Email and Digests Of Email lists for writers, about writing. Note: This does not include newsletters and ezines. Newsletters sent out by email are included in the Ezine and Newsletter category.
This is a list for people who write. At this list you can receive and offer advice on creative works to further develop your writing.
The Author's Almanac
Helpful information to be found on the craft of writing and research. Website with writing quotes and links or sign up for the monthly newsletter.
Authors Anonymous
Writers and new authors support group exchange success stories in marketing and promoting their books. The group is building a one-stop archive of resources for marketing/publishing references and writing tips.
An online writing community for those who deliberately write bad stuff.
The Book Lover's Haven
A free newsletter for book lovers and new, upcoming and established writers. Gives job listings, contests, advice, tips, news, book tours, book fairs, poetry and interviews with best selling authors.
Byte Out of Crime
Intended for content writers, publishers, and editors who submit articles, stories, and books for publication on the World Wide Web, without a prearranged contract. Scam web sites have been of increasing concern to all writers.
Creative Writing
A forum in which to share creative writing of all sorts.
Cyber Hacks
An informal critique, discussion and announcement list for all writers. The primary purpose is to create a low-key forum where writers can network and help each other become better at the craft, published and paid.
Reveals funding sources for struggling writers with a dream.
The Internet Writing Workshop
A set of mailing lists providing community and guidance to writers.
Laughing Sun Literary Hotspot
Dedicated to the opportunities of e-publishing. This is the publishing of any text through the digital form. It is the first foothold to the future.
A virtual writers' clubhouse. Discussing all aspects of writing and the writer's life.
New Writers
Email list with contests, critiques and showcase for new writers.
Non Fiction Writing
A place for non-fiction writers to exchange ideas, sources, inspiration and support. Not the place to discuss fiction work or poetry.
Short Fiction
List for posting and/or critiquing short short or short fiction or non-fiction pieces. This list is for people who wish to write pieces 500 words or less for enjoyment or for critiquing.
Spilled Candy Books
Writing tips and a weekly email list for writers and Pagans.
This list is for professional writers, staff or freelance, to find job leads, share information on job searches, writing contacts, contracts, writers' organizations.
Write Success
Newsletter for writers who want successful full-time freelance careers. Contains ways to build a nest egg that will allow you to freelance full-time, methods for promoting your writing skills and/ business.
For non-fiction and business writers. For networking, sharing and exploring various markets, and mentoring services for writers. Topics include ghostwriting, copywriting, and article writing.
A free newsletter for writers which features tips, interviews, ideas and resources to help beginning or experienced freelance writers turn their passion into profits.
Professional women writers from around the world discuss the vocation and the craft. Includes tech writers, novelists, fiction writers, journalists, and poets.
An exercise-based creative writing group that offers thoughtful critique without all the chit-chat.
The free marketing e-mag for writers featuring new paying markets and weekly job listings for freelance writers, editors, journalists and photographers.
Email list with tips on how to avoid common errors in writing, a feature article on one aspect of writing for the web and a quiz.
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