, with examples of common errors and advice as to how to avoid them.
Webgrammar's Place
Tips, tutorials, and resources for writers, students, editors, educators, and web designers. Also, Webgrammar answers questions about American English grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and usage.
Writing Explained
Free educational articles on grammar, style, and usage with examples and quizzes.
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